The Chronicles Of An Adopted Child #9 – Semione Abi


“So if he’s not your child, who then is his parents?”

Tom’s question left everyone and everywhere quite, trying to figure out what next.

“look, I know you all will be wondering but truth be told I have too, I’ve always wondered who his real parents might be, if they’re still alive or dead, rich or poor, and I’ve always wanted to know the exact reasons why they dumped him” Caleb’s mum said “so don’t stand there all of you and think I’m the bad guy here”

“Oh no madam, don’t get us wrong” Mirabel said

“Yes please, do not get us all wrong. As a matter of fact I’m standing here wondering the same thing” Dick concurred to Mirabel

“Look madam, we don’t blame you for anything, as a matter of fact what you did was the best thing anyone could do.” Tom said, “Picking a child and taking care of him isn’t something someone will just do, so we don’t have a reason to blame you for anything. The problem now is how to get to the root and know who his biological parents are”

“Yes, I agree with Tom” Dick said “ma’am,” he turned to her “when you picked the child was there a note or anything we could use to trace his parents?

“Well thank you all for not putting any blames on me, and no, there was no note, but there was a name tag”

“Name tag?” Dick asked, and then gave a sigh of relief “finally we found something”

“That’s not finding something Dick, that’s more like finding nothing” said Tom

“What do you mean? At least it’s better than something”

“come on doc, Tom is right…that’s going to be more work because whatever surname it is she’s going to give, they’ll be a thousand of them out there so how are we going to know which is which?” Mirabel said

“Well that’s right”

“Look, doctor, can’t you just find a way of giving him blood except from family member?” Caleb’s Mom asked

“My friend here has accepted to give him blood so that’s settled. The main issue here is how to help him out by finding his real parents. Don’t get me wrong, but I think at this point, it’s really necessary” Dick said

“I understand doctor, please whatever you want to do to keep him alive, just do it I beg you” Caleb’s Mum begged.

“I will try my best madam, we only do treat, but God heals. All we should do now is pray to God for his healing” Dick said

“So madam, we didn’t get your name earlier, you’re?” Tom asked

“Patience but my friends call me Pat” she said

“Well then Mrs. Pat, I’m Doctor Dickson and this is my friend Tom and his sister Mirabel”

“Just Pat please” she said, and it’s a pleasure to meet you all

“Ok Pat,” Dick continued “what name did you see on the child?”

“His name is Caleb, I maintained that. His surname is Jameson. When I saw him I imagined his mother to be a daughter of a rich man who got pregnant and abandoned the child after giving birth in order not to bring shame to her family, or she was asked to get rid of the child or be abandoned so she decided to give birth to him and dump him.”

“Wait, what made you think his mother may come from a rich home?” Mirabel asked

“Which poor man in Africa answers Jameson as a surname?” she asked her in reply

Her reply to Mirabel’s question made the place a little lively as the three of them started laughing. Just then Celina barged into the office

“What’s happening here and why are you all laughing?” to Tom “where is Marie and what were you saying about her falling in love?

“Awwwn my baby is all grow up” Mirabel said “who is she falling in love with?”

“Caleb” Tom replied and immediately turned to his wife who he has not set eye on for a long time

“Calm down baby, everything is fine. She should be with her friends”

“Tom, this is not the time for you to tell me to calm down, I need to see my daughter, what are you doing in the hospital? Where is my daughter and who the hell is Caleb?”

“You don’t just barge in here and ask unnecessary questions. You’re better than this, stop acting like a woman without courtesy” Tom said, “and Caleb is a boy who is lying helplessly right now on the hospital bed, who doesn’t know who his real parents are, who doesn’t know he was picked near trash, whom bone cancer is killing and who a hit and run driver knocked down, and you know what? He’s the boy our daughter is in love with. So everyone in this room will so much appreciate if you showed some respect and act like every normal human being would, because the fact that you met us here laughing doesn’t mean we were laughing from our hearts.” He concluded in anger, leaving the whole room quiet.

Celina now feeling wretched saw the look on their faces and knew that the mood in the room wasn’t a good one.

“Look, I’m sorry for coming in here and making you guys feel the way you’re feeling. I didn’t mean to be rude, I came in here as a mother who only heard that her only child is in love at 13 and her father called me from the hospital without even explaining to me instead he cut the call on me. I’m sorry. Forgive my manners…I guess I should go look for my daughter now and see Caleb too. Excuse me” she concluded and left the room, almost in tears.

