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The Chronicles Of An Adopted Child (Season Finale #4) – Semione Abi

I want to use this medium to say thank you to all of you for reading this series. Your comments, your opinions, criticisms and advices were all and well taken. To me there’s no other family in the social media world better than the MOSKEDAPAGES family, thanks to you Sally for being the pioneer and mother of this wonderful family. Also I want to apologize for the errors made, especially the grammatical blunders. I know I really murdered English in some episodes. Lol. But I promise to learn from my mistakes, and also get a better editor next time my work is coming here (which is very soon). This is my first series online, and you guys are reading it because of Sally. I owe her a lot because without her I’d still be writing and dumping on my computer, hoping to be able to publish it someday. Even though my editors didn’t really do a great job, (I tell them every time) I’ll still say thank you Aneetah and Ikenna for helping out. You guys did great.  

From the deepest part of my heart, I LOVE YOU ALL MOSKEDAPAGES FAM. I promise to deliver something better and more intriguing soon.


How did you know his name?

I know about Alex,
I attended his funeral in Melbourne,
Alex knew about u a week bfre he died
his plan was to come look for u after he comes back from where he and his sister were going
hate me again Celina, Hate me but u know I care a lot about u
we drifted apart, but there’s 1 ting u knw we both shared, nd that’s ur horrible experience
u knw we went tru it tgeda, and everytn I said about u, I just had to give an impression
u knw that

I’m speechless Trice, really speechless
u met with my son? U didn’t tell me?

That’s because I respect what u and Tom have.
I knw telling u will bring back memories
I knw u Neva told Tom about it so I respected that

I fucking love u ryt now Tricia
thank u, thank u thank u
no matter what, I knw he died knowing his mother at least
I knw he died knowing I gave him out not bcos I wanted to, but because I had to
did u tell him everything?

I did Celina. I gave him ur photo and I watched him put it in his wallet
that boy died young, and I cried a lot wen he died bcos his greatest ambition from that day was to meet u, and I was ready to take him to u and damn the consequences

When exactly did u intend to tell me this?

Maybe on ur sick bed. Lol. That was what really brought me to ur house. My intention was to tell u about it but it didn’t go as planned, rather the table turned
how did u knw about him anyway?

I’m speechless right now, I don’t know what to say to u
well it’s a long story.
U should come down here. A lot is happening….we just found out Tom has a son; his mother
is from d same family dat adopted mine. Drama babes, drama
Wasn’t that supposed to happen only in movies?
I already texted my agent to check for the next available flight for me
pls gist me gist me

Bitch, come see things for ursef

“Celina you got to come see this” Monica called out

“I’ll brb babe. Urgent matter” she texted her and put her phone on her purse then ran towards the direction Monica was headed



“Karen, can I talk to you for a minute?”

“What now Dick”

“Just a minute” Karen got up and met him at the door, Monica and Celina had just come in and everyone was watching them

“You have just a minute Dick”

“I don’t need a minute; I just need some seconds to pour my heart out. Look Karen I’ve had so many adventures in my life, I have slept with countless girls, I have slept with girls everywhere in this hospital, even the bed this boy is lying in, we have done it here and…..

“What in the hell? You mean my son is lying down in your mess? Tom interrupted him playfully

“Shush Tom. Let the man talk” Celina said

Dick continued without minding what Tom said

“I have traveled the world, made money, and even had a threesome with two lesbians…

“Very funny” Monica said

“one of my biggest dreams in life was to sleep with a lesbian, now I got to find out that I slept with two, not just one, and it still means nothing to me because in the midst of all these, I still find myself empty. You are the best thing that has happened to me Karen, when I say best thing, I mean it. I have never told any girl in my life that I cared for them. “Well I told a thousand of them, but never meant any”. Now I’m telling you Karen that I care a lot about you, you are the best thing that has happened to me, I love you Karen”

“You do what?”

“I love you and I mean it”

“How long has this madness been going on Dick?”

