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The Bro Code #8

Why the hell is Uju calling me, Obi thought, even as he noticed a slight glimmer of suspicion momentarily cloud Pablo’s eyes. Fuck! Not again, he was not going to allow this woman come between he and his friends. Never again!

“Guys, I swear on my life, as in, the Igbo don comot for my eye, I have no idea what this is about.” He held his phone up to the sky for the heavens to bear him witness.

Ayo looked intently at Obi and then at Pablo. “We know, don’t worry.”

“We know? We? You too, Pablo?” 

Pablo released the eba that had been clenched in his fist, back into the soup. He noticed he had been holding his breath and released it. He smiled at Obi.

“That was years ago, I know you don’t have anything to do with it.” He paused. “This is all my fault guys, it was my fault six years ago and it’s still my fault now. I should have never let her into the apartment.”

Ayo placed a hand on his shoulder and rubbed it. He checked to see if it was the same hand she had used to eat, and she laughed and tapped his ear. 

“It’s all right Pablo, all that shit is in the past. Now we just have to figure out why she is calling Obi.”

“What we need to figure out is why she decided to show her face again, after all these years.” He cut in. As far as Obi was concerned, he was the last person Uju should be calling. She had a much better chance of anything with both Ayo and Pablo, and she had to know that. Her effects on him had worn off after a while, and he had been instrumental in helping his two friends finally break free from her hold. Pablo had been the worst hit; it had amazed them all how easily she had broken the big guy, and her effect lingered on his psyche for a while. It took two years and a tremendous amount of sheer willpower before he got over his first heartbreak, and Obi was not ready to let all that effort go to waste.

“I guess we go just wait, make she call again.”

Ayo nodded. Pablo went back to the food, and then stopped after he noticed that neither Ayo nor Obi joined him. He licked the soup off his fingers.


“Guy, so you fit chop for this kind time?” Ayo laughed. Obi started to laugh as well and Pablo chuckled softly.

“Ehen? Make I no chop? Wetin Uju want do me again? Break my heart the second time? Abeggi!”

It felt really good to hear him make light of the current situation, so Ayo and Obi just kept on laughing. A couple of years back, it would have been impossible to imagine this present scenario.

“I hope she calls back soon though,” Ayo said. “My booty call is already texting me to confirm. And once I leave like this, na till Monday night oh.”

“I thought you were going to check on Damilare?” Obi asked.

“Man, he can take care of himself. He’s finally out of that hospital and that’s good enough for me. When he’s ready to talk to me about what’s bothering him, he knows where to find me. I cannot continue sabotaging my life for one younger brother that refuses to have sense.”

“Younger step-brother,” Pablo added with a smile. Ayo hissed. “Oh come on, it needs to be said. I know Dami is still blood and you’re down for him and whatever, but you need to always remember that you come first, Ayo.”

“True. Me and Pablo have been drumming this thing in your skull for some time, I’m happy you’re finally seeing the light.”

Ayo banged the table. “Oya e don do. Make una leave Dami alone for me, thank you.” She smiled, picked up her half eaten food, took it to the kitchen and dumped it into the sink. She came back out to join them after washing her hands. “I don’t envy whoever gets stuck with clean up duty sha.”

She laughed again as Pablo glared at her briefly before returning to his meal. Obi continued to pick at his food, casting a side eye at his phone from time to time, while she went into her room to get ready for her date. Eventually, he too packed up his plates and everything else on the table not being used by Pablo, and went into the kitchen, where he began the much dreaded clean up, as a way to remain distracted.

Minutes later, Ayo emerged dressed in palazzo pants and a crop top, her lips coated with her favorite shade of black. She stopped in the centre of the room and twirled slowly for Pablo, who nodded approvingly, chewing his food at the same time.

“Madam-the-madam! Sexiest! Rasta Clara! Bomboclaat!” She blew air kisses as Pablo hailed, calling her every fanciful name he could think of until she was almost doubled over in laughter. Obi had come out to see what the commotion was about and joined in the praise singing, while drying his hands on a dish rag.

“Please stop, you people should not kill me please,” She begged finally, holding on to the table for support.

