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Omoge Campus #8

Read episodes 1 – 7 of Omoge Campus TEMI I was so irritated by the mini accident and I just hoped the careless driver wasn’t coming to ask that I fixed his car. He tapped the window on the driver’s side and Mr. Omoniyi wound down the window. Contrary to what I expected, he promptly apologized, saying that it was the fault of an errant okada rider whom he had swerved to avoid hitting. “Talk to madam for back”, Mr. Omoniyi said. The young chap turned to the side I was seated, I wound down the window and let out a shriek. “issa lie! Yemiiii! I can’t believe it’s you.” By now impatient drivers were honking all around us and Yemi hurriedly told me that he was going into campus to drop off someone. He gestured that we should follow behind him, find somewhere to park…

Omoge Campus #5

Read episodes 1-5 of Omoge Campus NKAY I was halfway to my destination when I realized I couldn’t show up the way I was looking. I looked awful with my scandalously short dress and scattered hair and even worse, I had no shoes on. I thought fast and came up with a solution. One of the many perks of being an ‘it’ babe in UNILAG was that a LOT of people wanted to be friends with me, they sucked up to me in the hopes that I’d introduce them to the happening crew. Another perk was that a lot of people owed me favours, and I was about to collect one now. I gave the driver new directions, made a phone call and we arrived at my new destination in five minutes. I called to let Joy know I was outside and she came to open the door to let…

Omoge Campus #4

Omoge Campus 1 – 4 NKAY I carefully inched towards the back of the room we were in as the cultists ordered everyone to be quiet and kneel down in an orderly fashion. These cult boys were from LASU and their don was one of my boyfriends. Now, I hadn’t expected them to show up for the party because they weren’t invited. Of course they knew I worked at the club but I hadn’t informed my boyfriend that I had organized a party. To create hype for the party and make sure that every big boy and girl in UNILAG, UI, Babcock, Leadcity and Covenant attended, I let it be rumoured that I was dating the most sought after boy in Lagos. K Money was a popular Yahoo boy who also had connections with cultists and drug barons. From Lagos to Benin, girls threw themselves at his feet and guys…

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