“Long enough to be sure that I really love you”

“Guys, guys, Caleb just moved his leg” Monica said

They all wanted to go there and see if he was awake, but Tom told them to wait, he is the father, he will go there together with his wife then tell them if his eyes are open or not. He and Celina walked towards Caleb, came back and Tom said his eyes are opened but not blinking. “Can you please go there and check what’s wrong with my son? Tom asked Dick”

“He’s fine Tom, I told you he’s passing through phase. Right now he’s awake, but can’t say anything”

“Well can you at least go there and use that thing on your neck to check if he’s breathing?” Pat asked

“Dick this is not about you or me, this is all about that boy. We are all here because we want to see him get well. Don’t let whatever emotion controlling you now decide for you, go see how that boy is doing, then we can talk”

“Well at least go with me”

“What are you saying Dick? We are in the hospital, that’s your job. Go”

“If you walk from this door to that bed with me, I promise never to say anything to you again about my feelings”

“Fine then let’s go”

“After you” Dick said

Karen walked majestically to Caleb, to her surprise the boys eyes were still close but Tom said there were opened, before she could turn to Tom and ask why he lied, her eyes met with what was written on Caleb’s leg that has bandage all over. She looked closer and the words ‘MAKE ME THE HAPPIEST MAN IN THE WORLD, BE MY WIFE’ were written there, she turned to ask who wrote that there and found Dick kneeling behind her with a ring in his hand.

“Will you be my wife Karen” he said

Karen covered her face with her palm, trying to force back the tears. She opened her palm, looked at everyone around and slapped Dick

“What took you so long? I’ve waited for too long for this moment but you never manned up to tell me how you felt. Some other guy did and I’m sorry Dick, really sorry” dick at this point was about to put his ring back to his pocket and stand up “I’m sorry but I’m going to say yes to him.” Dick got up at this point knowing there’s no hope for him. “YES I WILL MARRY YOU DICK” she said as she put her hand out for him to put the ring in her finger

“Are you serious right now? You will marry me?”

“Put that ring on or I’ll change my mind”

“Why did you have to mess with me like that” he said happily as he put the ring on her finger

“To show you how painful it is to mess with people’s feelings asshole” she said as she reached for his lips

“First of all yes she did the right thing. Secondly please you guys stop kissing in front of my kid” Celina said

Tom’s jaw dropped when he heard that. He turned to her, shook his head and opened his arm for her to come into.

“Ok, that’s enough all of you, enough” Mirabel said “now leave now my nephew needs some rest if you don’t mind”

“They all laughed joyously and left the room one by one until it was left with Tom and Celina



Look at them, I never expected them to end up being together” Celina said

Dick has always wanted to be with her right from the university, his ego wouldn’t just let him” Tom replied and they both laughed “I was so scared yesterday; I thought I was going to lose you. Thank you for standing by me”

“No, thank you for standing by me, for keeping up with my attitude and all my troubles. I know I trouble you a lot, it takes a real man to stick by his wife no matter the situation. I’m sorry for making us have only Marie, I was scared, every time I thought about getting pregnant, I thought about what I passed through. That’s why I was so bent on not having a child that early, I’m sorry”

“Oh no baby, you don’t have to be. These things were meant to happen, Marie came to us at the right time and so did Caleb. Our life didn’t work out as planned, but it turned out pretty great”

“Tricia knew about Alex. We chatted and she told me she attended his funeral.”

“Are you serious?

“I am. She said she told him about me a week before he died, he said he was going to come find me when he returns from the trip.”

What did you have to say about that” Tom asked curiously

“Well, what else? I’ve gotten over what happened between you two, this was just the best thing she has done for me. At least my son got to know about me before he died. I owe her a lot”

“I’m glad we are all having a happy ending baby, really glad”

“Wait. What about Marie? How are we going to break it to her that Caleb is her brother”?

“She will understand. I hope” Tom said

Just then Marie and her friends came in

“Mum, dad” she hugged her dad before going to her mum

“Good day Mr. and Mrs. Ndum. The other Brats greeted

Yes honey, you guys look famished, have you eaten something?” Celina said

“Not really, we just came straight here from school” Louise said

“You guys should say hi to your friend. I’ll call aunty Mirabel to take you so you get some snacks” Tom said and left the room

Tom came back few minutes later; they had finished talking to Caleb even when they knew he wasn’t going to talk back to them. Tom told them to go meet Mirabel so she’ll drive them to get snacks. They left happily, Celina called Marie back

“It’s now or never” she whispered to Tom

“Now or never” Tom whispered back.