“You know what to do bro” Dick remarked after she left

“Excuse me guys” Tom said, and left the office

“Pat I’m sorry you had to witness that” Mirabel said “my brother and his wife are going through some difficult time right now, and I’m sorry if anything she said got to you”

“No it’s cool. I understand her pain. Though I never had a child of my own, I know how she feels because I’ve been a mother too” she said “and I’m really sorry that you guys had to be involved in this, it’s really nice of you to be here, I really appreciate”

“You should thank their daughter ma’am; she’s the reasons why we are here”

“I guess I should go check on him and see if it’s time for the blood” Dick said and left the office.

While in the room where Caleb is, Celina found Marie sitting and staring at Caleb whilst her friends were fast asleep. On seeing her mum, she ran to her with tears in her eyes.

“Its ok love, your friend will be fine” Celina said, with a kiss on her forehead. “I need to get you and your friends’ home sweetie, so wake them up”

While Marie and her friends were getting ready to leave, Tom came in and asked to talk to her, she texted Karen telling her to come help pick Marie and her friends.

“Honey you guys go wait in the car, aunty Karen will come pick you guys home. Let me and daddy have a little chat”

“Okay mum, I love you” she hugged her mum and dad too “I love you daddy, please take care of him”

“I will princess, you and your friends make sure you go have a good rest, I’m proud of you girls for staying by his side”

“I’m proud of me too Mr. Tom, I mean, I just couldn’t stand the dude, and here I am wishing he recovers soon” Lilly said

Tom turned and looked at Celina, and they both grinned to what Lilly said

“it happens sweetie, you never know you care a lot for someone until you see the person in pain” he replied “now you girls go and freshen up, then come back in the evening to see him”



When my mum said she wanted to have a little chat with daddy, my heart leaped for joy. Ever since they stopped staying together, the only thing I’ve waited to hear them say is them wanting to talk, and I hope Caleb’s condition will be what will bring them back together. Oh, they just grinned to what Lilly said…that’s a sign. Wait! Did he just say until you see the person in pain? Oh boy. I hope this ends well.

I couldn’t stand leaving Caleb all alone on that hospital bed. I mean, I never knew how much I felt for him until today. Well I guess daddy is right, you never know how much you care for someone until you see the person in pain. I hate to leave, but I pray you get up before I come back here later Caleb. I would have given you a kiss but daddy and mummy are here. I mean, after all that’s what they do in movies.


I’ve never seen my friend care this much about any guy, she has always been the type that finds fault in every guy, and of course I know we are still teenagers, but to be honest, we know a lot already. And we know what the boys are capable of doing. At 13 we know that every guy comes for one thing ‘to get into your pants’ or at least that’s what the movies say. Oh Caleb, I wish we had known you the way Aura does; please get well soon.

I thought I heard her mum say she and her dad wanted to talk, I hope this ends well for them, at least for the sake of Aura, because she has gone through a lot this period. I hope you guys get back together Mr. and Mrs. Ndum.


“I’m sorry for what happened in Dick’s office, I didn’t mean to get off like that, it just happened”

“I should be the one apologizing for that, I shouldn’t have stumped in there and act rude. You know that’s not me, I was just too pissed off that you cut the phone on me”

“I know, I’m sorry”

Celina turned and stared at Caleb for a while, then turned to Tom

“So she likes him huh”

“She does. She’s all grown up; I didn’t think something like this will happen at 13”

“I know right” Celina giggled “Just like her mum. How did you find out?”

“I came here and overheard her telling him to not die, she loves him”

“Too bad it got to be like this. So what exactly happened? And why the meeting in Dicks office”

“Well, he got hit by a driver, and getting here Dick found out he has bone tumor, and while trying to find out who had it in his family before him, we got to know his mother is not his mother”

“Bone tumor? Oh God. He’s adopted?

“Nope, worst. He was picked near trash, his mum dumped him there and now we don’t know how to locate his real parents because all she found on him was a name tag”

“Why does all this sound familiar?” Celina asked

“How familiar”

“Well, I thought such things are seen only in movies, I watched a movie like this”

“Movies reflect reality” he replied her.

They stayed quiet for a couple of minutes and

“I’ve missed you” Tom said, breaking the silence

“Yea me too” she replied, and turned to face him “I shouldn’t have over reacted”

“No Hun, you did exactly what you were supposed to do, I was such a jerk…I don’t blame you at all” he moved closer “I’m very sorry Hun, really I am. And I don’t expect you to forgive me but…”

Dr. Dick walked in on them, coughed and made them know he was coming through “ok love birds, I need to do my job if you’ll excuse me”

He walked into the room and touched Caleb, used his stethoscope and checked his heart beat “it’s time for the blood bro” he said to Tom

“I’ll be right back Hun”

“Sure, will go stay with Mirabel and the boy’s Mom”



When I walked into the office, I did with anger, but seeing his face made me realize how much I’ve missed him, but I didn’t want to let my ego down so I had to do what had to be done. To be honest, when he called me at first I thought he was calling to apologize, then he told me our 13 years old daughter was in love. To make everything worst he told me to go to Dick’s hospital? What is going on? What has happened to my daughter? These questions ran through my head, and to crown the worseness, he hung up on me. What a jerk, did he even miss me at all or was he just trying to bluff.