“So it’s till Monday night, like this?” Obi asked, a teasing smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

“Yes, it is. And I better leave right now before both of you use whining to injure me.” She made it to the front door before pausing in thought and turning back to face them. “I have a feeling that woman isn’t going to call again today, so you guys shouldn’t worry too much. Whatever’s up, we’ll handle it together, yeah?” She looked from Pablo to Obi and back. They nodded together.

“Yeah. Stay safe Ayo.” Pablo added

“Sure thing, kisses.” And Ayo was out of the apartment, slamming the door behind her.

Obi and Pablo remained in silence for some time before the former sighed finally and went to lock the door behind Ayo. He returned to the dining table where Pablo was trying his best to push himself out of the chair.

“See the mountain of eba wey only you chop. Na you oh, Escobar.”

“Wetin concern you? Alaye free me abeg.” Obi laughed again and shrugged, turning to go back into the kitchen.

“How far wait nau…”

Obi turned back to him. “Wetin happen?”

“You dey comot later?”


“Ehen, you no get any other plans?”


“Mad oh! Oya help me wash my plate nau…”

“Your papa, you dey craze.” Obi walked away from the table and back into the kitchen, leaving Pablo laughing wildly to himself.


Stella Jide-Coker fiddled with the top button on her dark blue blazer, as her driver maneuvered the Mercedes into her private parking spot in the company garage, one level under the building that housed Rainmaker Capital. From here she would proceed by private elevator straight to her office where her two assistants were dutifully waiting to commence the day’s business. But for some reason, Stella was hesitant today, preferring instead to idle away in the backseat, staring off into space, until her driver got the message and unbuckled his seatbelt, exiting the car to give her privacy.

Something was definitely bothering her, she knew that much, but she was not entirely certain what it was. Or rather, she was not ready to accept the reality of her present situation. It stung like hell that Obi had not bothered to return any of her calls over the weekend, but surely that could not be what had her in such a foul mood on a Monday morning?

Am I pissed because my employee ignored numerous calls from me to his personal line? Or am I pissed because this really hot young man I enjoyed spending time with didn’t call me back?

She was not pleased by her current train of thought, but she had to indulge herself, and what better place to do it than in the privacy of her luxury vehicle. Stella let out a frustrated sigh and resisted the urge to run her fingers through her carefully combed wig. Monday morning and here she was pinning over a man almost ten years her junior. She considered the utter ridiculousness of her predicament and immediately snapped out of it. It was impossible that she would let some young unknown do her like this, regardless of whatever had transpired between them at that godforsaken party. 

Stella cracked her knuckles, adjusted the numerous bracelets adorning her right wrist and began to apply the cold logic and calculated cunning which had made her such a phenomenon in the business ecosystem. Who does this fucker think he is to not return my calls, she thought. 

She smiled cruelly. Obi Okorafor would soon come to appreciate the power dynamics at play in their interaction with each other, she would make sure of it, make sure that he never again forgot that she was not the type of woman one simply decided not to call back.

Her mind made up, she got out of the Mercedes, leaving the rear door open for the driver who was already running to her to close it. She walked across the garage to the west end, where two identical sets of elevators stood side-by-side, and flipped a keycard over the panel that controlled her private lift. A light on the panel blinked green twice and the elevator doors slid open silently, granting Stella access. She walked in briskly, switching her Louis vuitton bag from her right hand to the left to enable her push the button for her floor. The doors slid shut and as the elevator climber higher and higher, all she could think about was putting Obi in his place. She would show him who was boss, that much was certain.


Obi walked from corner to corner in his cramped office quarters, trying to give his legs a stretch. He had been sitting down since he resumed work hours earlier, toiling away at a proposal for Mr. Ajibola. Their department had a meeting in forty-five minutes, and Obi was trying to get the blood flowing back into his legs and head, before he would be stuck in a chair again for another three hours or more.

The intercom buzzed on his desk and he picked up the phone, noting first that it was the outer office number on the display screen; his secretary.

“Hey Obi,” Funmi began, “Ms. Agboniyukume here to see you.”

“Ms. who?”

Funmi giggled before lowering her voice. “It’s Nadine”

“Oh?” He was not expecting her, he had planned to see her at their meeting in a couple of minutes and explain why he had ghosted over the weekend. “Yeah okay, send her in please.”

Moments later, Nadine walked in wearing a charcoal black pencil dress that ended inches above her knees, and Obi found himself grinning, unintentionally, at the absolute perfection standing before him.

