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The Fourth Finger #16

So, this is one of those days I’m like ‘should I post fourth finger? should I not?’ Well, I decided to in the end. Have a lovely night. Catch up on previous episodes of The Fourth Finger How could anybody not love her? She was enchanting at first sight and got even more endearing when one spent more time with her. Her humble nature and depth made it hard for Toni not to be infected. She was officially Lade-stricken, now understanding why Manny was obsessed with the young actress. They both had feared she would lose her mind after the surgery. Manny was certain the shock and pain of infertility would scar her. However, Lade took the news bravely. She cried but only for a short moment. Clutching Manny’s hand, she gave a heartbreaking speech. “I just want to say I’m relieved that babies are not dying in my care…