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The Chronicles Of An Adopted Child (Season Finale #2) – Semione Abi


I’ll put up the last three parts of this series this weekend. Please, keep a date and don’t forget to leave a comment.




“What’s the bad news?”

“Well, bad news is I’m sorry, really sorry but the boy is yours. I wish I could say it’s my fault that I got the result mixed up or something. I wish I could just tell us to put all these behind and move on, but it’s just the truth and what we have to do now is figure a way out to let the cat out of the bag”

At that point, his heart almost stopped beating, because he had hoped Dick will say he’s sorry that it was a wrong result he gave him.

“So there’s no need for a good news then, because I don’t see anything good that’ll change anything at this point” he managed to say

“Well, good news is that the so called teacher might know something about the boy” Dick said, hoping it will make him feel better

“That is no good news man, Mirabel figured that out a long time ago, we just have been looking for proof” he said, looking disappointed and angry”

“Well, she only figured it out, but you are not actually sure if she knows something or not. The bitch (pardon my French) came up to me and said she know a whole lot about the child, but wouldn’t say anything more than that”

“Why and how did she come to you like she knows I’m the father or something?”

“Dude stop acting dumb, she overheard our conversation before she barged into the office earlier, and the way she reacted when you talked to her, explains everything”

“So what does she want, why doesn’t she want to say something if she knows about the boy?”

“well she wants me to go tell your wife personally that you’re the boy’s father, without your knowledge, and she wants me to tell her that you knew about it all these years but you just abandoned the child” Dick said

Dumfounded Tom didn’t know what to say to his friend for 5minutes, he kept perambulating around the room and when he finally spoke out, he was almost in tears

“Why would she want you to do that Dick? Why? What have I done to her that would warrant such wickedness?”

“Well apparently she’s angry about something you did, but most importantly, she’s trying to get back to me for something I don’t know I did. She says she has something against me and I don’t know what it might be. So no need to worry yourself bro, we are in this together, I will figure everything out myself” he said, and left the room in a way that suggested he had something up his sleeves.


Few hours later, about 9pm precisely, Tom and his wife decided to go home and rest. But before anyone could leave the hospital Dick called all of them to his office, except for Marie who had already gone home.

“Cant it wait till tomorrow Dick, we all have had a long day and my husband really needs to eat well and rest” Celina said

“It will just be a moment I promise Celly, trust me” he replied her

Tom and Celina went into Dick’s office; Monica and Caleb’s mum who had just come back were already seated. Tom’s heart broke into pieces when he saw Monica still in Dick’s office

“I thought you had gone home Miss Monica” he managed to say bizarrely

“No Tom, I’m still here” she replied

“Well don’t you have classes tomorrow or something” Celina said rudely, boiling inside after she heard Monica call her husband Tom without Mr.

“no Celina I do not have classes tomorrow or something, and I don’t think it should be any of your business if I go to teach or not” she replied her “I know you don’t like me, but I am here because of that boy, just like you. So please, please and please stop asking me questions Celina and Tom”

Her reply to Celina made not only Celina speechless, but Tom and Dick also. But Tom managed to call Dick outside to talk to him

“Dude what is going on, why did you call us back?”

“I have reasons bro, just some talks that’s all”

“Dick, what’s going on? Why is she taking to my wife like she has been waiting to exhale or something?”

“I’m telling you there’s nothing wrong man, I have my reasons for calling you back. Besides it’s your wife she was talking to, why didn’t you stop her from talking to your wife like that?”

“Stop her? Did you say stop her Dick?”

“You heard me”

“you know she has me on the tip of her fingers Dick, if I say anything not pleasing to her she might just finish me right here. I don’t know what she’s holding against you, but you better be careful before you cause any more damages here tonight” he said

“If I wasn’t being careful I wouldn’t have called all of you here. I’m being careful that’s why I called you to talk. So let’s please go back inside so I can be done with this thing” he said, and went back inside

Tom removed his phone and texted his sister to come to the hospital ASAP, he suspects something big and drastic is about to happen.

While Tom and Dick were outside, the weirdest of weirdness was going on in the office between Celina and Monica. Celina and Monica were involved in what would be considered as the biggest eye battle of the century, which probed Caleb’s mum to go sit in between them in order to prevent any physical fight


inside, Dick kept quiet as he watched the weirdness between the couples and the teacher, for 15 minutes there was no talking as Celina was busy staring at Monica, even when Caleb’s mum was sited in-between, she still found a way to make her eyes penetrate. Tom on the other side was busy supporting his wife; as he will stare at Monica for a long time, back to his wife, back to Monica and back to his wife. Monica on the other hand did not give up; as she made sure the couples did not win the ‘Starring Games’.