“Why are you shining your teeth like that?” she asked, giving him a curious look.

“I’ve missed seeing you.”

“Na so, you’ve missed seeing me and you couldn’t call me back? You couldn’t shoot me a text? Ah! If that’s how you used to miss people, I don’t want abeg.”

He sighed and scratched his bare chin. Pablo always teased him that the one thing in life he was incapable of doing was growing a beard, and he had given up trying a long time ago. He liked his look and would not trade it for anything else.

“My weekend was pretty fucked babe, I’m sorry.”

“What happened? More family wahala?”

He nodded. “Yeah, you could say that. It’s all good though, we’re handling it.”

Nadine smiled and took two more steps into the office; she looked around like she was just seeing the interior for the first time. “You know, I always forget how tiny this cubicle is.”

“Cubicle?” he laughed. She placed a hand over her mouth in mock admonition.

“I’m sorry, did I say cubicle? I meant office. Sorry.”

Obi hissed, propping himself on his desk. “You do realize that the only reason you have a bigger office than me is because you’ve been at Rainmaker Capital longer than I have, yes?”

“Really? Wow! And it’s not because I’m better at my job than everyone else?”

“Nope! It’s exactly that nine months difference. And very soon it won’t matter anymore.”

Nadine nodded somberly. “True, true; those nine months are probably the reason why I make almost twice as much as you do.”

He glared at her for several seconds while she fixed him a straight face, before they both burst into laughter.

“Nice one oh, thanks for going for the jugular. You make more money than me shey? No problem.”

“Hey, na you start am, no forget.”

“Actually, you did.”

“How abeg?”

“You fucking walked into my office and called it a cubicle,” Obi laughed, “If that isn’t a nuclear attack then I don’t know what is.”

Nadine continued to laugh, reaching out at the same time to adjust his burgundy tie. Her hand lingered momentarily, and just like that their laughter was replaced by a palpable tension which instantly filled every corner of the cramped office space. Obi was seriously contemplating covering the rest of the distance between them and finally making this woman his, right on the desk. They had a couple of minutes before they would need to be at the conference room for their departmental meeting, and he was certain that was all they needed.

“You just can’t wait to get my clothes off, can you?” She asked out of nowhere, snapping him out of his reverie.

“Huh?” he chuckled.

“Oh come on, I can see all the calculations going on in that head of yours, Obi.”

“So what? You know how I feel about you babe.”

“Mmmhm, yes I do. I know just how much you want to sleep with me.”

“And is that such a big deal?” He grinned casually, making sure not to break eye contact. This was a crucial moment.

“Actually, it’s not. In fact, if I wanted to choose anyone to have a random, sexual fling with in this office, it would most definitely be you Mr. Obi Okorafor.”

There was a pause as he contemplated her words. “So, what’s stopping us from taking the plunge, right here, right now?”

Nadine sighed and walked away from him. She went around his desk and slumped into his chair.

“Oooohhh, at least this is comfortable.” She laughed, and then continued. “Imagine we start sleeping with each other, do you honestly think it won’t affect our working relationship? Is it really a smart thing to do?”

Obi chuckled and got off the desk, turning around to face her. “You don’t know this about me, but I’m kind of the king when it comes to separating sex from everything else.”

“Of course you are, ashewo like you.” She snickered. He remained undeterred; she was on the brink, and they both knew it, all that was required was one final push. He got down on one knee, pulling the chair closer until they were again staring into each other’s eyes.

“Oh my god, are you about to propose?”

He chuckled softly, reaching for her hands. “Why do you run from this? You’re worried that us sleeping together might damage our friendship, but have you even considered that it could also bring us closer?”

She looked puzzled. He lifted her wrist to his nose and inhaled, breathing in the soft mush of her perfume. “We work so well now, imagine how much better we’ll work after we’ve been together? After I’ve been inside you, inside your mind, after I’ve been privy to your wildest thoughts and desires.” He had kissed up her hand, all the way to the inside of her elbow where her sleeve ended, leaving a trail of hot breath on her skin. 

“Don’t you think we would be more accustomed to our tastes once I…figure out how you taste?” She snickered at his silliness but he noticed that her eyes had gone cloudy, and her pulse was racing.

