The Chronicles Of An Adopted Child #7 – Semione Abi



“YOU DID WHAT?” Tom’s voice came out loud and filled with anger “YOU DID WHAT?” it came out again, this time, like that of a hungry lion.

You slept with Alex? Like Alex, Alex Mansaray?



Alex Mansaray is Tricia’s cousin whose mum happens to come from Sierra Leone. He grew up and attended the same high school as Tricia and Celina, but went back to Freetown after their high school. Throughout their high school days, Alex had a huge crush on Celina, which grew to love. He loved her, but she only told him she liked him as a friend and a cousin to her bestie, Tricia, but not love.

Alex started asking Celina out in their ninth grade, and didn’t stop begging her to give her a chance until the day he went back to Freetown, after their high school. Celina for a fact ‘loved him too’, but pretended not to, because she knew he would go back to his mum after high school, so there was no point for her to start dating a guy that will eventually leave her crying every day .

“There is life in college, there I’ll get to meet a lot of hot guys, and maybe I’ll get to meet my husband there. So I don’t see why I should say yes to your cousin and then end up in the future begging him not to go back to his mum” Celina always said to Tricia whenever she tried to talk her into accepting her cousin. And each time she said that, Tricia tried to convince her that their relationship may still work even with Alex in Freetown, but no matter how she tried, she never succeeded.

Throughout their college days, Alex always tried to keep in touch, but Celina on the other hand didn’t put any effort to, because she wanted to concentrate and wanted the same thing for him, likewise. She always thought that if they were meant to be, they will definitely be together in the future. But that was only before she and Tom started seeing each other. She forgot she ever had feelings for Alex, after she found herself falling deeply for Tom.

When she took the business trip to Freetown months after her delivery, she ran into Alex, who happened to be a branch manager of the bank she was appointed to oversee for two months, and part of the executive body that will work with her throughout her stay there. During their high school days, they both planned to do accounting in college, which is by far the only thing they have in common.

They were very happy to finally see each other again after so many years. Celina literally stopped talking to him after she and Tom started dating, in order for him not to cause any damages in her first official relationship (or so she thought).

Celina had wished that she’d meet him in Freetown, because she had heard he’s a big time accountant, (though not as big as herself). One of her main aim of meeting him was to mock him, or hail him. In high school she had said she’d do better than him in accounting, and they had made a bet that if they both studied accounting in college, and they make it as accountants, when they meet in the future, whoever is the subordinate amongst them will take the other to a romantic and expensive dinner, not minding if they’re married with kids, or single.

During her stay there, Alex fulfilled his part of their bet. It was a romantic dinner that brought back memories, the dinner that Celina finally told him that she used to love him then, and gave him her reasons as to why she didn’t want to go out with him which he called lame. He in turn told her that he never stopped loving her, and that he was very ready to wait until after college so he could come back and meet her, only for him to hear from Tricia that she had found herself a boyfriend which according to him, broke his heart.

Before the dinner they went to watch the sunset at the beach, after the dinner they went to see a movie. At the end of the day, he drove her back to her hotel, and she invited him in (something she wished she never did), they talked and talked and got tipsy on champagne, and ended up making out. Everything happened so fast, but she realized what she was doing soon enough, and ended up not going any further. Alex is the only guy she has locked lips with since she started dating Tom in college.



“I didn’t sleep with Alex cheater” Celina said, comfortably “I only hooked up with an old classmate, had dinner, and unlike you, I didn’t screw him. You know why? Because I had respect for you, the respect you refused to show me when you screwed this bitch I call friend” she said

“Oh please spare me, drama queen. Alex told me all about your rendezvous and how your dinner had gone, how you invited him to your hotel room and….”