“Sit down princess, we want to talk to you” Tom said

“I hope all is well with him dad”

“Perfectly well. He will be up in few hours time, and then you can talk to him”

“Look honey,” Celina started “in life people make mistakes, some mistakes will turn out good, and others will turn out bad. It’s just a matter of us learning from those mistakes.”

“and we your parents have made mistakes, lots of mistake that we wouldn’t let you or even expect you to make because we love you, and wouldn’t want to see you get hurt in any way” Tom said

“Dad, mum, is this about my feelings for Caleb?”

“No sweetheart. As a matter of fact it has nothing to do with that” Tom said

“What is it then daddy?

“Caleb sweetheart. Caleb is….” He turns to Celina to help him out

“Caleb is your elder brother honey, he’s daddy’s son that daddy or me never knew about”

“How come daddy? Were you cheating on mum?

“It was a silly mistake I made princess, but that mistake brought Caleb, which is the best thing that has happened to us after you were born”

“How come nobody knew about this dad? Were you hiding it from us?

“No I wasn’t hiding it from anyone princess, I didn’t know he is my son until yesterday”

“Are you two going to get a divorce because of this?

“No, no, no, no. we are not going to get a divorce honey, we will take care of the two of you together”

“It means you are really cool with this mum?

“100 percent cool honey. I love your dad, I love you and I love Caleb, nothing will take that away from us”

“If mum’s cool with it, then you don’t have to worry about me dad. I always wanted a brother, now I have Caleb as my big brother; it’s the best thing that’ll happen to me. But I still want a little brother or sister, so that if Caleb bullies me I’ll have who to bully” she said happily

Celina and Tom looked at their daughter in awe as she was talking.

“Daddy and mummy are going to give you a younger one honey” Celina said happily and surprisingly

“Ok then. She got up and walked to Caleb. I’m happy you’re my brother Caleb; we are going to have lots of fun together. Now I love you more than I ever imagined big bro.” she gave him a peck and went back, hugged her parents. “I love you mum and dad, you are the best parents in the world”

“We love you too princess” Celina and Tom chorused

They watched her leave and they turned and looked at themselves, the look that says ‘we are blessed’.



I know daddy will not let Caleb suffer the way he was suffering if he knew he is his son, all I wanted to know is if my mum was cool with it, because I know how she can be at times when it comes to dad. What else can a kid say? I was crushing on Caleb, but the moment I heard he’s my brother everything went, and I saw myself loving him. Not loving as a boyfriend, but loving him as a brother. When I went to his bed, I looked into his face and didn’t see that boy I used to crush on, I only saw my brother, my blood. I love you Caleb, please wake up soon, I can’t wait to talk to you this time as your little sister.

Please give me a little one mum and dad, so I can come back to being the grown up Marie I’ve always portrayed to be. Now that I have an elder brother, I’ll cut down on that a little because he’ll intimidate me a lot and I have to act like a baby every time he does it so that he’ll be cautioned. But with someone else behind me, I will become Marie again.

I know my brats will be glad to hear that Caleb is my brother. Though they’ll be a little jealous that he might be taking most of my time, they’ll have to get used to it. Ok. That’s the end of grown up Marie. From now on, it’s the little Marie. Bye Marie, see you when you have a younger one.


Pat, are you ok?” Mirabel asked as Pat walked towards her and Monica

“I’m fine Mirabel, only thinking of what to do next now that I no longer have a child”

“Come on now Pat. Caleb is still your son, he’s always your son” Mirabel said

“Pat what do you think about coming back to Melbourne?” Monica asked

“my entire life now is here, I don’t have anything anymore in Melbourne’ she replied

“I know you don’t have anything. When Anita died, her dad handed over the modeling side of the company that was been run by her to my Partner. If I go back now, we’ll run it side by side, and I’m thinking of opening a boutique called ‘Spoilt Brats Corner’ in her honor. You could come work with me, or better still be the manager of the boutique. That’s if you want to”

“If I want to? I will love to. Thank you very much Monica, thank you, thank you” she hugged her. “It means a lot to me”

“Look at it the other way round. Your late ex husband thought Caleb was a bad luck to his family, you stayed with Caleb all this while and now he’s going to be one of the richest kids on earth once he turns 18. That’s a plus on your side also, because he will not leave you aside” Mirabel said

“That’s if he’ll forgive me because I let him down many times”

“He will forgive you. He’ll understand now that it’s not all your fault.

