The Marriage Ultimatum. TM David West

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The Marriage Ultimatum #1

I happily present to you a new one from TM David West. We know her. Show some love in the comment box 🙂 As the last of the distant relatives and not-quite-close-friends mourners drifted out of the house and through the gates, Kaine breathed more easily. She didn’t really feel relief—or comfort. She was too aggrieved, too sad and too empty to feel relief. She was just exhausted and wanted, needed to be alone again. It had been one horrible week. One week that had changed her life forever. One minute she’d been a simple, not overly ambitious young lady of just twenty—well, not even twenty as her birthday was next month. But she’d been content and full of dreams and had had a father. She’d had her father. And now, he was gone. Gone in an accident that had been sudden and fatal. An inebriated truck driver, who’d also…

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