Ok, when you guys finish whatever it is you are doing, just let me know so I can start talking


I have never seen this amount of awkwardness in a room before in my entire life


I don’t see it as weirdness, but foolishness. (He said as he placed his right leg on a chair) Funny enough my dear friend Tommy has reduced himself to the ladies level. How pathetic (he added and placed his right elbow on his knee)


Tom, why did you let this girl talk to me like that? What’s going on? (She said without looking away)


There we go


Baby I didn’t see any reason to stop her, besides I’ve been supporting you with the eye thing haven’t I? (He said as he looked up to Dick and gave him a ‘WTF’ look’)


Somebody please shoot me. My friend has gone mad again


As much as I’m loving this whole drama, you guys should remember my son is somewhere in a hospital where there’s a lot of craziness going on in the doctor’s office between husband, wife and his teacher.


Doc can you make this woman stop looking at me? I’m beginning to feel uncomfortable now


Dick what do you and my husband have in common with this woman?


Dick why can’t you just go straight to why you called us here?


Dick can you please answer my question?


Doc please make them stop


Dick answer my question


Dick talk to us

“CELINA – TOM – MONICA” (all at the same time)

Dick answer my question Dick talk to us Doc help me


(With his hands covered to his ears) stop please stop it all of you. Dick this Dick that. Celina and Tom you guys look stupid intimidating this girl with your eyes.  Celina your husband and I have nothing in common with this girl; I have never seen her before until today. Tom I’m disappointed in you man.

“What have I done?” Tom asked

“And he’s asking me what he has done, when he reduced himself to that level” he said to Pat (Caleb’s mum) who has been laughing herself off all along

“Oh come on, I was just playing along man, not stooping low”

“Playing along right? Means I’m now the stupid one right Tom?” Celina said, acting angry

Mirabel and Karen came in and found Pat still laughing seriously, Dick’s leg still on the chair, Celina looking at Tom angrily, then suddenly they both burst into laughter

“What going on here” Mirabel asked

“The place looks fun” Karen said

“Now what? Why are the two of you laughing?” Dick asked

Monica said. “Look doc if you don’t tell everyone here why you called us back then I’ll do it myself”

Her words broke Tom’s heart again, because he knew his life was going to end that night

“Why exactly are we here Dick?” Tom asked

“I’m sorry bro” Dick said as he turned to Tom. “I just have to do this”

“Please go straight to the point” Karen said

“before I start, I just want to say sorry if anyone will get hurt along the way” he turned to Tom “you know we have been home boys from childhood, I see you more as a brother than a friend to me. So please forgive me” he said.

His words “forgive me” left everywhere quiet. They all know how close the two of them are, him saying he’s sorry to Tom means something might be wrong somewhere. Tom knew why he was apologizing, but wondered what Monica must have against him. Whatever it is, it must be strong. He thought to himself.

“We are all ears bro” Tom replied and gave him a nod that says ‘it’s ok’

Some years back we went to Melbourne for African Fashion weekend, we actually went there with fake identities to experience a whole new life without our actual names in it. We had fun, we drank a lot and I ended up sleeping with this woman right here and her friend. I had no idea she was the one I slept with that day, because I was too drunk to even recognize their faces. I made my brother change his name, he didn’t want to but I forced him, he on the other hand didn’t know what he was doing after he got drunk so he…… (He turned to Tom and Tom signaled him to go ahead) ….. He hooked up with her boss and …..

“I don’t know why I’m not surprised” Celina cuts in

“That’s because I told you about everything that happened in Melbourne” Tom replied her

“You didn’t tell me you hooked up with her boss” I see why she pretended to have a crush on you

“I told you I woke up in a room and didn’t meet anyone there; I don’t even know who this lady is”

“He actually had sex with my boss” Monica said

“He didn’t even know what he was doing, he was drunk. Really drunk and the next morning he woke up and didn’t even know he was taking the walk of shame when he left the hotel room. I take all the blames for whatever happened in Melbourne. Everyone here knows I flow with the ladies, but here I am apologizing, because this has thought me a lesson. I want to turn a new leaf”

“Is that all?” Karen asked

“Yes” he replied

“No it’s not all. You say it or I’ll say it” Monica said

“After that day, we left without even looking back or talking about Melbourne, years later we got to find out that …….