“Monica, Tom told me you had something against Dick that made him start talking” Mirabel asked

“I didn’t have anything on him, I just had to tell him that we recorded the sex we had that day and I still had the disk so if he didn’t talk I’ll make it go viral”

“You’re really crazy” Mirabel said

“Someone had to be the man around here. If I didn’t do that they’d have still been walking around here looking for solutions”

“Look at you two bonding, you were all over yourselves yesterday. Mirabel would have shot you if she had the chance to” Pat said.


Dick called everybody to his office to talk to them, there he told them that Caleb can now hear and talk a little

“He’s up” Dick said, “but I wouldn’t want us to say anything to him yet until he’s back on his feet”

“You know something still confuses me Dick” Tom said

“What’s that” Celina asked

“Caleb has bone tumor, but Monica said those people died of Brain tumor. It’s a bit confusing”

“You people didn’t get all I was saying, they died of brain tumor, but Mr. Richards himself was suffering from this same bone tumor. He’s was very critical; they had to amputate his right leg from the knee down. Cancer runs in the family, which has made many people say they’re involved in some rituals or so”

“I knew it. I knew this thing is not ordinary. Bone cancer, brain cancer, people dying, that’s not proper; something might be wrong somewhere in that family” Mirabel said

“Caleb’s case is different, he’s is noncancerous so it will not require amputation. Once he recovers from the accident, we’ll have to fly him out to do the operation. It’s just to remove some bones and replace with bone elsewhere on the body, or we’ll put artificial bone. Everything will work out perfectly by the grace of God”

“Can we go see him now?” Celina asked

“Sure, but don’t give him any ideas now.”

“Babe, if you had kept the child, what would you have named him?” Tom asked his wife

“I’d have called him Caleb. After my granddad”

“Oh yea I forgot he was Caleb. So we have to leave his name intact then”

“We have to organize a big welcome party after Caleb comes back from the surgery.” Mirabel said

“That has to be done, it’s not an option but a must” Dick concurred

“Pat,” Celina said “you know you are always welcomed to see him right? If you want him for holidays you can take him at anytime. He’s your son too”

“He’s our son Celina, all of us. He brought us all together, Dr. Dick used his injured leg to propose to his girlfriend, what else? He brought us together and together we will make sure he never suffers again” Pat replied

“That boy is the heir to Richards empire people he and Ashley are the only heir to the Richards right now. So we are all rich” Monica said

“Hell we are” Mirabel said “who’s Ashley?

“Caleb’s sister. Anita’s daughter” she said

“She had a daughter? That’s awesome” Pat said

“So Caleb has kid sisters back to back” Celina said

‘can we all go see him now doc?” Tom asked

“Yea of course we can” he replied

They all left the office to the room Caleb is. On their way, at the balcony Monica called Tom back

“Hey Tom” she said


“You have one more thing to worry about”

“What might that be?”

“The day you’ll go to meet the Richards, prepare for war”

“I knew that even before you said it Monica. However I have a whole army that will help me win that war. Except you guys are scared of meeting the Richards.”

“Hell we will be behind you captain” Monica said as she stood on attention.

They all laughed and made their way to see Caleb. They talked to him and asked how he’s feeling but his replies were short and precise. Marie and her friends came in a while later from candy hunting and she went to Caleb and sat by him.

“Hello big brother” she said

Caleb smiled. He smiled because he knew the others didn’t want to say anything to him until he gets out of the hospital bed. Above all he smiled because he didn’t only overhear everything that happened that night, he heard when Marie told him she loved him and he should get well soon. To him, nothing else mattered more than having his kid sis by his side.

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