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Go Getter (Go-Get-Her) #6

Please this episode is way longer than it should be, partly because there was a need to talk about as much characters as possible, in a bid to unify the story and mainly because I would be gone for a long time. School work demands a lot more from me and there, I’d totally forgotten that I’m still a student. I hope this episode convinces you enough to consider my pleas. Thanks. *     *     * The grand clock struck the hour of 11 and began to play the tune of a nursery rhyme, an unpopular one. Bobo and Sandy turned sharply to it and sighed in unison, withdrawing their faces as quickly as they had turned them. Just as Bobo was taking his eyes away from the huge clock on the wall, he noticed the awkward shadow that loomed over theirs. His eyes grew wide in horror as his senses…

Fish Brain Clan (1) Amaka

AMAKA It was something right out of a movie scene. I think I even watched it in an episode of Friends, where Ross at the altar, about to say his vows to his fiancée, Emily, called out Rachel’s name instead. It went something like this: “I, Ross, take you Rachel…” And I can tell you that the wedding ended right there and then. Seriously, what girl in her right mind would go on to marry a guy who was thinking about someone else other than her at the altar?! Well, I wouldn’t but since I was the other girl whose name was mentioned, I would go right ahead and say ‘I do!’ Hehehehehe. Like I said, right out of a movie! James called my name in front of Watzhername, her family, his family, all their relatives, their friends, church members and a few wedding crashers—over two thousand people in all. When…

GOOD GIRL GONE BAD (Episode 4) by Solomon Enweremmadu

EXT. DAVID’S PLACE – DAY We see a taxi driving off as Rita walks towards the gate. INT. DAVID’S LIVING ROOM David is painting. Rita opens the front door and let’s herself in. David turns to see her. DAVID Hi babe, you closed early today? RITA Yeah I had to check on a new client I’m working on so I just thought to go home from there. DAVID New client? That’s good. RITA Well yeah, it’s not a big one. I just hope it pulls through this week. DAVID Your Deadline. Babe just do your best and leave the rest. Things will always work themselves out. Rita drops her bag on the sofa and heads towards the kitchen. RITA Guess who I saw today? DAVID (enthusiastic) Babe, hold that thought right there. David grabs the painting and runs to show her. What do you think? FULL SCREEN PAINTING A very…

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