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The Immortals’ Code #20

Welcome back to The Immortals’ Code, all of you who have been asking. If you are reading it for the first time, click HERE to start from the beginning. But allow me refresh your mind a little… Leonel has just gotten dumped by Kyenpia who is mad at him for beating Ishi up and leaving him in a critical state. But Leonel has his reasons, seeing that Ishi is the weakest link on the opposing side that wants to see the Cabal down. The Light Virus created by Doctor B which hold the frame for the new Nigeria that Captain and his men want to rebuild after the destruction of the old one, is in Ishi’s care. Hence, Leonel’s prompt action to take him out of the picture. Bloodbath is about to be unleashed and 43 is doing everything to see it not happen. The Cabal are not playing either. They have…