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The Marriage Ultimatum #7

Read Previous Episodes Of The Marriage Ultimatum Kaine was on the phone with Juliet. She’d called just to find out how they were and to let her know that she and Baby Tobi were doing fine as well, but somehow the matter of Dominic’s unexpected and disturbingly increasing interest in her ha come up. She wasn’t entirely surprised that it did, not when the matter preyed on her mind all day and was making her act belligerent in desperate self-defence. “That was expected, you must know that, Kaine.” Juliet was saying. “He is a man after all and the most natural instinct in men is to pursue, hunt down and possess. Sex is second nature to them. Besides, you’re a beautiful young woman and also, his wife now—so, showing his interest in you is not unusual.” “But not this soon!” Kaine protested. “I mean, we only got married yesterday and…