“I bet you’ve done this to a lot of women…”

“Not as many as you’d think, actually.” Obi took in her physique again from her head down to her toes. Her dress had slid up several more inches, exposing her dark thighs to his roaming eyes. He placed a firm hand on her left thigh and squeezed gently, the heat emanating from within her was scorching hot. He was attempting to force her tight dress to go even higher and insert himself between her legs when the intercom on the desk buzzed loudly, just inches away from his head.

He saw the magic die in her eyes and the swiftness with which she returned to reality, banishing all erotic desires from her consciousness in seconds. She looked around the office and then checked her watch, while Obi remained between her legs feeling increasingly uncomfortable and stupid.

“Aren’t you going to get that?” Nadine asked, a completely different woman from the one who had been putty in his hands moments ago. This one na real fighter oh, he thought.

“It’s probably Funmi,” He extracted himself from between her legs with lightning speed and got to his feet, straightening down his clothes in the process. He cleared his throat and walked casually to the coat rack beside the door where his jacket was hung, turning around to put it on and give her enough space to arrange her appearance. By the time he turned back, she was standing rather than sitting, looking prim and proper, once again like the no-nonsense, unsmiling, financial wizard with a reputation for putting men in their rightful place. Obi was intrigued; no one looking at her and at him would ever guess what had nearly transpired a minute ago.

“We have about four minutes to the meeting starts,” She said, joining him at the door. “My god, where did the time go?”

He smiled coyly. “Time flies when you’re having fun.” 

Nadine placed her hand over his on the door handle and leaned in close to whisper, making sure her body pressed firmly against his in the process.

“Don’t worry, we’ll continue this fun…conversation later, after work maybe?” She winked, not waiting for a reply and opened the door, stepping out into the outer work station slash hallway. Obi followed dutifully after her, closing the door behind him and grinning at Funmi whose suspicious eyes followed the pair until they turned the corner. They made their way to the conference room in silence, as he tried to shift his focus from her scent, which was firmly stuck in his head, to the meeting at hand. Mr. Ajibola was standing in front of the double glass doors, waiting, while other members of the team settled down inside.

“Right on time, lucky you Nadine.” The soft spoken man smiled in response to her greeting and handed her a thick binder. Obi was about to casually walk past when he held up his hand to stop him.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Err, into the conference room?”

“Didn’t you get the message? I told Funmi to let you know immediately.” Seeing that Obi was more confused than ever, Mr. Ajibola sighed dramatically and nodded in the direction of the elevator. “The big boss wants to see you. Right now.”

His heart skipped several beats and his mouth was suddenly dry. “Ms. Jide-Coker?”

“Yes, who else? So you shall not be joining us for today’s meeting. Good luck.” Mr. Ajibola turned to Nadine who was still waiting at the door. She gave Obi a quick look of concern before walking into the room with her boss, and leaving the younger man further confused and uncertain than before.

He took a deep breath and went in search of the elevators. Stella had finally summoned him. He had been expecting it, and he knew that she would require a reason for him not returning her calls over the weekend. Me sef, he thought, I shall require an explanation from her for whatever the fuck it is that went down at that party. Then he laughed at himself. He most definitely was not going to walk into his boss’ office and ask anything from anyone. He would just remain calm, and hope that this entire mess somehow found a way to sort itself out.

He stood in front of the elevator and pressed the button for her floor. He felt very much like a lamb being led to slaughter, yet there was nothing he could do but walk into cold embrace of the lift and ride it four floors up, until he reached his destination: hell.


Ayo gripped the bed frame tight, struggling to keep her soul from escaping her body and floating off into the air as wave after wave of sensation threatened to leave her a quivering mess. She struggled for air, making a feeble attempt to clamp her thighs shut against this woman whose intensity threatened to consume her completely.

“Maryam please nau,” A voice which sounded remarkably like hers begged. “Do you want to kill me? I’ve been here since Saturday evening babe, all we’ve done is eat, smoke and fuck. I am tired!”

Maryam chuckled gleefully, delighting in the confessions of ravishment from her new lover. She grabbed the wet sheets and pulled hard, halting Ayo’s retreat, before latching onto her ankles and spinning the smaller woman around in one quick move. She grabbed her hips firmly, pulling Ayo into her crotch at the same time.

