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The Immortals’ Code #21

Last week’s episode brought us to the end of the first part of The Immortals’ Code. This was where I stopped the last time but have no worries, the story continues. This second part is titled The Rise of the Cabal. It takes you back to the beginning where men were still boys. The story is interwoven with For Better, For Worse. Enjoy. It has only just begun… CHARYBDIS HOTEL AND RESTAURANT/ 1978 Emem had never seen anything like the room where she stood. It was a strange-looking restaurant but it was also inviting to the eyes. She had no idea what the floor was made of. It sounded like wood beneath her platform shoes, although it shone like brown glass. She looked up at the ceiling which held a large, green boat that covered most of it and she feared that it could drop down on unsuspecting diners at any…