“The girl I slept with got pregnant and gave birth to a child” Tom cut him short “I think this whole story was meant for me to tell, and not Dick” he turned to Celina “I’m sorry baby, I never knew about the child until today. I know this might be the end of us, but we got to find out today that Caleb is my son”








You are actually the father of my son?

“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t know how to tell you about it today, that’s why I’ve been avoiding you ever since I found out about it” Tom said to Celina, ignoring Pat completely

“You know this is the most interesting thing I’ve heard all year, no offence babes” Karen said

“Look ladies, I know this has come like a shock to you, but at this point there’s nothing we can do, there’s no need for blames either because the deed has been done. All we have to do is to support Tom and Celina” Mirabel said

“You knew about this?” Karen asked

“Of course I knew about it, Tom had to talk to somebody” she replied

“Why aren’t you saying something baby, say something” Tom said to Celina.


Tom saw the look on Celina’s face when he mentioned that Caleb is his son, he knew how not so shocked she was, normal Celina would’ve be all over the place by now but she just stood still, and to make it worst, she had to say what Tom said ‘sounded interesting’. He knew she had given up, he knew he’d lost her and will never get her back, NEVER.


“Why didn’t you tell me about this Tom? Why did you let me find out about it this way?” Celina managed to say

“I wanted to, but I didn’t know how to tell you, I was scared baby, I was scared”

“He was scared baby, he was scared. Celina is now the devil that Tom is scared of” Celina said, chuckling and imitating Tom

“Give him a break Celina, you know quite well that he will not just go to you and tell you he has a child that he never knew of, any man who does that doesn’t care how you’ll feel, and he’ll just tell you anyway. You know Tom cares a lot about you, and wouldn’t want to hurt you. Your attitude right now is not helping matters. Smiling, acting like you don’t care and chuckling. Who are you? Because honestly this is not the Celina we know” Mirabel lashed at her

“There’s no need for that Mirabel please.” Pat said to Mirabel, then turned to Celina “Celina you just have to say something, anything please, your husband needs you now; he wants to see you shout or slap him or throw things at him, this is your moment Celina, make yourself feel good, do whatever you want to do to him then regret later” she said

“The last time I tried that Pat, it didn’t end well. If I want to react, I’ll kill him. But since you want me to say something, I will say something.” She turned to Monica who has been quiet all along “how did you come into all of these, who are you?

“I think the question should rather be how did the child get here and how did she get to follow him around since Dick said the lady Tom slept with is her boss” Karen asked, countering Celina’s question

“I think you’re right Miss….

“Karen. Just Karen” Karen cut Pat short

“Right Karen” she said “either way, you’re right because my husband and I both moved here after he lost his job, to stay with my mum. I didn’t find Caleb here, I brought him here. So how come she’s here, has she been following me and my son around?”

“Look guys, no need to be asking lots of questions when the person you’re asking is not even answering you guys” Dick said

“Can you just say something Monica?” Tom exclaimed in disgust

“You don’t have the right to talk to her like that Tom” Celina said, not even looking at him

“I have the right to ask her whatever I feel necessary to ask Celina, she holds the answer to all our questions, she needs to say something”

“Then tell her to say something politely, not shouting” she hit again, still not looking at him

“What is this about Celina, what? All of a sudden you’re defending the person you hated from the first day Marie told you she had a crush on me?”

“People change Tom” she said this time, rather calmly

“People change don’t they? Is that why you’re not even looking at me? Not reacting seriously to anything anyone has said here? Is that the change you’re talking about?” Tom grew angrier as he talked and walk towards her direction

“Tom, come on bro don’t talk to your wife like that, we are all going through something big here” Dick said trying to calm him down

“None of you, I mean none of you in this office is going through what I’m going through so don’t even talk to me as if you know what I’m going through Dick, don’t talk to me as if you don’t know how much it hurts to see Celina act this way towards me when she knows I really want her to say something mean or destroy something or act crazy the way she used to. That’s the Celina I love Dick, not this person standing here” Tom’s voice grew hoarse and angrier and tears dropped from his eyes, and so did they drop from Celina’s “you know what?” he continued “I’m not taking this shit anymore. Do whatever you want to do, I’m leaving. This bitch knows everything that’s happening to me, she’s holding the key to my misery but doesn’t want to say anything, yet my wife supports her. It means I’m not needed here” he got up to leave the office.

