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Conquered #6

Read previous episodes of Conquered by Obynofranc After the marriage, Nkechi told Mama she would love to live with her aunt to give her sometimes to bond with her husband. Mama had mixed feelings, she was overshadowed by assumptions that her daughter is so thoughtful or she doesn’t like Mr. Charles hence why she wanted to leave. Auntie Chinyere was excited when she heard about Nkechi coming over to Abuja. She was so happy. Finally, Nkechi was coming over to stay with them after many years. Auntie Chinyere was Mama’s older sister and she has two daughters, aged thirteen and eleven. When she got married, she beckoned on Mama to hand Nkechi over to her so she will take care of her but Mama disagreed. Nkechi was what she used to console herself whenever she felt downtrodden. Auntie Chinyere cared because Mama was undergoing a therapy and Nkechi staying with…