“Shut the fuck up” Celina screamed, cutting Tricia short “Alex told me how you did this, did that, bla-bla-bla. Whatever you think he told you, he lied. I didn’t sleep with Alex, we just made out. He had told me he’d make you feel jealous by telling you we had sex, I thought he was joking. Unlike you miss ‘Alex told me’, we talked about a lot, we had the most romantic dinner ever, we danced and watched the sun set, we got drunk, and we made out but we didn’t have sex. What do you take me for? If I had sex with Alex, you think I’d have taken it this harsh on this cheat sitting here? I got so pissed because that boy was so nice to me, and now I regret why I didn’t sleep with him because I tried so hard not to, because I respect my husband, and wouldn’t want to share him with any other man, and Alex has been the only guy I’ve kissed since I started dating and got married to this bastard. So don’t say what you don’t know, because unlike you, I don’t cheat” she said, crying, then continued “I got so pissed because he did this with you. You of all people, once my best friend, turned my greatest hater, spreading news all over town about me. That’s why I got so pissed. And he knows this” she added

Tricia became speechless, and didn’t know if to apologize for sleeping with her husband or for saying what wasn’t true. Tom on the other side was losing so much blood and became very weak.

“Can someone at least call an ambulance for me before I die here?” he managed to say.

Tom was taken to the hospital, and when Dr Dick heard he was stabbed because of what happened between him and Tricia, he laughed, because he had told him something bad might happen if Celina finds out about it sooner or later, but he never knew it’ll be that bad.


Marie woke up in the morning with no idea about what had happened at night, she rushed to see her dad like usual but instead, she met her mum crying on the sofa. She asked her mum why she was crying, but mum only told her that she was fine.

As much as she knew everything was not ok, she decided to stick with what her mum said. When she asked about her dad, she told her he is at the hospital, that he had a small accident last night, and will be fine. She thought to herself that her dad being in the hospital might be the reason why her mum is crying. When she requested to go see him, she refused, instead she told her that her aunt Karen will come pick her up after school, and take her to her house, and that she’d be there for some time.

Marie really wanted to see her dad, and had planned to sneak out of school to go see him, because she knew he’d definitely be at doctor Dickerson’s hospital. She sensed trouble, but then her mum and dad had never had a quarrel since she was born, how then would there have troubles all of a sudden? Again she feared something bad might have happened to him for her mum to tell her that she couldn’t go see him at the hospital.

“Where is Aunt Tricia?” she asked her mum as she dropped from the car. She wondered why Karen had to come pick her to her place, when Tricia was at home.

“She left this morning” her mum said

When she tried to inquire more, her mum shut her up, and told her to go to class and stop being too inquisitive.


After the drama at night, she told Tricia to leave her house and never come back. She swore she was not going to see Tom in the hospital, and will not let their daughter see him either. Whatever is going to happen to him, he deserves it. She felt for Marie, she knew how close she is with her dad, and keeping her away from him after telling her he had an accident, will make things a lot worse for her, but she took the risk.

When she dropped Marie off at school, she was tempted to go with her and meet her former teacher who had a crush on Tom. But what she was going to say to her or ask her, mattered because she didn’t want to go there and make herself look stupid.

She hardly yelled at Marie, and was worried she might suspect everything was not fine because she knows how smart her daughter is.

Celina only wants a divorce, because she’s heartbroken and don’t know how she’s going to face Tom, or live with him again after what he had done to her, and what she had done to him. “I acted too fast and now I regret it” she told Karen when they talked on phone.

“I know he did a very bad thing, but stabbing him, I had no idea I could do that. I only thought I was going to scare them with the knife and the pestle when I hid it out there in the first place” she said “now he knows I made out with Alex and I didn’t tell him, that’s another issue to ponder on when he gets well” she added

“Why did the bitch even bring that up anyway? And why did the stupid boy tell her you guys had sex? Karen asked

“He told me he was going to do it, but I thought he was joking. He said I broke his heart when I started dating a bad boy and forgot all about him, so he was going to pay back by telling his cousin we had sex. That was the only way for him to pay back for me breaking his heart.” She said “but I only thought he was joking, I didn’t know he was serious” she added

“Why did you even let the bitch into your house anyways? If you had told me you were letting her in there, I’d have tried to stop you” Karen said

“I thought I was going to rekindle an old friendship, I didn’t know I was breaking my own home” she said.


“Bro, I just did the worst thing, hope you’ll forgive me” she said to Alex via text, but didn’t receive any reply

Tricia had the intention of covering up Tom’s act by bringing up what her cousin had told her. She thought if Celina had agreed that she slept with Alex, Tom wouldn’t have felt so bad for cheating on her.