I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me my little angel was into the boy when I got into the room and saw how she held his hand and how she was looking at him. I wanted to take her and her friends home, I didn’t care about what was happening in the hospital because as far as I’m concerned I didn’t want to see Tom’s face another second or I’ll just fall in love all over again; how I miss that cute face.

His words “I need to talk to you” penetrated my ears deep into my brain, and for a second there I felt like a girl whose high school crush just asked her to be his prom date. I just couldn’t say no, not at this time, not after how many months of me waiting to hear this, not after how many nights I’ve wished I could just kiss him all over and let my hand feel that sexy body. I didn’t want Marie to be there while we talked, so I had to text Karen to come pick them. At that moment, I didn’t care if she came or not, all I needed to do was to send them to the car because I knew this talk would end a little bit sexier than it’s supposed to.

Oh God. I felt so bad when he told me the boy was picked near trash. What kind of mother in her right senses will dump a child? Well sounds familiar but did I really had to say that out? What the hell is wrong with you Celina, now I got to lie that it’s a movie I watched and he believed. Well I expected him to, because he was a man who needed his woman back.

Ok shoot me but yes I dumped a child a once, and has been hunting me like every day of my life. You don’t have to blame me; I was only 18 and just finished high school.

I don’t know when I kissed him and cut him short, but dickhead Dr. Dick just decided to come spoil the mood. I must confess it felt like our first kiss all over again, because I’ve not missed him this much before, even when we both travel to do our different businesses a lot.


When she walked into the office, I felt butterflies in me, like a boy who just saw his long time crush. I know I talked back after she acted rude, but it just had to be done. I hate it when I bluff but it felt pretty good today.

When I told her I needed to talk to her, I thought she’d walk out and not say anything to me, but to my surprise she didn’t, it made me feel like the first day I asked her out on a date while in the university and she said yes. Well, I guess that’s a starting point.

Oh, how I missed her. I’d wished I could just kiss her at that moment. I’ve had lots of sleepless nights wishing she was by my side, wishing I could just kiss her all over and thank God for bringing her to me. I miss to tell her how much I love her.

When I told her Caleb was picked near trash, her expression surprised me, and she just had to say it sounded familiar, and then tell me it’s a movie? Well if I didn’t know her any better I’d have said she knew something about an abandoned child. But she was too good a girl in college and besides Caleb is only three years older than my princess Marie so there’s no way I’ll say she might be as guilty as her expression because we were married years before then.

I didn’t realize when she put her lips on mine, she didn’t even allow me finish what I was saying. And my dickhead friend who calls himself Dr. Dick had to come spoil the mood. That I will deal with when we’re done from here. I must confess, it felt like our first kiss all over again, but this time it was her who cut me short. I can’t believe how much I’ve missed her, I’m glad we’re back together.


“Why did you have to be a dickhead Dick?”

“What have I done this time Tom” Dick replied, knowing what he had done

“You couldn’t just wait another two minutes for me to have a romantic reunion with my wife?

“Oh man, you know as much as I wanted to, a child’s life is at stake here. Come on, don’t be a jerk” dick chortled and removed the syringe from his vain

“I know buddy, but I felt young all over again man” he said, smiling sheepishly

“You don’t have to tell me Nigga” Dick said, laughing “I know how much you missed her. I need to take your saliva, so open that dirty mouth of yours”

“Wait, saliva for what?”

“Nigga I’m giving your blood to someone else, I need to do necessary tests”

“Oh, I never realized you’d need saliva to do blood test, and don’t call this mouth dirty again swine” Tom said, laughing

“You always like teaching me how to do my job, asshole. Better go continue lovey doveing with your wife, I’m done with you” Dick said playfully “oh, and this might come with a little side effect since it’s your first time, so I suggest you drink water and relax before you continue with your reunion” he added

“Dude, are you suggesting or you’re telling me what to do?”

“I’m telling you what to do fool”

“See why I said you’re not a good doctor”

They both laughed and Dick left with the blood to do necessary tests as he had said, while Tom left to join his wife and sister in Dick’s office.

