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Ogechi Takes Hunter’s Game To The Screen!

One of the best things that can happen to a writer is to their story on screen. Ogechi has taken a bold step by writing and producing her series, Hunter’s Game, which was shared here at some time, to the big screen. I was privileged to hear her talk about the journey, the challenges and successes with so much excitement in her eyes. Right now, Hunter’s Game is being made into a series. A pilot is set to be released and it will be available to everyone to view online for a token sum of N1,000. The pilot will be released on Friday the 31st of May 2019, that’s tomorrow, and a link will be shared as soon as the film is uploaded. Hunter’s Game will feature OC Ukeje as Uzo, Ade Laoye as Leela/Yemi, Ibrahim Suleiman as Nathan, Asa’ah Samuel as Gbemiga, Tope Tedela as Waheed and Gideon Oghenetega…

In A World That’s Dissappearing – condoms for kids?

Growing up in a conservative Christian home as a minister’s kid, there were certain things we never talked about and number one on the list was sex. When I had my first period, my mom went like, ‘now if a man touches you, you will get pregnant,” and that was it for Sex Education 101. At school, some of my friends told me that if you use the same toilet boys used, you could get pregnant because they leave sperm on the toilet seat and they can swim and get into you. If you asked me what went on during sex, I would have probably told you that adults rub their bodies together on the bed, under the blanket and that was all. Of course, I knew there was more to it but once you’re naïve, you are naïve until… well, until you stop being naïve. Eventually, I knew all…