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Test-The-Terone: Dear Women, 9 (Not So) Secrets We Wish You Knew About Us

Good day!

I want to thank you guys again for all your prayers. Y’all sweethearts.

today, I’m introducing Chris. He’s going to be a constant feature here. Please, show some love.


  1. Despite What You Believe; We Take Commitment Seriously

We have a reputation for being afraid to commit. But most of us men take relationship and marriage seriously (except if you are a side chic). It may take longer for us to commit to you because we want to make sure we are onboard for good; but once we are sure, you can count on us.

  1. We Are Really Listening

You know, saying a “yes” or “I see” every now and then for most people is a way of saying, “I’m listening.” But some of us don’t do this. And just because we are not saying anything doesn’t mean we are not listening as we may prefer to listen quietly and think about what you’re saying. So, don’t get unnecessarily offended.

  1. We Need Time for Ourselves

While shared activities are important, we also need time for ourselves. Whether we enjoy writing, going to the gym or playing scrabbles, all you need do is encourage us to pursue our hobbies while you make time for your own. You should know that we will have more to give to each other when we both have space to nurture our individuality

  1. We Let Go Faster Than You

You women tend to remember negative experiences longer and may have lingering feelings of stress, but most of us are less likely to dwell on unpleasant events and tend to move on more quickly. So while you may still want to talk about last night’s argument, we may have already forgotten about it.

  1. We Don’t Pick Up on Subtle Cues

You really need to know we are more likely to miss subtle signals like tone of voice on telephone or facial expressions. If you want to make sure we get your message, be direct, and just tell us.

  1. We Respond to Appreciation

Showing appreciation for those little things we do can make a big difference in the way we act in other things. When we hold the door open for you, we carry your handbags, we mount sentry when you are inside the public toilet at the galleria or we go place order for two of us while you were sitting down, just saying a little ‘Thank You’ will go a long way in making us happier.

  1. We Like It When You Initiate Sex

Most times, you make us feel as though you are doing us some favours and you are just going out of your way to satisfy us when we are the ones who always initiate sex. But we secretly wish our partners would take the lead more often and initiate sex. There is nothing to be shy about letting us know you’re in the mood for sex, it will make us know you want us as much as we want you.

  1. We Aren’t Always Up for Sex

This may surprise you, but we aren’t always in the mood for sex just like you women, stress is a big libido crusher to anyone and we men are often stressed by the demands of work, family, and paying the bills. So, when we say, “not tonight,” it doesn’t mean we have lost interest in you; we just might not want to have sex at that time, maybe later.

  1. We Want You To Share Our Football Interest With Us

Please, we love it when we both look forward to the weekend together, when we can both buy our club’s customized jersey and actually sit to watch some of the weekend games together. It is no secret that most of us love the English premiership, La liga or Bundesliga, so please don’t force us to choose between you and football and don’t ask us to change the channel to Telemundo or Africa Magic during half time or immediately the match ends, because we really love to listen to those pre and post-match analysis as they always provide deeper information and insights about the match and the entire league. Thank you!

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  1. Jamiu says:

    Nix write up…thumbs up!!!!

    1. Christopher Dele Oyeyemi says:

      Thanks for reading, Jamiu

  2. Tizzy says:

    As a member of the female folk, I’d say I totally agree with 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 & 9. I disagree with 5 on some level coz I certainly know some intuitive guys so I guess it depends on personality. Then number 1, I’d say that’s a very big IF.

    1. Christopher Dele Oyeyemi says:

      Tizzy, It’s good to know that you agree with 7 out of those 9 not so secrets. Thanks for reading

  3. Pam says:

    Interesting read. I particularly agree with 9. When a guy sees that you r as unpretentiously interested in watching a match as he is, he’d appreciate u a whole lot more.

    1. Christopher Dele Oyeyemi says:

      Pam, yes oh! we love it so much if our babe can discuss/argue football with us from the point of “knowing”! we would always look forward to the weekend together.

  4. When you have to pick between ur babes hapiness and fulfilment from a football match. Bad moment

    1. Christopher Dele Oyeyemi says:

      I hope it doesn’t have to come to that point. I mean football happens only on weekends, except if there is a special tournament, Nations Cup, World Cup, Euro,Champions league. etc. but true Love lasts forever.

  5. mary says:

    Interesting….hmmmm…time to go shop 4 a jersey4 d next fball season…

    1. Christopher Dele Oyeyemi says:

      Sweetheart please do, God bless your heart. and he will love you more for it. and there is something very cute about it when a babe wears a jersey.

  6. Hmmmmm! I have something new to try. My boo totally loves that we watch matches together and I actually enjoy them. Thank God I have at least 1 plus and not lacking in every area. Lol.

    1. Christopher Dele Oyeyemi says:

      That’s lovely. Boos that watch football together, stay happy together. ( I invented that)

  7. ShyChic says:

    Nice piece chris…am not a fan of africa magic and the likes,but football go hard o. I will make an attempt in that area….lol. Thanks Sally for sharing.

    1. Christopher Dele Oyeyemi says:

      Thanks Shychic, just try. you don’t have to watch with him everytime. just know the team he supports, and when they win. be the first to congratulate him and if his team loses, you know what to do *winks*

  8. Ella says:

    Dat’s nice CHRIS.I’ll try de football thing!

    1. Christopher Dele Oyeyemi says:

      Ella, cool. try the football thing and thank me later.

  9. Dupe says:

    Lolz, my guy actually likes that telemundo of a thing and I hate it.

    1. Christopher Dele Oyeyemi says:

      Wow! your guy likes Telemundo? hmmmmmm! I will not say anything sha. but i’m sure he likes football as well

  10. Praise says:

    Nice info

    1. Christopher Dele Oyeyemi says:


  11. peachesgurl says:

    Making progress Chris. Thanks Sally for sharing.

    1. Christopher Dele Oyeyemi says:

      Cool peachesgurl.

  12. Gloria A says:

    I totally agree with u on the football thing…. Lovely piece Chris!

    1. Christopher Dele Oyeyemi says:

      Gloria, thanks. the football thing is real with us guys oh. love our clubs, and we love u for it.

  13. Zee says:

    nice piece,luv. thanks a lot

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