The Dark Rivers Of Yesterday

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While facing a major financial crisis, young Emeka Egwu and his family are forcefully evicted from their pleasant, self-contained residence. They are compelled to move into a dirty, overpopulated, and obnoxious tenement building apartment, located in Lagos Metropolis, where, over a seven-year period, they experience firsthand the horrendous incidents that characterize such appalling settings. One of the tenants, Mr. Ogundele – a querulous fellow, a man well versed in the art of juju – has it in for the newcomers. He, like a few tenants, hates them innately because they’re from a different tribe. He particularly despises Emeka because the boy refuses to venerate him, and others he believes are amoral. Consequently, Mr. Ogundele craftily convinces other likeminded tenants to join him as he orchestrates a series of sinister plots against Emeka.  There are fierce confrontations, faceless enemies, stunning betrayals, brazen infidelities, broken promises, and violent deaths – as Emeka…