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Always One More Time #13 By Temitope Ogunyinka

Read previous episodes of Always One More Time It’s my day . . . The day was finally here. The day she never thought could really happen in reality but only in her dreams. It was a dream come true. Efe took a deep breath and allowed the make-up artist perform the magic of transforming her to a beauty queen. Funlola had told her it was her day and she should own it. No one else mattered; whether it was Adesewa and how Daniel looked down about everything was covering up with fake smiles. It was her wedding and it was happening. She was liking Funlola. In fact, she already liked her despite Daniel’s disapproval. Funlola breezed into the room dressed in the colours of the day; Fuchsia pink and blue. She looked stunning in her Fuchsia pink Iro and Buba and blue Gele. Her accessories all blue. Her…

Always One More Time #3 By Temitope Ogunyinka

The lush three-bedroom penthouse apartment belonged to Audrey. It was one of the few things gifted to her father. Audrey slept in the master bedroom, the second room was an extension of her closet and the smallest of the rooms was Funlola’s. Dele had talked, more like coerced Audrey, into letting Funlola stay with her; claiming that Funlola needed a closer place to her work and school than coming all the way from Mushin. Dele’s initial plan was for her to live with him, but Funlola had objected to that. She didn’t want him breathing down her neck whenever she came late from partying or doing whatever she liked. Funlola walked over to the spacious, modern kitchen and pulled open the fridge. There was no left-over food to eat. It wasn’t like any of them knew how to cook or do any house-hold chores, they usually bought take-out and had…