“I promised that I was going to wear you out, and I want you to know that I’m a woman of my word.” She grinded into her with such speed and force that Ayo was left out of breath for a moment, feeling her toes start to curl again. Maryam pulled her hair back and leaned fully into her, until she was close enough to nibble softly on the tip of her ear. She ran her free hand over Ayo’s breasts and stomach, going lower and lower until she was cupping her wet, sensitive flesh, before slipping two fingers inside her.

Ayo moaned unintelligently, gripping the sheets tightly between her fingers. The dopamine-like sensation filled her head and rushed into her chest, causing her thighs to spasm involuntarily as she twitched and jerked underneath her lover. The incoming orgasm felt stronger than the last one. Then again, that was exactly how the previous four had felt, and it was not yet twelve in the afternoon.

“I’m going to make sure you never forget me Ayo,” Maryam whispered, grinding faster against her and moving the two fingers stuck inside her much quicker. “I’m going to fuck you until you pass out.”

Truly, Ayo started to feel the onset of what she certainly believed to be a seizure and knew then that she was in hot soup. The concept of time meant nothing to this woman. She intended to completely dominate her mind and body, and there would be no escape.


Pablo pushed the bar from his chest, up into the air and back, in a steady, routine manner, his years of experience making it look like lifting the weights in his horizontal position was the easiest thing in the world. Three or four gym regulars had gathered around to watch and also help him keep count. It was not every day one got to see the big boss break a sweat.

He counted twenty-five, placed the weights back in position and then slowly sat up on the workout bench. Usually, Pablo liked to work out alone and at odd times. He owning a gym meant that he could have access to it whenever he wanted, and normally he picked times when he was certain to be all alone. But with the whole Uju situation brewing, he needed to clear his head and sweat the bad energy out, so he found himself benching almost two hundred kilograms on a Monday afternoon. 

He lay back down on the bench to begin his tenth set. Ten sets, of twenty-five reps each, with barely a minute in between to catch his breath, it was no wonder several of the people who frequented his gym looked up to him as the ultimate bodybuilding goal, and behaved toward him in an almost deferential manner. Coupled with the fact that Pablo was a big guy, and could switch from unconcerned to terrifying in a matter of seconds, it was understandable that his customers held him in such esteem.

Why was she back, he thought, after all these years and all what had happened, why had she suddenly decided to show her face again? Seeing her at the apartment that night had shocked him. He often imagined how it would be to run into her randomly; the things he would say and do, but something about that particular night had just thrown him off, and when she asked for a place to crash for the night, he could not say no. Fortunately for him, neither Obi nor Ayo was around that night otherwise, they would not only have thrown her out but they would have made sure he left with her, his huge muscles notwithstanding. The next morning she was gone, leaving the couch so neatly arranged that for a moment he was convinced he had imagined the entire exchange. But no imagination was so strong as to capture the essence of her scent or the silky smoothness of her skin as he had pinned her against the apartment door.

He had come here to distract himself but it was not working out exactly as planned. Thoughts of Uju filled his mind at every turn. Why had she come back? Where had she been all these years? Why was she calling Obi’s phone? And why had she not called back since Saturday evening? So many questions and the one person with all the answers was a walking disaster who had nearly ruined his life years back. It was a conundrum, and he already knew that he would not enjoy getting to the bottom of this particular problem. 

He completed the tenth set and got up from the bench, handing out fist bumps to the men around him who were starting to behave like infatuated, virgin school girls. He crossed to the squats area of the gym, piled up the weights and was about to get started when Bashir came to join him.

“What’s up boss?”

Pablo liked Bashir. He liked his attitude and enthusiasm for the job, liked the fact that he could count on him to handle business at the gym and provide Pablo with much needed peace of mind, particularly when it came to keeping the horny women in check. Like Vanessa. Pablo chuckled under his breath. Most especially, he liked the fact that Bashir asked no questions about the drug operation he was running and the reality that the gym was more or less an avenue for laundering his illegally gotten wealth.

“How you dey?” he answered, before placing the heavy bar across his shoulders and attempting a full squat. Bashir sidestepped carefully in order to give him more room.

“Good, boss. Your…guys are here to see you.”

Pablo paused mid squat. “What guys?”

