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Boys With Toys #11

This is one of those long posts, so enjoy. Don’t forget to drop a line at the end! Have a great weekend! Previous Episodes “What did you do?!” Urena barged into Madu’s office without permission. He was on the phone, looking out his window while he spoke. He gave Urena a glance and promptly ended the call. “You don’t know your superiors again, abi?” “What did he do to you that you had to do that to him?!” Madu left the window, smiling. “I should ask you that same question.” “Me? You boxed me into a corner! You forced my hand!” “Blah-blah-blah.” Madu took his chair after straightening out the top of his kaftan. “You’re so wicked, so evil! Everything they say about you is true!” “Thank you.” “God will punish you for this!” Madu gave a bored expression. “Are you done?” “And I’m going to tell Guru! I don’t…