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The Chronicles Of An Adopted Child #3 – Semione Abi


“Tell us the answer for crying out loud” Tom gestured at the game going on the TV

“Come on honey, it will be less fun if they just jump straight to tell us the answer” Celina said, “it’s more fun when there’s suspense” she added

“The answer will still come out anyways, so why would they stress minds by adding suspense”

“It’s the fun of it daddy” Marie said from the dining table

“And what my little doe doing in the living room, have you finished your homework?”  Tom said turning in the direction of Marie

“Yes daddy, like 15minutes ago. You know I cannot miss watching this game, I need to be able to talk about it too when my friends are talking in school.”

“You little thing, come sit with mummy” Celina said

“Mum” Marie said as she sat down “will you still come for the parents meeting in school tomorrow or daddy will?”

“Daddy will be there for you baby” Tom said

“Yaaay” Marie exclaimed

“Why are you so happy that it’s your dad coming to your school?” Celina said, with a green-eye

“You know daddy has never come into my class before, Miss Monica has been asking about him ever since she saw him the day we resumed, when he came to drop me” she said

“And why exactly will your teacher be asking about your dad?” Celina says, but really concern this time.

“I don’t know,” Marie says “maybe she’s crushing on him” she added

“Since when did you know when someone is crushing on another?” Tom says, now sitting at the edge of the couch

“I’ll be 7 in a month dad, I know so much already. Besides I knew aunty Mirabel was crushing on uncle Paschal your friend, before they even started dating. And I was only 5 then, talk less of now that I’m almost 7.”

At this point Tom and Celina were speechless, and just stared at themselves

“Fine” Celina said finally “I’ll go there myself tomorrow and know why your teacher is always asking about my husband” she added

“Come on mum” Marie says “she only asked me thrice or thereabout. Besides, she crushes on almost all the fine fathers that come to pick their kids” she added

“How do you know all these things?” Tom says

“I see the way she looks at them dad. Anytime she crushes on a particular father, she treats the child very well until when the crush is over then she begin to treat them like other kids. Coco teaches me most of these things whenever I go to California for holiday. And it’s always fun teaching my classmates here. ” she added

“Which means your teacher has been treating you well isn’t it?” Celina said, totally ignoring what she said about coco. She knows that Coco’s aunt teaches her all these things and she in turn teach them to Marie whenever she’s there for holiday. Most times she asked herself how she got to be close to Yolanda, Coco’s aunt.

“Mhmm” Marie hummed, but with eyes glued on the screen, pretending not to pay attention on her parents

“Tom honey” Celina called out “I will go to that school tomorrow and see that woman. She should get a life instead of her prying on people husbands.  And I will make sure I tell this to parents whose kids are in that class” she added

“Oh mummy” Marie says, this time facing her mum “that wouldn’t be necessary, other parents know about this, it’s just the two of you that are lacking behind. Besides she stopped crushing on dad already, because she only treated me like a princess I already am for one week, then it went back to normal.”

“She had better” Celina cuts in “because if she crushed on him when she saw him only once, she will fall in love with him tomorrow. Which means I will go to your school myself tomorrow” she said

“Well” Marie got up and kissed both her mum and dad goodnight “I was just pulling your legs. Whoever comes tomorrow, its fine” She concluded and went to her room.

Celina and Tom remained silent for some minutes; Tom finally spoke up to break the silence.

“you know baby,” he said “it was just like yesterday when I watched this child come out of you in that hospital, now she’s acting all grown up at six” he added “it’s unbelievable”

“I know baby. I don’t believe it either, she’s growing up too fast” Celina said

“Well, it’s for the better. The fact that she’s not like other kids alone is something to be thankful for” Tom concluded

“If she had spent all her life here in Africa, she wouldn’t have known most of these things. You know Coco acts way more matured than our daughter does”

“Oh, I never even thought about her.” Tom said “thanks to Yolanda” he added.

Both Celina and Tom ended up not going to the school. Mirabel, who came in the same night after Marie had gone to bed, decided to pay her a surprise visit in school together with her friend. Marie was more than excited to see her aunt she hasn’t set eyes on for a long time. The three ladies went for shopping after they came back from Marie’s school, something little Marie has missed doing a lot. That’s why she’s always glued to her aunt because she do those things her mum never does for her, like going to shopping thrice in a week and buying the best of chocolate for her and taking her to the nicest places because of the nature of her job. Most times daddy takes her to nice places, but of course it takes a lady to know what a lady wants. Her daddy cannot select one good outfit for himself without mixing funny colors, let alone shopping for a lady.

Marie likes her aunt Mirabel because she fills in where her mum and dad don’t.

“So tell me more about this Caleb boy Aura” Mirabel said

She calls Marie ‘Aura’ which is the ellipsis for ‘Aurora’ which means ‘goddess of the dawn’

“Hmm Aunty Mimi, you have no idea how that boy has made my life unbearable in that school” she said “most times I wish he dies in his sleep one morning so I will not see him in school” she added.

