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The Bro Code #6

Read previous episodes of The Bro Code by Great Opara Sunlight poured in through the open curtains filling the apartment with a beautiful natural glow and highlighting the particular ambience Pablo was always trying to create with his constant redecorating. Obi and Ayo were seating on the carpeted floor, sharing a blunt while Pablo moved vases from place to place, switched the cushions on the parlor chairs and switched them back again. “You know, I could really use some help from you guys.” He addressed Obi and Ayo who were competing to see the person who could blow the biggest smoke rings. “Man what else do you want?” Ayo asked, clearly frustrated. “It’s a Saturday morning and we’ve cleaned this house spotless, from top to bottom. Chill out abeg oga escobar.” Pablo eyed her and hissed, walking out of the room and returning seconds later with a can of air…