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To Tame A Virgin #9

Read previous posts of To Tame a Virgin HERE “So…you’re not going to tell me what happened to you, Temi?” Uyi was sitting with Temi on her bed, under the dimming light of a rechargeable lantern in her bedroom. The power had gone out, having run out of electricity credits on the meter. Temi was wrapped in a thin bedsheet, her fingers toying with the frames of her glasses, while Uyi sat facing her with knees drawn up to rest his chin on. “I don’t want to talk about it,” Temi replied his question. “And Uyi… I think it’s late. And you should go.” Uyi looked at her, surprised. “Late?” he stared at the clock on the wall. “Temi, it’s just nine.” “I know. Still, just…go” she looked around her restlessly, avoiding his eyes. “I know I sound rude but I just want to be alone now.” “Alone to do…

To Tame A Virgin #5

Read Previous Episodes HERE “She what?” Dike held laughter on his face as he looked into his friend’s equally amused eyes that twinkled in the dimness of the office they were seated in. “She kissed him!” His friend replied in laughter and Dike laughed as well but he stopped just as he started. “Why did she kiss him?” “You know how Dami is nau. She was in one of her moods and wanted to piss me off. So she grabbed the poor boy and forced her tongue into his mouth!” Dike’s friend came apart in laughter again. “You should have seen his face when she finally freed his lips. It was classic.” Dike expressed slight amusement, then frowned. “Who is this boy sef?” “You won’t know him. Some corper like that. But from what I can tell, she really likes him. She has even mentioned that I move him to…