The Other Woman



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Now to the story…

She took off her sweaty clothes. It had been a tiring and hectic day and the smell of endless work hours had to be shed away. She peeled down the zip of her dress and let the dress drop to the floor. She was standing beside the mirror and she turned towards it to get a complete once-over of her features. She smiled at her full curves. Surely, the missus didn’t possess the confidence that always drew him to her. She ran her hands over her shoulders gracefully and made her fingers brush against each other as they met in-between her full breasts. Without her helping it, her cheeks flushed and her mind wandered away, evoking his presence, as her own hands became the vessel with which his hands caressed her…

Her phone rang and she was pulled back to the bedroom. Their bedroom. Their love nest. She stumbled towards the bed and fell on it as she took his call.

“Hey, stranger,” she cooed.

“I’m on my way. I hope you have food. I’m starving.”

“I’ve got all sorts of things to satisfy you, baby.”

“I know. Just keep it all warm and nice.”

She giggled as he rung off. Quickly, she got off the bed and picked her dirty dress off the floor whilst taking off her underwear. She rushed into the bathroom and turned on the shower. The water was warm and caressing and even after she soaped herself, she waited, letting the water pour over her body tenderly. It touched every crevice his fingers would stroke and she fought her mind from wandering too much.

A few more minutes and she was done. She wrapped up in a towel and walked back into the bedroom.

She took her time with everything she did, making gentle strokes on her body as she sat before the mirror. It was important that she enjoyed the ordinary act of grooming herself because it prepared her psychologically and physically for him. Spread out on the bed was her new pair of black, venomous unmentionables. She grabbed them and slid into them quickly as she heard his car in the driveway. Afterward, she straightened out the bed, perfumed it a little and dashed out to welcome him.

“Hi baby!” She flung open the front door and stood there, an image of sizzling sexiness. He was silent for a few seconds, his voice lost. She giggled as she noticed his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down after each swallow.

“I must have died and gone to heaven,” he scarcely whispered and she drew him in, pulling at his tie. The door closed behind them and she pushed him to it as she ravaged his lips with a hungry kiss that had him dropping his laptop bag to the floor. It was instant, his desire, and she felt it rise to meet hers but she moved away from him and led him to the dining area.

“Hungry, you said?” she asked and he stared at the empty table, puzzled. “Starving was the word you used.”

She lightly put a barefoot over one of the chairs and in one smooth movement, hoisted herself off the floor and onto the table where she spread out and beckoned to him with her forefinger.

Not hesitating a second, he hurried over, discarding his shoes, tie, his shirt, his pants. She laughed at how fast the items fell off his body, leaving him in only his socks and boxers. He covered her with kisses from her lips down to her navel and somewhere at that point, she almost lost her mind.


The woman tilted her head backwards, took the last swig of wine straight from the bottle and when he wasn’t concentrating poured it into his mouth straight from hers. He swallowed unwillingly with a hidden smile and a weak frown while she laughed heartily.

“I’m exhausted,” he said, looking at the empty plates of food littered on the floor of the bedroom. “And it’s late. I have work tomorrow.”

She pouted. “don’t let this end nau.”

He sat up. “You’ve done me in, baby, and as much as I want more of you, I have to face the truth that you’re not always going to be here. My wife will be back and…”

Tears filled her eyes instantly. “Why can’t we do this all the time, baby?”

“Because it’s not possible. I know how much it took for you to do this and I appreciated and enjoyed every moment of it. Look at me, I can’t even move. don’t get me wrong, I want this every single day but you and I know it’s not likely.” He finished with a yawn.

“See, you’re sleepy. Why don’t you just come and doze it off in my arms, handsome?”

“I have work…”

“Shhh…” She pulled him to her and he burrowed himself in her embrace and before she could utter any more words, he was snoring away. She smiled. He was all hers for that moment, even if things were going back to normal the next morning, he was hers for that night.


She woke to blinding sunlight coming in from the window and she frowned, tasting the staleness of food and wine on her tongue. Muttering to herself, she turned away from the light and to the other side of the bed where he was supposed to be lying. But it was empty.

She opened her eyes, hoping he would sort of magically appear but all she saw was rumpled sheets and a torn condom foil. She smiled at the memory of the previous night but it was a little smile that didn’t even lift her cheeks. It was all over as it began. Valentine’s was gone and so was the love affair. Normalcy was going to return and the reality of her situation was going to hit in a few minutes.

She got off the bed, slipped into something silky and decent that had a pocket where she buried her phone; she made her way out of the bedroom. Immediately, the smell of fried eggs hit her nose. He was still around! She smiled, this time her cheeks lifted and flushed. Maybe Valentine’s was not over. She hurried into the kitchen and found him fully dressed, fixing breakfast. He was fumbling with the frying spoon over burning eggs as she walked towards him.

“You’re not gone?” she asked.

“I’m starving.”

She raised a naughty brow and he shook his head. “Not for that.”

“Just one more,” she pleaded as she put her hands round him.

“No. Work calls.” He turned to kiss her thin lips that he knew could surprisingly work magic.

“Let me help you with that,” she offered, taking over the cooking. “Go and wait at the table or better still hold me from behind.”

He laughed. “You are a temptress. And I love you.”

“But I’m not the one you married. You married a boring, lackluster woman.”