“Why didn’t you tell us in school so I’ll teach her a lesson?” Lucy, Mirabel’s friend said “the last child that tried that with my lil sis ended up buying her launch everyday for one week” she added.

“Damn she did girl!” Mirabel said “I can still remember the look on her face when you told her you were going to tell her mum that she has been stealing money from her and…”

“Really?” Marie cut in “how did you know she was stealing from her parent?”

“Aurora! What did I tell you about interrupting people when they talk?” Mirabel pouted

“I’m sorry Aunt Mimi” Marie said in a sad face

“Awww see my girl. Apology has been accepted darling” Mirabel said with a poke on Marie’s nose

“You two remind me of me and my little sis.” Lucy said “anyways Mar girl, I got to find out the girls secret from her best friend, with chocolate of course”

The three burst out in laughter

Marie excused herself; it was time for her siesta so she had to leave. The joy of her aunt being around will make her sleep even better.

“You two really look great together you know babes” Lucy said “someone may just think you are her mother if they don’t know you two well” she added

“I know right! The funny thing is she never liked me from small till she was 3 years old. Back then she would cry and cry if I dare carry her”

“So how exactly did you two become this close?”

“Well, Celina traveled to Freetown for official business, you know this their banking job now, very stressful. She was out for three months so I had to be here with my brother to take care of Aurora. That’s how we got close”

“Oh! Talking about your brother, when does he come back from work? I haven’t seen him today”

“Well, I don’t know, it depends. You guys really gist last night o. ha! Considering the fact that we came late and tired, you still had the energy to sit down and talk that much.”

“I know babes” she got up and walked to the wine shelve and brought out a brandy and two glasses “I like his sense of humor. We didn’t talk much sha. He didn’t want his wife to start asking questions” she added while pouring the wine into the glasses

“Lucy” Mirabel called out

“Mhmm” Lucy hummed with the glass on her mouth, almost chocking.

“Lucy” this time around she called with her hand on her ear

“Ah ah, what now” Lucy said, “why are you calling me like I’m not here?”

“Be careful” Mirabel said “Celina does not take it likely with even the girls that look at Tom on the street lustfully, talk less of you that’s in her house. She will kill you and bury you right in the middle of this living room so just control whatever that is and enjoy your stay here before you will…”

“Are you serious?” Lucy cuts in “come on babes” she giggled “you know me better than that now” she took a sip “it’s my first time in your brother’s house and you think I’ll do anything stupid?”

“I know you too well babes”

“Oh please” they both laugh “he was just friendly, that’s all” she added

“If you say so well, I don talk my own finish”

“Don’t worry baby girl, I just love it here already”

“I told you, you would”

The night Mirabel and Lucy came in, Celina was about to retire to bed and Tom was planning to stay up to watch the repeat of the spelling bee because he didn’t watch it earlier. Marie made him promise to watch it. But luckily Mirabel came with her friend, and she was willing to stay up for some times to keep him some company.

They talked about a lot of things, and found out they had a little in common. The night was a good one, Tom finally decided to retire to bed but Lucy didn’t want him to. Of course she was already falling for Tom and she told him she would really appreciate it if he spent 30 more minutes with her, but he insisted. He knows who Celina is of course; she doesn’t take it lightly with him even talking too friendly with his female staffs.

Celina makes sure she gives Tom everything he needs, because she knows men cannot control their libido. Considering how fine and attractive her husband is, she takes extra precautions before he start messing around with these young girls that will never keep their eyes of married men. Three years ago she warned Angelica, her friends’ younger sister who she met flirting with her husband. And she has warned many other women. She does these things so that the girls that try to come to him will be scared if they find out about his wife.

Six days after Mirabel and her friend came, everything was normal as Lucy tried so hard to keep off Tom even when she was crushing on him badly. On a Saturday, Tom went to the gym and Celina went for a meeting while Mirabel and Marie went shopping. She refused to go out because she was tired after clubbing throughout Friday night.

She was going through photos in the living room, when she came across Tom’s photo were he stood with only a boxer with his friends at the pool, she started hallucinating and imagined herself touching those albs and kissing Tom at the same time. It’s not the first time she’s seeing that particular photo. The first time she saw that photo, she came. And since then she had referred herself to that photo whenever she needed to imagine herself with Tom.

This time she was thinking out loud with the photo glued to her chest and didn’t know when Tom came in and stood behind her.

“Oh Tom, yea, right there, just there don’t stop” she was saying in a low and sexual tone

“Don’t stop what?”

She heard Tom say behind her. Embarrassed, she hid the photo and turned slowly to face Tom, trying to look for the best thing to say to cover up her shame.

“Oh, don’t…Don’t…don’t s…stop wor…Working out” she stuttered with her words “yes! Don’t stop working out. It makes you look better than men of your age” she finally said, still trying to hide the photo behind her.

