The Chronicles Of An Adopted Child (Season Finale #1)- Semione Abi

“If the mother could leave Melbourne to this place, means she’s in this city, and she has been looking for her child; that’s if she doesn’t already know him”

“How on earth did I put myself into this mess, why did I even let a thing like this happen to me?”

“You didn’t let nothing happen to you bro, that’s just life for you. Shit happens, and we just have to look for a way to clean it up before it smells.”

“Shit happens? Really, of all the things in the world that’s what you could come up with at this crucial time? Come on man, look at me, my wife and daughter. I just reunited with my wife, how will I begin to tell her that the boy is mine without her stabbing me in the heart this time, and how will I begin to tell my daughter that the boy she’s loving is her brother? How man, how” Tom said, calmly in order not to attract an audience.

“And you don’t call the situation a shitty one?” Dick said “well bro, there’s nothing you can do now to make things not look the way there are now, we just have to come up with something, a plan, anything”

“Well I guess you’re right, it’s pretty shitty” Tom said, trying to force a laugh “but if we can just…..

“Hello Doc, I’ve been looking for you everywhere” Miss Monica said, cutting Tom short

“Hello ma’am,” Dick replied, “can I help you with something?”

“Oh not really, I wanted to know how Caleb is doing”

“Are you related to him or something?”

“I’m Monica, his school teacher”

“Hello Monica, I believe you teach your students manners don’t you” Tom asked in annoyance

“Uh hello Mr. Tom” she said to him neglectfully, without looking at him

“Can you please wait for me in my office Monica, I’ll be with you soon” Dick said to her, ignoring whatever just happened there

“Ok Doc” she said, and left

“Dude what the heck was that about?” Dick asked

“I have no idea”

“Do you guys know yourselves from somewhere or have you been on to her before”

“This is actually the first time I’m seeing her to be honest, but she used to have a crush on me. Or so Marie says” Tom said, not wanting to let his frustrations show

“That’s messed up, but that shouldn’t be a reason for her to act the way she just did” Dick said “Holy cow! Bro, are you sure she didn’t overhear our discussions?”

“With the way she barged in and acted towards me, I have a reason to believe she did. That’s why I’m really frustrated right now man.” Tom said

“Look, we have to find a way of making this thing work before it gets out of hand. I need to go out there before people start asking questions. Try and figure something out bro, I’ll be back soon” Dick concluded and left.


Looking so pale he watched Dick leave the office, and he wondered if he ‘Dick’ understood what he is going through. If only he knew, he’d not be acting like it’s very easy to tell people that you have a 15 year old son that you know nothing about, he said to himself.

The Melbourne trip was a tremendous one, we went, we saw, and we conquered. We drank, we partied, we got drunk and eventually I got laid. I never went to Melbourne to have anything to do with any lady; I just went to have fun, but ended up finding myself in a hotel room that wasn’t mine the following morning. And now there’s a child that is supposedly mine. I still hope Dick is messing with me, because I can’t imagine me telling Celina that the child in question belongs to me. If she stabbed me when she found out I slept with her frenemy, then I should start saying my goodbyes to people I love now before she finds out.

I love her, I want her, I don’t want to lose her and I don’t want to lose my daughter. The best solution to this situation now is to …

“Tee, why are you here alone, and why talking to yourself. Are you okay?” Mirabel interrupted his alone session

“What is it with you guys cutting me short today sis, I’m fine, I just wanted to have a ‘me-time’, and figure things out. Now that Celina and I are back together, a lot of things will change you know” he said to Mirabel, still trying hard to hide his frustrations.

“Oh come on brother, I know you too well. Celina is not the reason why you are here by yourself, you must have found out something. What did Dick tell you, what did he say is wrong with you when he tested your blood?” she asked, curiously

“Dick didn’t find anything wrong with my blood sis, I’m perfectly fine and I’m not …..

“O my God did he say you have aids?”

“For crying out loud Mirabel nothing is wrong with me, I am perfectly fine and sound, nothing was found in my blood. I just need an alone time to figure things out please”

“You know you can count on me anytime bro, if you want to be left alone then fine, I’ll let you be. Your wife asked of you and Dick said you were resting, but here you are talking to yourself. It’s fine if you want to be left alone” she said as she got up to leave, with a face that says ‘keep it to yourself, I don’t want to know anymore’

The walk from where she was sitting to the door was very slow. She knows her brother, and knows what to do to get his attention or make him confide in her, so she made sure he noticed her walking slowly.

