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Vows Are Meant To Be Broken #3

Read previous episodes of Vows Are Meant To Be Broken by Nneoma Obieze I still could not believe my terrible luck. I was not supposed to be in town for another week, but when I received Sharon’s text, I knew I could not keep it off. She was pregnant and threatening to run to Kara and tell her everything. My Kara. I opened my eyes again and there she was. I knew she had not left since morning, because her hair was still as messy as it was when the doctors came that morning. I could talk. I even wanted to, but guilt had glued my mouth shut sonce morning. I feared that she would ask why I had returned too early or without notifying her. I had no nobel reason for doing so. How would I tell her that someone was carrying the child we could not have together?…

Stranger In Lagos #3

HALIM My office is quiet. The usual noisemakers whose cubicles are separated from mine by thin glass partitions have all stepped out to celebrate a colleague’s birthday. Normally, I would be there with them, heading the throng, my voice being the loudest. But I give the birthday colleague a gift and apologize for not going with them. As they rush out, I recline my back on my chair and lift my eyes to the ceiling, spinning in a slow circle. The calm, white lighting and the soothing sound of soul music playing somewhere in the hall soon lulls me and I fall asleep. My weekend had been awful, beset with tears and insomnia. This isn’t exactly rest, but it’s the closest thing to peace of mind in more than twenty-four hours. I am beginning to get deeper into my nap when I feel a ticklish sensation on my upper arm…