“Oh” Tom said “my wife makes me work out and stay fit you know. I enjoy it now better than I did before” he concluded, trying to make her think he didn’t know what was going on. “I didn’t expect to meet anyone at home” he added

“Oh, ye…yea” She said “I didn’t go out with them, just too tired after last night you know” she added

“Oh, good” he said “you sure really came back late. Well I’ll just go freshen up then”

“Oh, yea you should.” She said looking down in order to avoid looking into his eyes, and to not look at those arms that she has always imagined would grab her in the waist and kiss her like the world was coming to an end.

She watched Tom walk up the stairs and she wished the ground will just open and swallow her. She pinched herself to make sure she was not lost in one of her usual hallucinating adventures. “Holy shit” she said to herself “I can’t believe he just heard me call out his name. What in hell’s name is wrong with you Lucy? You should have at least done that inside the room and avoid this embarrassment” she touched herself and noticed she was wet, which made it more embarrassing because what is happening in this house has never happened before in her life.

Tom pretended as if nothing happened, but he knew what was going on. It’s not the first time this has happened. Alex, his employee told him how he overheard Tamara, his assistant calling his name in a way that made him think they were both having sex, in her office. Tom loves his wife so he tries as much as he can to stay faithful to her even when they’re so many temptations around him.

He came down to the living room to fetch some whiskey, but with his towel on and wearing nothing underneath. Lucy entered the living room and found him standing there and this time around, she couldn’t help but say the word out “you know you are a very sexy man Mr. Tom?” and she wished she didn’t say that. How the words found its way out of her mouth surprised her.

“Yes I know Lucy, my wife tells me that everyday” he replied, walking up to his room “but thank you anyways” he concluded, not looking back at her

Lucy feeling more embarrassed went up to his room after some minutes, wanting to apologize to him for everything he has witnessed today, and to tell him it was all but a mini crush she has on him. But she went up there and embarked on another mission entirely.

Lucy knocked, entered and found him sitting on his study desk. “Mr. Tom” she said, “I’m really sorry for saying that. I shouldn’t have” Tom didn’t turn back like she had expected him to, but she continued anyways, feeling cheap. “Really I just was in a fancy world earlier and didn’t really mean it for you to hear me thinking out loud” she added

“Really?” he said, turning to face her “well its ok Lucy, you’re not the first anyway so I’m used to it”

Holy Jesus” she exclaimed inside, “this man must really be that hot for girls to be fantasizing for. I thought it’s just me”

“I’m still really sorry Mr. Tom, I feel stupid really” she said, turning back to leave.

“Lucy” Tom called her as she was about to exit the door “I think I should let you know that I too am having a crush on you. It started the very night you came here. That night, I almost wanted to kiss you but I love my wife so I had to control myself”

The joy in her heart at that moment is unexplainable “you are beautiful and sexy and really curvy. And I noticed all that, don’t think I’m an animal just because I pretended not to notice you”

In Lucy’s mind “somebody call 911 because it’s about to get really hot in here”

He came closer, still with the towel around his waist and shirtless. He came closer and closer until he was able to touch her. He gently held her and slowly took her to the bed, Lucy on the other hand was dump founded, she didn’t know if to run, or tell him to stop or better still slap him to snap off what he is doing because he is doing it in their bedroom but she hadn’t the mind to, because she was all wet and in the mood and ready for anything that will come up next.

He kissed her on the lips, and then laid her down. Lucy relaxed her muscles underneath him and she let him take over her whole body. Tom then began to slowly kiss down her neck. He longed to take off her clothes, but he wondered what would happen if Celina comes in and sees them but he didn’t finish his thought when Lucy asked “what if your wife comes in here Mr. Tom?” she wished she didn’t ask that question because she got scared that he might just stop, and she didn’t want him to stop. She wished it would last forever, this moment that she has been dreaming about for the past one week is finally happening, she wouldn’t want to spoil it.

“My wife will not come in anytime now Lucy” he said, “she will be in the meeting till 8pm, the meeting happens twice in a year so she will be late.” Lucy was relieved to hear that, but Tom continued talking, and she didn’t want him to continue talking, she wanted only silence and her moaning to be the only thing filing the air in the room. “Call me Tom Lucy, I think at this moment you should call me by my name” he added. “Ok Tom” she said.

He travelled down her body like silk oil, and his lips trailed after them. He could hear Lucy moaning silently and it made him harder just by her sound. He used his lips to trace every sensitive part of her body back and his hands; worked like magic on a keyboard. He reached her lips once more and kissed them passionately like there was nothing in the world that would stop them. Lucy moaned again, he asked. “Are you sure you want to do this baby?” “Now! I need nothing else” she answered. “Baby!!! He called me baby” she said in her mind “I must be halliucinating” she concluded in her mind. She kissed him passionately from his lips and continued down until she was able to reach his towel.

She reached for his towel and pulled it out and found him standing real straight. “oh Tom” you’re really big” she said “that’s why my wife doesn’t want to share me with anyone” he replied. “Lucky me” she said jokingly and for the first time that day, they both laughed together. She took him in her hand and couldn’t wait to have him inside her mouth, but just as she was about to do that, the door opened.

“OH MY GOD” Celina said in shock, and didn’t realize when she left her handbag to hit the ground, she covered her hands on her mouth and…


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