“Sis” Tom called her

“Yes big brother” she answered and turned at a fast pace as if she was waiting for the word to come out of his mouth.

“I’m in a deep mess, I don’t know what to do” he said

“Talk to me bro, what’s the problem?”

“I’m about to lose my wife and kid”

“what, did Celina use this short time you guys were apart to find herself a man or did Dick say you are going to die today, which of the two” she answered him carelessly, thinking whatever he was going to say will not be serious.

“I’m not playing Mirabel; I called you back to confide in you and not to be laughed at”

“I’m sorry, when you said you’re about to lose your wife and kid, it made me think otherwise, because I know that will not happen in a thousand years to come. So just tell me Tom, what’s going on?”

“The boy is mine” he managed to say

“Since when did you start talking like a gay man, what do you mean by the boy yours, which boy?”

“Caleb sis, Caleb is my son”

“Come on bro, that’s too expensive. When you’re ready to tell me your problem, you call me. I’ll go join your wife in Dick’s office” she said, getting up to leave

“I swear on mum and dad. Dick did paternity test and it came out positive. He’s my son”

“I don’t get it. Why would Dick do a paternity test, what made him think you might be the boy’s father that warranted him to conduct a test, what’s going on here?”

“The boy’s name is my fake name. I used it when we went to Melbourne, we just needed a change of identity so we used fake names, and mine was Caleb Jameson while Dick’s was Celestine Jameson. I eventually woke up in someone else’s bed the following morning after a drunken night, so he conducted the test to be sure it’s not me, but it turned out to be me.”

“Wao! Dick and Tom….Tom-Dick….birds of a feather that will never stop flocking. You guys went up to that extent of faking identity and you waking up in a woman’s bed? What are you, manwhore? You never seize to amaze me big bro, never. So what is the boy doing in this town, why did the mother dump him here?”

“I don’t have a clue sis, I don’t. I believe the mother knows me and I don’t even know who she is, I didn’t even get to see her face that morning because I woke up and she was gone”

“Nothing prepared me for this big Bro; a girl picked you up from a club, took you home, had sex with you and left the following morning. Did she drop any money for you?”

“Very funny…. I see you are enjoying this whole thing, but I’m not, I need solutions not questions”

“You know you get too serious most of the times, especially when you’re in deep shit. That’s why I love messing with you head. But I have a plan”

“What is it?”

“The real mother of the boy knows you; she knows where you live, your family and everything. She might even be in this hospital, so act normal, be alert, and trust me. She’ll speak up eventually. She might even be someone you know. So what we’ll do is tell Dick to ask his nurses to make enquiries and know the guests that are here not to see anyone”


“Anyone that is not here to see a patient. She might just be sitting and watching every move in here all in the name of a visitor. So go tell Dick, make sure he does it. I’m pretty sure we’ll know your baby mama soon. And cheer up bro, everything will be fine” she concluded, and hugged him.

“I love you, I don’t know what to do without you in shitty situations like this” Tom said, not wanting to let go of her

“I know. Now go talk to Dick and let’s know who our baby mama is” she said, as they let go of each other.


“Are you ok baby?” Celina asked

“Not too ok, still feeling dizzy” Tom replied

“Why don’t you have enough rest, Dick said you need it”

“I know, I just came to see how you’re doing”

“I feel great. I’ve never been better” she replied

“When is Karen coming with Marie?”

“Much later. She needs to rest; I can imagine how distressed she’d be”

“I know. Hey can you give me a minute, I need to speak to Dick” Tom said, acting faint

“Are you sure everything is ok baby?”

“Yea it is. I need to know how we’ll go about finding the boy’s parent or something close to that, or we’ll not have a solution to this whole saga”

“Ok then, I’ll be with his mum.”



What a douche…. I wish ‘she’ knew his existence was this pathetic when ‘she’ slept with him. So because he’s cute ‘she’ just had to sleep with him. It’s amazing how I can live my whole life in a place I never dreamt of, just watching after a child that a careless mother abandoned. I never dreamt of a life like this, I dreamt of a better life not a life where I’ll become a maid/teacher looking after a boy a spoilt brat threw away.

