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The Moskeda Book Club

So the survey I ran here a few days ago has been completed. I want to thank everyone who participated and for the feedback that I received. Bless you! I will give you the results in a bit, but first, I want to introduce the Moskeda Book Club to you.

We’re on Instagram and it’s not yet begun because I’m working on a few things at the moment. I hope to start it off on the first of August. I’m excited and nervous at the same time because I don’t know what to expect. But I’m sure we’ll find our footing.

So the Moskeda Book Club is going to be like any other book club, but with a difference. We will read and share our thoughts on what we read and those thoughts would be published as a collective review here on the site. This is to help people catch up and to also give everyone a voice.

Secondly, I would love us to be like a community of helpers. When I published my first non-free book on Okadabooks (Fish Brain Madhouse) I gave the first month proceeds to a woman who lost her house in a fire. Since then (and even before that) I have gotten a lot of requests from people, asking me to help them financially in one way or the other. Unfortunately, I am not able to meet every need that comes my way, and this hurts. Sometimes, I am not able to give as much as I would want to. This is why I would love us to be a blessing in people’s lives. We should be a book club with a difference. I’m not big on guilting people into donating huge amounts to help people. It’s about what you can comfortably give. There will be no assessment or comparison on what anybody decides to give, and the experience would be fun.

So, the book club handle is already on Instagram as @moskedabookclub. Follow me and I’ll follow back. If you’re a graphics designer and can design us a logo at no cost, your services would be highly appreciated and you can trust me to market you well. We’ll also be needing a virtual assistant. Basically someone who would keep the handle running by sharing posts and making sure the page is engaging and fun. I also don’t have anything to pay you right now, but if you’re a writer, I can take you up as a student under my wing. The aim is to run the club as a non-profit association of readers and writers who are there to improve each other’s lives via literature and to also reach out to others in their time of desperate need. Hence, we need your help if you’re a graphics designer and virtual assistant. And last, if you’re a bookseller, it’s your chance to make money off of us.

Now, unto the results of the survey.

Favorite series/ book written by me:

The winner goes to The Fourth Finger. It’s Another Saturday came up next. Novocaine Knights and the Fish Brain series took the third place. In The Name Of Papa, Stranger In Lagos, Biyankavitch, The Darker Berry, To Tame A Virgin, His Little Black Book and No Heart Feelings – in that order.

Series you would like to continue:

It’s Another Saturday. Following closely was The Darker Berry and then In The Name of Papa.

What type of genre do you like best?

A bit of everything. Romance. Action.

Favorite female character:

Toni. Honey. Pastor Love. Bianca (now this is very surprising) Amaka and Kyenpia.

Favorite male character

Jide. Folarin. Andre. Leonel. Papa and his son, Pastor Leye took the fifth spot.

How you got to find out about moskedpages?

Social media. Through a blog. Via a friend.


Again, thanks for the feedback. It’s helped me know what I should improve on and what series I should bring back. I’m dancing between In The Name Of Papa (as promised) and It’s Another Saturday, seeing that you people here have a massive crush on Jide and Honey. I know y’all love Toni, but I’m done with her and her Frenchman.

I’m about to respond to your comments. I love you. Don’t forget to join the book club if you’re interested. I promise you that we’ll have fun. And yes, my books will also be read there. You can as well suggest books we can read and where we can buy them.

Enjoy your day!







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  1. Kay says:

    I’ve followed you on the book club handle. Please follow back

  2. Ejiro says:

    But i want Fish Brain Series back!!!

  3. Made says:

    Yayyyy @ the book club idea.

    Sally the pace setter!!

  4. mesmaggie says:

    This one that you said we are in love with Jide and Honey, iz like you will be ouing sand sand in their garri,…… Me sef i had enough of Toni.

    Well done Sally.

  5. AOS says:

    Wow…..Sally, I want to ask one question oh. Can Boys with Toys come back? Me personal love Boys with Toys, I want to read it over again please.

  6. Sally, you are doing amazing sweetie.
    Please, can we have The Darker Berry back?
    And I guess I need to catch up on It’s Another Saturday…I wonder why I never read it sef.
    Now, let me log on to IG and follow our book club.

  7. Knonye says:

    Awesome stuff! #IAS wiki be back soon!!! I am beyond stoked!

  8. Sanjra says:

    Amaka is my all time favorite (male/female) character. I miss fish brain series abeg. And biko if in your usual sweetness you bring back its another Saturday, I am rooting seriously for Hauwa and Seyi’s love gist o.

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