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Aunty, Why Is The Box Not Tight?

Today, I want to talk about vaginas, about how tight or loose they can be. If you’re a guy, please hang around. You might learn a thing or two, because what prompted this article was a discussion I had with an ill-informed friend. It was a hot argument in which he held that a woman having too much sex or many sexual partners causes her vagina walls to be loose. I begged to differ, but brother said he was talking from experience. And that is why he doesn’t make love to his wife always. *rolling my eyes. How then does he handle his randiness? Brother is yet to answer me. I am waiting for his answer. Interestingly, he is not part of a minority when it comes to his view. That was how one uncle on Twitter referred to the vagina as a fan belt. Forget the backlash he got. He…