He has a pretty good wife, and a smart daughter. But will the love and marriage face any tribulations after I let the cat out of the bag? Poor Marie, I wonder how daddy’s girl will take it that her friend is her brother. I live for this day; I can’t wait to see how it is going to unfold.

Dear Mr. Tom, please don’t be too distressed that your friend found out the truth. The drama is yet to unfold.


“Monica, I was wondering if you could help me with some useful information about Caleb” Mirabel said, breaking her thoughts

“I really do not know much about him, I was just his teacher. Except you mean academic wise”

“You were just his teacher, how come his current teacher is not here, rather it’s just you”?

“I was just too attached to him and Marie, I just had to come as fast as I could when I heard about his accident this morning.” Monica said “why the questions Mirabel?”

“The doctor sent me to find out more about the boy”

“I guess that will be all then, or you have more questions to ask me? Because I don’t think the doctor wants his academic records”

“That will be all” Mirabel said and left.”


First he sleeps with her friend now enemy, now there’s a child from years ago. My brother will never seize to amaze me. You know, what I love about him most is the fact that he loves his wife, and will do anything to make her happy; but what will he do now to revoke this irrevocable damage that’s about to befall him?

I saw the look on his face when he told me about his son; it’s a look that indicated disappointment and failure. Knowing you have a child after 14 or 15 years, and getting to know about it in a condition like his is something I don’t think any man would want to deal with. What will a poor younger sis do, I was as dumfounded as anyone will ever be when he told me about it, but as a sister he looks up to for solutions in situations like this, I had no option but say the first thing that crossed my mind. Will my suggestion work? Will we find the mother of this child in this hospital or ever? I have no idea how to answer that, but the deed has been done, we just hope and keep fingers crossed for the best solution.

Monica, who is she, how come she just had to be the only person in the whole of Caleb’s school to be here this long, and why does she keep gallivanting around looking for nothing? If I can recall, Marie mentioned she had a crush for Tom before she and Caleb became friends, and they weren’t that close while in her class, so how come she was attached to just Caleb and Marie?

“Aunty Mimi” Marie called, sighting her from afar

“Yes Aura,” she answered, “I thought you were supposed to be sleeping” she asked as Marie sat close to her

“Not when Caleb is in this condition aunty”

“Aura when and how did you become this attached to him?”

“It just happened; we started hanging out more in school, and always walked back home together from school”

“I never imagined you’d be this close to him” Mirabel said

“I never imagined we’d be this close either aunty” Marie replied

“You know it baffles me how time flies, the little you that used to tell me everything just grew up all of a sudden”

“I still tell you everything aunty, I just didn’t want to tell you that I was developing feelings for him yet, I didn’t think you’d take it lightly”

“You’re having feelings for him? Aura you’re not even a proper teenager yet why start developing feelings at this early stage of your life? Its dangerous baby, you shouldn’t be following things you watch on TV”

“Aunty Mimi it’s just a girl crush,” she said, chuckling “if it’s not meant to be, then it’ll die soon, but for now, it’s strong so I’ll just try to be careful”

“Now I sound like your grand ma” Mirabel said, cheery

“I know right, you sound less of my aunt and more of grandma”

“You know when I was your age I was very small, shy and never acted like I was more than my age. I don’t know if your mom had this ‘I’m older than my age’ attitude you have”

“Grandma you know those days’ things were done differently, in your days you never imagined a black man will rule the strongest country in the world, and you possibly didn’t know about internets and all, but now all these are in existence”

Mirabel laughed to what she said, she looked up and saw Monica approaching them “ok now I have to start sounding like your aunt and not grandma” she said “your teacher Miss Monica, how close is she to you guys?”

“not that close, but she always checks on Caleb, my friends and me in school, and makes sure we do our homework and are always on time, even when she stopped teaching our grade”

“I see! I’ll let the two of you be for a while then, let me go see your dad” she said, got up kissed Marie on her forehead as Monica got closer, then left”


I see a lot of fishiness in this lady; I just hope my instincts are right. How on earth was I supposed to give my little niece a good advice when I know she might know sooner or later that the boy she’s crushing on or having feelings for is her brother? I just pray it doesn’t get messy.


“Mirabel” Caleb’s mum called out as she passed the doctor’s office “has the doctor said anything about Caleb’s condition?”