“Hope I’ll forgive you? What have you done this time?” Alex replied via text

“You get for hate me for this bro, ar swear” she replied in Krio, (Sierra Leone’s broken English). meaning you’ll really hate me for this

“Na for tell me o. you don do me bad tin dem and ar kin lef am so because ar lek you” he replied. which means ‘just tell me, you’ve done worst things to me and i forgave you, so I don’t think this will make any difference’

“I told Celina’s husband what you told me” she said, with a sad face emoticon

“And what exactly did I tell you?” he said

“OMG, hope it’s not what I’m thinking?” his message came in again

“Yes bro, it happened so fast” she replied

“WTF is wrong with you? Why did you have to tell him that?

“What did he give to you that made you say a thing like that to him?

“Did you fuck him?”

“Were you high when you told him?”

“Why would you say such a thing to someone’s husband?”

“Oh, you slept with him and Celly caught you so you said it to make yourself feel good?”

“WTF is wrong with you Tricia? What is wrong with you? Why did you do that?”

“It wasn’t even true; I just told you that because I told her I would, nothing happened between us”

His messages kept pouring in without Tricia saying anything. The more there came in, the more bad she felt about herself for what she had done.

“The 6th one is true. I feel very bad bro, I don’t know how to face any of you again” she replied

“The poor man was stabbed on the lap and was bleeding. I didn’t know what to say, I thought bringing that up would make her feel bad about herself, I didn’t know it never happened”

“Why didn’t you tell me it was a lie after you told me you guys had sex?” she replied

“Because I didn’t know you were going to run your mouth. I thought you changed sis, I’m disappointed”

“I’m sorry☹” she replied

“Save the apologies for Celly. For me, I’m done making you change… the poor woman will turn against me now”

“Why did you even sleep with her husband at first? Why would you do that?”

“I told you how it all happened when we met in Jo’burg, I’m sorry I didn’t mention that we did it” she said

“Oh yea? I was in the same situation sis, I was. And ours was more romantic and daring than yours. But we didn’t go that far, we didn’t. I admit we made out, but we didn’t go that far.”

“It’s a long story bro, I can’t type it here all at once, and I need to see you” she said

“Better bring your ass down to Freetown, before Celly would go crazy and come looking for you to shoot you. You know how gaga she can be when it comes to her man; leave there as soon as you can, come to Freetown. Before you come make sure you try all possible means to apologize to her”. He said

“Sure bro. I’m very sorry…. Will try and book a flight for next week”. She said “I’m sorry… I don’t even know how to come face you”

“Whatever” he replied, and never replied again.


Dr. Dick came in to check on his friend, but found him awake. Tom, who laid there on a blue hospital apron, a drip to his left hand and bandage on his leg which is handing up, just smiled at his friend when he saw him come in.

“I’m glad you’re ok bro” Dick said to him

“Everything happened so fast man, I didn’t see it coming” he said “I should have told her about this a long time ago, I should have listened to you” he added

“No need for blames. I know what Celly is capable of” dick said “so did the brat Tricia say anything unusual? Because I know she would want to say something that would make Celly feel bad” he asked

“Yea she mentioned that my wife slept with her cousin when she went to Freetown”

“What? And how true is that”

“I’m not yet hundred percent sure. But she denied it, she said she only made out with him, and I believe her”

“You don’t have to feel bad about that bro; after all you’ve made out with like a trillion girls in the last two years, but didn’t sleep with them”

“He did? Celina must hear this”

Karen’s voice echoed from behind

“Oh shit” Dick said “now another Tricia had to hear that”

“Come on, making out isn’t bad, besides who told you your wife doesn’t know you suck on peoples lips?” Karen said, then turned to Dick “Dick, you better look for important people to put me in the same category with, not that bitch Tricia or whatever her name is”

“Oh there, the language please, you’re in my hospital”

“Really? Your hospital?” she turned to Tom “Tommy, did this swine here tell you that he fucked me in your car yesterday? Oh, let me guess, he didn’t”

Tom tried to force out a loud laugh but couldn’t, so he managed to laugh a little bit

“You mean while I was busy getting stabbed, you two were busy on my backseat huh? Is that why you collected my car Dick? He said, laughing

“Well, I used the car for what I was supposed to, but this had to be my last business for the day” Dick said

“I see you’re feeling good about you and your wife’s ish” Karen said, trying to strike out the topic on ground, because she had brought it.