“I don’t know their names, but they’ve been here before and you took them straight to your car. One of them has dreads…”

Dada and Ijebu. He had not arranged a meeting with them, he had wanted to, but the situation with Uju had caused him to ignore certain priorities so far. He would have to fix up.

“Sure, sure. Where are they?” he asked, wiping the sweat from his brow.

“Right outside.”

“All right, I’ll be out in a jiffy.” Bashir started to walk away, just as Pablo changed his mind. “You know what? Send them in. Have them wait in my office abeg.”

Bashir was surprised; minus himself and Pablo, he could count on one hand the number of people he had seen enter the main office since he started working at the gym two years ago. These guys must be really special, he thought.

“By the way, what’s up with Vanessa?” Pablo asked, a knowing smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “How is she…coming along?” 

Bashir burst into laughter. Unlike his boss, he had no professional qualms or moral restrictions when it came to sleeping with customers. Half the women who frequented the gym did so for their own ulterior purposes, with no intentions of actually working out. He could not understand Pablo’s refusal to tap any of the ass constantly being thrown at him, as far as he was concerned, part of their job as gym instructors involved stretching out the numerous unsatisfied wives and girlfriends flocking through their doors. And if the boss was not willing, then he was perfectly ready to do the job for both of them, and to the best of his abilities.

“She’s good,” he replied slowly, “Not a regular yet, but I’m…bringing her along.

Not a regular yet, which meant that he was not yet balls deep in her guts, but he was definitely working on it. Pablo chuckled. He truly hoped that Bashir would not run into serious problems with someone’s husband one day, but at the same time, he was fully confident in the man’s ability to handle himself if such a situation arose.

He went back to his squats and out of the corner of his eye, saw Bashir lead Dada and Ijebu to the office seconds later. Pablo finished his impromptu workout with a flourish, immediately making his way to the office and slamming the door behind him just as his guests were settling into their seats. They jumped to attention, Ijebu almost saluting regally as the big man walked past him. All three stopped and laughed as Pablo beckoned them to take their seats, before occupying his own chair at the other end of the office desk.

“How far? Kilonshele? Hope say no be bad news make una come burst me like this, unannounced?”

Ijebu turned to smile at Dada. The man ran a hand through his locks before reaching under the chair, producing a black duffel bag and dumping it on the desk. Pablo hesitated slightly before reaching for the bag and examining it. It was the same one he had given to them in his car barely three nights ago. And it was completely empty.

“You guys moved all that weight? In less than a week? How?” he asked, truly dumbfounded. He remembered stressing the urgency of them getting rid of the product as quickly as possible, but even he had not expected it to be done with such efficiency.

Ijebu laughed. “No worry big boss, we talk say we go run am…”

“And we don run am. Na so we dey do, nothing fit stop us from getting our money.” Dada finished the sentence.

Pablo was pleasantly surprised and impressed. The last person he had seen push weight with such precision was his younger self, back when he was still a university student selling weed out of his backpack. He had carved out a reputation for himself, and the people higher up on the food chain had noticed, which led to him being entrusted with even more product and responsibility. And now here he was; a business owner, low-key millionaire and the top dealer in his own little corner of the city.

He nodded slowly. Neither Ijebu nor Dada could be anything older than twenty-one, and Pablo was not one to stress over unnecessary moral dilemmas. The situation with Uju was already problematic enough, he would not add the futures of these two young men to his list of mistakes. They had shown serious prospects, and if this was the life they wanted to live, then he was not going to stand in their way. There was too much money to be made, and besides, he thought, who school actually help?

Pablo got out of his chair and walked to the back wall of the office even as Dada and Ijebu watched him curiously. He pushed the Schwarzenegger picture to the side to reveal the panel and typed in the code. Oga’nla would not be too happy that he was involving them so directly and was about to show them the massive stockpile of drugs. But if she truly wanted to be the dominant force in the market, then she would have to understand and let him handle business exactly as he saw fit.

He turned around to face them, getting a slight twinge of pleasure at the sight of their shocked faces as the wall slid open to reveal the doorway into the inner room. He raised his hands dramatically. It was not every day one got to welcome new protégés to the business, and Pablo was determined to thoroughly enjoy this moment.

“Welcome to the big time, boys.” He proclaimed, acting every inch like a benevolent, feudal lord. “Hope say una dey ready, because it’s about to be a madness in this bitch.”


