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Girls #2

Read episode one of Olajumoke Omisore’s Girls “Did Tony hurt you?” Her uncle asked. His voice faltered as he said hurt.    Tony was waiting outside. Her uncle had asked him to wait outside after those incriminating words came out of her mouth.       “Pastor… Daddy.” Tony’s eyes were on her uncle but after she said what she said, he had glared at her as if she was someone else. Someone dangerous. “Get out,” her uncle had growled. “Right now, Anthony.” At that moment, she knew he would throw Tony out if he had to. If Tony didn’t run out. His tone, bearing and clenched fists took her to the evening when her eloquent uncle gabbled on like someone who didn’t know how to form sentences. Like someone whose brain had suddenly decided to stop working. Several years ago, it happened. He stammered. Swore to kill Uncle Kola with the wood…