“Hey, careful with the way you talk about my wife.” He smiled, smacked her bum and walked out of the kitchen. Minutes later, she appeared at the dining area with a tray of toast, unburnt scrambled eggs, a mug of hot chocolate for her and coffee for him. They ate in silence not because it was their thing but because she was busy trying to seduce him and he was busy trying to remain focused on his breakfast. Finally, with just two little gulps of coffee left, he pushed his mug away, lifted her off her chair and placed her on the table. As he proceeded to kiss her, the front door burst open and four individuals walked in. One of them, a woman of about thirty-something and the other three were children, the oldest being about ten years old.

The other woman who was sitting on the table jumped down instantly and straightened the silky thing she was wearing.

The thirty-something year old woman eyed the couple sourly.

“What is going on?”

The man opened his mouth to say something but the littlest of the children, an adorable three year old with patchy hair ran towards him.


The man lifted his daughter in his arms and twirled her around.

“How are you, sweetheart?”


“Give me a kiss.”

The little girl planted one on his nose.

“Oya, go to your mommy.” He handed the girl to the woman beside him, adding in a whisper. “Holiday is over and so is your little fantasy. Bring my wife back.”

She giggled and turned to her sister who was standing at the door with a frown on her face.

“You were supposed to come and take them to school,” the sister said.

The woman looked at her other children, a boy and a girl that looked exactly like their father.

“I’m sorry, sis. They have this repainting thing they’re doing in their school, so no classes. Didn’t Junior tell you?”

“No,” the sister replied and the woman shook her head at her first son who was consuming what was left of his father’s breakfast.


The woman walked to the kitchen with her sister in tow.

“What were you two doing?” The sister asked and the woman laughed, putting down her lastborn.

“Nothing. Just having the bottom pot of our val’s night. Scrapings.”

“Yeye people. Anyway, nobody needs it like you. Your offspring are a handful. don’t ever drop them at my place again. See, let me run to work. Later.”

“Thanks, sis.”

The sister said her goodbye and left the family alone.

“Mommy!” the ten year old boy ran into the kitchen, almost knocking his younger sister to the floor. “Can I have biscuit?”

“No, Junior.” The woman frowned but noticed his hand already going for a biscuit jar on the fridge.

Hmmm…boys, they grow so tall these days, she thought and filled the hot water kettle with cold water from the tap. As she made a mental note to hide the biscuit jar somewhere higher next time, she heard a loud crashing sound on the floor and to her horror she discovered Junior had knocked down the jar and succeeded in injuring his sister in the process. There was a piercing scream from the three year old and the woman almost screamed out herself.

“Great! I have to call in sick at work today,” she grumbled and looked to her husband for help but he was already going out the door.

“Mommy, I want to eat egg! Junior haff finish all the egg!” Her five year old daughter who was standing on the dining table called her attention.

“Get down from that place before I get there and smack you!”

At that moment her phone beeped and she pulled it out of silky thing’s pocket. It was a text from her husband.

I lied about wanting my wife back. Is there any chance that the Valentine’s holiday can be extended to this night?

She laughed and somehow in the midst of the chaos, while cleaning the scratches on her three year old’s arms and screaming at her five year old, she was able to type the following:

Sorry, player. It’s back to business as usual. Valentine’s only a day.

© Sally


Shey You Will Marry Me


  1. Priceless!
    Classic case of cheating on your life! I smile when I read this cos its so cool. As I told you already Ms Sal, I run with a freakish crowd and this here story….just up the alley. May the valentine bug remain still, just for the night. 🙂

  2. This is a good write up but I so much wished you didnt used the Nigerian flavour terms like ‘oya’ and the rest. This piece is simply outstanding

    • Thanks, Persiux5
      I love to use Nigerian expressions in my work because I want to depict reality. We do not speak in Nigeria without those expressions, so it is only fitting that I bring out elements of our own patois.

    • The naija thing is what whats this so kool! Life’s certainly changed in our country buddy….Ms Sal writes for the modern day naija and world audience….most folks will get it…do get it.

  3. at first, while reading… I imagined the white man setting but immediately you brought the naija expressions…my mind race down to home… Last week..I read ur story about what you havent told anyone and I cried…. Please when are u posting how to tame a virgin ep4?

    • Soon. I’m enjoying my easter break but I’ll be back on wednesday, Lord willing. 😉

  4. okay waiting …. It good you have a friend to edit your work. I have no one to have a second eye on my works. So depressing

    • If you join the community of writers, you’re sure to get someone to help

  5. Loool.I remember reading this last year,reading it again,I said to myself,”drop a comment”..great read as usual,e don sweet daddy for body e con dey ask for replay,hiaaaan..lool.

  6. Wow, read this piece just now, it got me fooled, thought the other woman had come to unleashed terror on the concubine, I like the twist of the story. Nice write up, wish I could write like this.

  7. christy baby

    Wondaful writeup! Got confused @ a point ………..more ink 2 ur pen lol!

    • Sally

      Haha. Glad you got it 😉

  8. Beautiful story. I was also confused in the middle,lovely twist. You are really gifted. God bless this talent and may it keep getting better. And I liked the Nigerian lingo you added, staying true to our roots and giving the story a realistic feel.
    Keep out the good work!

  9. Sally baby, u can turn person head. Was a bit confused about the twist. Good one, differebt from the rest. Welldone.

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