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The Immortals’ Code #17

Read Episode 16 Of The Immortals’ Code ISHI’S RESIDENCE Ishi was on the most comfortable couch in the sitting room, his faced turned up to the ceiling. The television was on and tuned to a popular news channel but the volume was turned down. He was dressed for work even though he had no desire to leave his house. There was, by and large, no push in him to do anything else. He felt weak in his bones and joints and tried hard to do away with the tremors coursing through him like mild electric shocks. He had been that way since he left Victor’s place in Ogombo. The load of information he got and Victor’s suicide left him dazed. Etim and Lanre had assured him that Victor was half-rambling and most of the things he predicted were not going to come true, especially the sequence of events following…