“Yes, he is stable, they put the 2nd pine of blood and he’s breathing well”

“Why has the doctor not come to his office since he left? He got me scared”

“oh no you do not have to be scared, Dr. Dickson is attending to other patients, they rushed in here with a woman convulsing, I’m pretty sure he’s attending to her”

“That’s a relief. Celina fell asleep, the office became boring. Can I go see him? I need to go home and prepare something for my mom, then come back a bit later”

“Come on Pat, the boy is your son; you don’t need any approval to see him”

“I owe you and your family a lot, you hanging around all day to make sure Caleb is well taken care of. I don’t know what I’d have done without you people here”

“I already told you Pat, it’s nothing. The boys’ life is the most important thing right now. And again you should thank my little niece; she’s the reason why Caleb is still alive. Caleb in the other hand is the reason why my brother and his wife are back together. We cannot wait to see him wake up”

“I like how you people brought her up, I wish I had done the same to Caleb” she said, almost in tears

“You don’t have to feel bad Pat, it’s not your fault, and you really did your best in bringing him up”

“Is Marie not yet here? I need to see her, and at least know what she looks like” she smiled

“Of course she’s here, she came some minutes back. She’s outside with their teacher”

“I’ll see her briefly then rush home, I’ll be back.”

“Ok then, see you in a bit”

Mirabel left the reception to the room where Tom was resting, and met him sitting on the bed thinking, and looking very pale.

“come on bro, you need to rest after giving out two good pins of your blood, you cannot kill yourself just yet, please try and sleep or even eat something”

“If you were in my shoe Mirabel, you’d prefer to just die before the worst happens. At least you’ll relief yourself of the stress”

“And if you die what will happen to your wife, son, daughter, me, your friends and our parents. Have you thought of the joy you’ll steal along with you? Have you thought of how Marie will cope without you around?”

“Come on sis. I’m not that stupid to take my life. I’m just saying, in a situation like this suicide is what will keep crossing your mind. I keep imagining how Marie will feel when she finds out he’s her brother, and it kills me to be honest with you.”

“The Marie I know will understand” Mirabel said

“Come on now sis, the fact that she acts all matured doesn’t mean she’s matured to handle issues like this”

“Then I think you should wait till all these unfold, and then we see what she’ll do. We just have to take the risk and do this thing bro; I’d so much prefer if the boy wakes up to see his father for the first time”

“I have thought of that over and over myself. But then we have not thought of Celina, she might just leave or do something very bad, or she might just do the two” Tom said, looking furious

“Celina is not our problem Tom, Celina will have to get used to whatever, or she can just leave that’s not a problem, she’ll still come back. You need to stop thinking of the risks involved because there must be risks whether you like it or not.”


“Yes Tom”

“Where did bone tumor come from? Who in our family had that sort of thing?”

“I don’t think there’s a thing like that in the family, I’ve never heard of that, it should probably come from the mother’s side, I really think it’s the reason she dumped him.”

“Looks like it” tom said “so what have you found out?”

“The nurse said everyone here came to see their patients. But I know we have a predator here”

“And who might that be?” he asked

“The teacher, I have a strong reason to believe she knows something we don’t know”

“I know right” he said sitting uptight, “I thought it’s just me. And the way she acted towards me today was really cold we have to be careful.”

“She’s just everywhere, I don’t know why she’s …….

“Mirabel, Marie asked to see you” Monica said from the door

“What the heck?” Tom whispered

“I told you she’s everywhere” Mirabel replied him

“When did Marie get here?”

“Not long. How did she even know I was here for crying out loud” she said, looking pissed.

She got up and left the room, while on her way to she met with Dick and she told him the room Tom is.

“Are you alright bro?” Dick asked

“I’m fine doc; I just don’t seem to find sleep”

“You should rest man, you gave up two pines of your blood, you have to rest well and eat well too”

“Not in this condition Dick, not in this condition. I tried sleeping but sleep wouldn’t come, tried eating but no appetite, I can’t do any of these things until this whole saga is over. You should understand that”

“I understand you way more than you think Tom, I had to go run the test again to make sure I was not mistaking”

“And?” tom asked curiously, hoping for good news

“Good news and bad news” Dick replied


Do you think Tom is really Caleb’s dad? Would you predict that Monica might be his mom or just the maid/teacher she claims to be? Will Celina let the cat out of the bag when the drama unfolds or pretend to be as innocent as always?



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