While the four of them where there discussing, Miss. Monica, Karen’s teacher who had a crush on Tom came to the hospital, asked to see the student but was told she couldn’t. The nurse told her to meet the boy’s mum in the doctor’s office. While there, she introduced herself to them as Caleb’s former teacher.

“Oh, you’re her” Celina said upon remembering what Marie had said about her crushing on her dad

“I’m sorry ma’am?” Monica asked

“I mean you are the Miss. Monica Marie always talked about”

“Oh, though I don’t know what she has been saying about me, but yes I am”

“Not to worry, she always talked good about you.”

“I’m sorry you didn’t get to see him ma’am, he’s unconscious at the moment” Tom said

“Oh yea the nurses told me. So what exactly happened to him?” she asked

Pat, Caleb’s mum narrated what had happened to her, but unfortunately forgot to leave the part where he has bone tumor out.

“Bone tumor? Oh my God! She exclaimed, and stressed on it as if it’s the only thing she heard from what Pat said to her so far.




I’ve known Tom from childhood, and I’ve known Celly since college and I think I’ve known them long enough to know when they’re pretending. What happened in my office today was nothing but two couples displaying their ego. They both miss themselves, I know that, and I know how Tom misses her.

My heart leaped for joy when I walked on them kissing. I wanted to go back and give them their space, but then I remembered a child’s life is at stake so I had to do what needed to be done.

Just as I had expected, he blamed me for not leaving them alone. What a jerk, hahaha. Ok now I’m guilty that I lied to him concerning the saliva. The truth, saliva wasn’t for blood test; I took that for a different test. I’ve known my boy all my life and all our adventures have been together and mostly wild, only he cut some of them when he fell deeply for Celly.

I’ve done necessary tests, I’ve given the boy the blood, and now I need to do what all doctors have to do in difficult situations. Though he’s my friend and brother, I hate to break this news to them considering the fact that they just got reunited.

God, this is the most difficult situation I’ve found myself since I became a doctor, help me get through this, and because I believe this is why you placed me here. Be my strength.


“Dick” Tom called out

“Yea bro, I was about calling you. Whatsup?”

“Just wanted to check on you and know how the boy is doing”

“He’s fine, I’ve set the blood, but there’s a little problem and I need to talk to you in private”

“Is the boy ok?”

“He’s fine, let’s just go”

They left and went to the assistant doctor’s office, since Celina and the rest were in his office.

“You’re making me nervous Dick just tell me if the boy is going to be ok please”

“You remember the summer we traveled to Melbourne for the African Fashion week?”

“Yes, I remember, that was some years before Marie”

“Exactly bro”

“You remember we went there with fake names right”

“Yes I do, but can’t remember mine. What’s with the questions, are we being arrested for anything?”

“Of course not. Did you do anything with any lady that I didn’t know about?”

“No, except for being drunk and waking up in a room I knew nothing about, and found myself there alone”

“Look I don’t want to ask long questions but bro we have a problem”

“Can you just go straight to the point Dick, please go straight to the point” Tom shouted, angrily and impatiently

“You want straight to the point? Ok then, here it is… here it comes… wait for it… straight to the point right? …. oh God I can’t”

“Come on bro, just say it… whatever it is, please”

“The boy is your son”

“My what? Hell no he isn’t, why, what make you think he’s my son?”

“Picture this. The summer we went to Melbourne, we went to the after party with fake names, mine was Celestine Jameson and yours was Caleb Jameson, we pretended to be twins but not identical, you remember that?”

“Yea I think the names ring a bell now, but what has that got to do with anything?”

“Well when the lady said the child’s name is Caleb Jameson, it rang a very big bell, which made me collect you saliva earlier to do paternity test, and it came out positive”

“Damn, this can’t be true, how positive?”

“Well, 999.9”

“Oh lord this is not true, so how did he come from Melbourne to this place and how did he get to be in the same school as Marie, how?”

“Bro, I think your questions are meant for the gods to answer, because I don’t expect how you want me to answer those questions for you”

“There was a lady, there was a lady… I got drunk in the pub and someone took me home, I woke up and didn’t see the person. What am I going to do, or say to my wife and daughter? This is your entire fault Dick, you shouldn’t have left me there, all you wanted was to satisfy your libido

“of course dude, that was why I went there in the first place. You don’t have to blame me for not taking care of your drunk self”

“oh God I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m blaming you for what happened 16 years ago.”

“Well bro, no need for blames because I think the mystery continues, if the mother could leave Melbourne to this place, means she’s in this city, and she has been looking for her child; that’s if she doesn’t already know him”




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  8. calabargal

    Unbelievable!! The story unravels…

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