“I honestly don’t know how to feel” Tom said “I know she’s left the house already, and I know she’s not going to let Marie see me. So I don’t know what to feel. I just want to get well first before I’ll develop high blood pressure while I’m in the hospital.”

“I feel for you though. Marie is going to be with me for sometimes, I’ll try and make her come see you”

“You better not let her mum know you’re bringing her here” Tom said

“So you said Celina knows homeboy here rocks many lips huh? Dick said

“Seriously, did you have to bring that up now?” Karen said

“I didn’t know there was a time for that” Dick replied

“I wonder why you’re even a doctor. I pity the ladies that come and open their legs for examination, I wonder how many you’ve had your way with in the examination room” Karen said, laughing

“At least I know you are one of them” Dick said

“Really? You two did it in the exam room? Are you serious right now? Why have you decided to soil all the sheets in this hospital Dick?” Tom said

They all burst out laughing

“I’m glad you’re laughing Tom, I can’t say the same for your wife. I pity her” Karen said “well, she knows you’ve made out with a number of ladies, but she knows you wouldn’t go as far as sleeping with them. I don’t know what took you to that brat” she added

“How did she know all that?” Dick asked

“Because you have made out with a dozen girls she sent to seduce you, and they all came with good reports. She trusts you, not on the kissing though because she doesn’t, but she trusts you for everything else… so unfortunate you just ruined that trust.” She said

“Wao” Tom said, speechless.

“Wao, Nigga your wife is something else” Dick said

“I just hope we become one family again” Tom said, sad.


“I’m sorry I told her that”

“I just did it thinking she had changed”

“I don’t know why she had to say it”

“I hope you’ll forgive me”

“I’m sorry”

“Please forgive me, and find a place in your heart and forgive her too”

Celina watched as Alex’s messages poured in


“I don’t ever expect you to forgive me”

“I don’t know what to say”

“But I hope you’ll forgive me one day”

Tricia’s had come in earlier, but she saw them as she opened to read Alex’s, but she ignored Tricia’s and replied Alex after a long thought.

“Who gave you my number? Oh I guess your cousin did”

“Well I’m not mad at you; I’m just surprised you told her, I thought you wouldn’t”

“It’s all good. I have nothing against you”

She had planned to spend the night with Karen, but then changed her mind, and slept at home, all alone.

Marie on the other hand, figured out by herself and knew something was wrong somewhere, but decided to watch and see what happens.

“I don’t want my parents to get divorced” she said to her other brats, who consoled her and told her everything will be ok.

She told her now close friend Caleb about what she thinks of her parents current condition, and he just gave her a peck, and told her all will be well.

“Nothing will happen to your parents” he said.


  1. adekola funmilola

    This is the very first episode I read n understood everything without reading it the second time. Getting more interesting! Good job.

    • Semione Abi

      Hi @AOS, thanks for always following….I really appreciate your comments….

  2. Phortunate

    Good. But I think you have to work on your tenses. It is pretty disjointed most times..continues going back and forth that I (we) forget where we are. All d same, well done.

    • Semione Abi

      Thanks @Phortunate…tbh I’ve been working hard on that, but seems all my editors keep letting me down.

      • You can’t blame your editors for your tense issues. You’re a writer, you’re supposed to know the difference between past and present tense. If you don’t, please ask someone to teach you or go on the net. by now, you ought to have learned this. your writing should progress

  3. Quite a nice story but more like one of the commenter said,its abit confusing with the tenses at times….good work and more grace to write more

  4. adeola gem

    For me semione, i loved it. Keep it up, it can be better…good read.

  5. calabargal

    Dr Dick & Karen! Dont know whether o laugh, hope or be shocked. This episode was quite tense…

  6. calabargal

    Dr Dick & Karen! Dont know whether to laugh, hope or be shocked. This episode was quite tense…

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