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Dear Writer: Here’s How To Start Making Money

Dear Writer, Here’s How To Start Making Money I can begin and end this with one sentence from my own experience, and that would be: Write books and sell them and voila! You’re making money! The above is the kind of advice you’ll get from people out there who want to tell you how you can become a writer who makes money off selling books. What they’ll never share with you is how to get on the journey in the first place. Well, I’m here and I’ll do just that. But first, let me tell you my own story. Make sure you read through. Your journey must not be like mine, but you can glean a thing or two from what I’ll share. So, I started blogging in 2011, after writing for six years. I opened several blogs on different free blogging platforms, but I finally settled for Wordpress, after…

Dear Writer: How To Create Unforgettable Characters For Your Story

Dear writer, use this guide to create unforgettable characters for your stories and books. It’s good to write a good story. Better still, an unforgettable one. For every writer, it is impertinent to pen down a story people want to always come back to; to have something in your pages that leaves a mark. It might be the plot of the work itself, or the message contained between the lines, or it might just be the characters. Characterization. That’s my thing. I’m crazy about building real lives for the people that dwell in my head. Reading other writers, I get bored whenever I come across a cliché character. How often do we meet the tall, dark and handsome; the slim and pretty; the suffering single mother or widow; the abusive husband; the slut who sleeps around to make ends meet; the lovey-dovey couple that go in the way of all…

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