why women cheat

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Why Women Cheat – Crux Of The Matter With Elsie

Morning! I promised to be here today to remind you about my hangout with Elsie this evening at Happenings Radio. It promises to be fun, so please don’t miss it. We’ll be talking about cheating girlfriends and wives. Hopefully, we’ll get to understand why women cheat. It’s a topic I became interested in over two years ago when a friend shared a story with me about someone we both knew who went from having an emotional affair to a physical one with someone in her church and how it all turned out messy. It made for juicy talk but since then I had been intrigued by the topic entirely. I began online research and also went around asking questions. It would amaze you the type of info I got. When I wanted to write something new and I asked people what they felt I should work on, cheating wives was top on the list. This…