Obi paused at the door and waited for the secretary to buzz him in. Moments later, he was standing before Stella, who fixed him a dirty look as she lifted her head from her Macbook.

“You may have your seat.” Obi pulled the chair out and sat down, crossing his legs at the knees. The silence lasted less than twenty seconds before Stella started her attack, wasting no time at all.

“I want you to understand, young man, that I am not the type of woman any one can just decide not to call back.” Her tone showed her irritation. “I don’t know what you think is going on here, but when I call people, I expect them to jump up and dance at my tune.”

He remained silent. Stella was excellent at wielding her power and influence in her favor, but he had not realized just how much power she truly controlled until they spent private moments together. He was in awe of her and everything she stood for, but at the same time, he would not let her turn this situation against him without putting up a fight.

“With all due respect Stella, you know how much I hate being called ‘young man’. And you’re one to complain about being ignored when you literally drove off and left me at a party that you invited me to.”

Her memory jogged back to the night of the party; she recalled the alcohol, dancing closely with her younger employee and the giddy feeling that had penetrated her skull. She remembered the feelings of excitement and lust that washed over her as she had backed up against him. She remembered the hardness she had felt in his trousers, and how she had dragged him out of the building and into her backseat, fully intending to jump his bones. But the cool night breeze had helped to restore some of her better judgment, and she ended up signaling her driver and racing out of the compound, leaving a bewildered Obi wondering what had come over her.

She felt slightly ashamed and it was not a feeling she was used to. Hooking up with men and then discarding them was one of her favorite pastimes, before her marriage and now, after her divorce. So why did Obi make her feel conflicted about the way she had left him high and dry?

“I’m…I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” She heard herself apologize. “I shouldn’t have left you like that, especially because I’m the one who dragged you to the party in the first place.”

For the second time in less than a week, Obi was left shocked by the outcome of a meeting with the famous Stella Jide-Coker. He would not have been surprised if she fired him on the spot for ignoring her calls over the weekend, but here she was, apologizing to him. He had no idea what to make of it.

“It’s all right…I guess,” he said, his mind still in a daze.

Stella watched him carefully for a while, before switching back to being the queen of hell. “Next time though, when I call you, you answer. I don’t care if you’re dying or dead, when your phone rings and you see my name at the top of your screen, you answer immediately. Do you understand?”

“Yes boss,” he answered, smiling coyly. 

“Good!” She shuffled some papers and made a pretext of rummaging through the imaginary mess on her desk, while Obi sat silently watching her.

“What are you doing tonight? Do you have any big plans?”

The suddenness of her change in direction fazed him. He was about to answer that he had family business to take care of when she continued, not giving him a chance to reply.

“I hope you understand that wasn’t really a question, and I don’t really give a fuck about anything you have planned.”

“So why did you ask?”

“Just because I can.” She slid a card across the desk to him, stopping several inches away and staring him down as he reached out to pull it the rest of the way. “My home address is on the back, be careful with the card because I don’t just hand them out.”

“Okay…” He lifted the card to his face and spun it around. Truly, her Banana Island address was listed on the back.

“I’ll see you at 9pm.” She turned back to her Macbook.



“At your house?”

“Yes! Is there a problem Mr. Okorafor?”

Obi shook his head at once. “No, no problem. I just wanted to clarify.” Oluwa, what the fuck is going on, he thought.

“Good. That will be all.”

He rose from the chair and was walking slowly to the door when she called out to him one last time.

“Oh and Obi, please don’t be a minute late. Tardiness disgusts me.”

“I won’t,” a dazed Obi managed to reply. He made it out the door in one piece, walked past the secretary without giving her a second glance and straight to the elevators. Once inside, his mind began to work at a frantic pace. He would have to cancel plans with Nadine, finish up at work and clear the rest of his schedule if he hoped to make it to her house in time. He was not sure what to expect once he got there, but he would be lying if he said that he was not dying to find out.

I’m going to the home of Stella Jide-Coker, he thought. What could possibly go wrong?

To be continued

Great Opara

Great Opara is a writer, lifestyle and travel blogger and aspiring filmmaker when he's not spending time trying to save the world from the forces of the evil ones who think pounded yam is not the best ever swallow. Check out his Medium blog

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