“Anita” Monica squealed

The name Anita made Tom who was already at the door turn back to look at her

“What?” he asked

“Her name is Anita” she replied

“Whose name is Anita?” he asked, walking slowly back to his seat

“Anita Angeles Richards. That’s the name of Caleb’s mum” she said.

“Angeles Richards” Celina said silently

“Where is she, how is she, who is she, what does she do, Where is the mother of my son?” Tom asked curiously

“Excuse me but, how did you follow me and Caleb all the way here and why?” Pat ask

“My job is to look after Caleb Pat. That’s what Anita made me do after Mr. nice here dropped the bomb on her”

“Where exactly did she abandon him?” Dick asked

“Melbourne” Pat and Monica answered in unison

“From Melbourne all the way here?” Dick asked

“I told you we started having financial problems when I adopted Caleb. My husband lost his job few months after we found and adopted Caleb. We had to leave after he lost his job, he couldn’t afford to pay rent and do other things. We moved here and were staying with my mum, together. So many bad things happened to us after we had Caleb, that made him call the child bad luck, and that’s why he left. So I really don’t know how she followed us here” Pat concluded

“Why have you been following her around Monica?” Mirabel asked

“Look, that boy’s story is like that of Moses in the Bible” Monica said and stood up “His mother dumped him, but didn’t really dump him because the day Pat picked the child, I was standing right there but she didn’t see me. She was too concerned about the poor child that was placed near a dumpster. I kept the child there and waited for him to be picked, I followed her through all the processes in adopting him, in fact everything was made simple for her because the hospital she legally signed the adoption papers is co owned by Anita’s dad. So I had to liaise with the doctor to make everything smooth for her.”

“Yes we get it that you did all that, the question here is why?” Mirabel asked again

“I don’t know your problem with me Mirabel, but to make everything here easy for everyone, I will regretfully answer your questions and…..

“Then go ahead” Mirabel cut her short

“Let her talk Mirabel” Tom cautioned

“Thank you Mr. Nice. Well, after Mr. nice here dropped the bomb on my dear boss, she was devastated, her parents were disappointed, her boyfriend called off their engagement, and she was this (she demonstrates with her fingers) close to committing suicide because she couldn’t bear the shame.”

“Why didn’t she just get rid of the child?” Karen asked

“Well that is one question I’ve been asking myself everyday for the last 14 years Karen. She claimed she saw a reason for the child to live, she knows the child will be of difference, the child will be a healing to her family, the child will this, the child will that” she paused, took a sip of water, then continued “before she gave birth to the child, she made me promise to look after him should in case she died during delivery. Luckily she didn’t die, and she didn’t want to keep the child either. She wanted to go back to the life she used to live, go back to being the spoilt brat every girl wanted to be like”

“What exactly are you to her?” Pat asked curiously

“I work for her, her father owns the biggest telecommunication company in Melbourne; he also owns the most expensive hotel, the one Mr. Nice and his friend here lodged when they went for the fashion weekend. Above all, she was the organizer of the Melbourne African Fashion Weekend. I was just working for her as a personal assistant, and my partner was the personal adviser. Apparently Dr. Dick dug it with my partner and myself that night”

“Wait, by partner you mean? Karen ask

“My girlfriend, we were lovers until I left Melbourne. We decided to try something new that night together, just to party out the stress we went through organizing that event, and apparently that something new was having a three way with this hot visitor that was lodging in the presidential suite”

Monica paused to see if anyone will talk before she continues, but her surprise the whole room was mute; possibly because they were surprise she’s a lesbian

“Oh my God I had a threesome with lesbians” Dick exclaimed in the midst of the silence

“Very funny Dick” Karen said

“Not funny, he actually did” Monica replied and continued “the bottom line is, my job moved from being a personal assistant to being a far away nanny.”

“When you say you were her personal assistant and your partner was her personal adviser, does that mean there was something personal between the three of you?” Mirabel gathered herself and asked after her brother told her off. She found the fact that Monica is a lesbian interesting, which made her force the words out

“You mean if she was lesbian? No Mirabel, she was straight. Anita was one person that took everyone along. Gay, straight or any sexuality, she just saw everyone as one.”

“Why did she leave the room that morning? Why didn’t she stay” Tom asked

“She didn’t leave; she only went out to jog. She even ordered for new clothes and breakfast for you, but before those things arrived and before she came back you were already gone. We went to look for the two of you in your suites but you had left.”

“That’s messed up bro, we messed up” Dick said to Tom, Tom just shook his head and put his face down

“Why did you guys leave so early? Monica asked the two of them

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