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It’s Another Saturday…#13

A colleague asked me the other day if I get upset when readers tell me my episodes are short. I told her that I don’t. I feel flattered, rather. So, here’s a huge thank you for flattering me, guys.*kisses!* But if I hear pim! about this episode ehn, I’ll be waiting with cane on the other side. Enjoy episode 13 of It’s Another Saturday. If you want to catch up, read HERE But Jide, Why? “This is a very stupid move, Hon.” Saratu is mad at me for quitting my job. This has been her state of mind since I broke the news to her two days ago. Earlier, she took me shopping and now we’re at a spa where she’s spoiling me silly, just to manipulate my mind into staying back. “He is so going to dump your sorry ass.” “No, he’s not.” I smile at her when what I really…