Finally! To Tame A Virgin Ebook Is Now Available

Good morning, sweethearts!

Due to popular demand, To Tame  A Virgin is finally available and in an ebook, revised and edited, This was the story that made me hit, guys. My most plagiarized work so far. So, if you’ve not read it, you better do so now.

to tame a virgin

For everyone who asked, you can now go ahead and get your own copy from Okadabooks by clicking>>> Here.

It’s only ₦1500.

You can also get the PDF version directly from me by dropping a comment in the comment box, using a functioning email in the space provided for emails. Please, do not drop your email in the comment box. Just use a functioning email so that I can reply directly to you. Be sure to check your spam box if you don’t get a reply from me.

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. Chidiogo

    I’m so excited.. Thank you Sally. Please I need the pdf version. Thanks

  2. Oluwaseyi

    This is great news. The first of your story i read. I want

  3. Yes oh, thank you Sally…..I want please.

  4. Nice one Sally. Now wifey will let me rest

  5. i read the story, it was a bomb, one of your best Sally. I wunt mind reading it again. Thanks

  6. Yes o, that story tight gan an. Am interested in a pdf copy please.

  7. Hi Sally,

    I’m so sorry am one your readers who has moskedapages open and her laptop presses the refresh button every morning. I absolutely love your work. God bless you, your family, your pen, your laptop and the hand that writes these beautiful stories

  8. Yes please i need the pdf copy. Thank you

  9. ???? congratulations ma please I want the pdf version

  10. nice work sally, I’ld love a PDF version.

  11. Akinniyi Tumilara

    Good job. I want a PDF version Pls.

  12. Yiiippppyyyyyy, wellii done ma, always looking forward to something new here. l wanttiii ooo, Thks in advance

  13. Kikelomo

    Well done Sally. Please I want the PDF copy. Thanks in anticipation.

  14. Hello Sally,
    Thank you for bringing back to tame a Virgin. For those of us that haven’t read this means a lot.
    I know you’ve said something similar to this before, but i just want to confirm if any of the stories written by guests are coming back apart from the marriage ultimatum?

    It’d be nice if they did. I can’t wait for the end of the month for love, your enemy.

  15. Dakpemien

    Madam Sally I would really appreciate a copy of “to tame a virgin”. Lol…I have actually read it twice but I want to read the extras you have added. Thanks in advance

  16. Busayo Akogun

    You are always Bae, mentor. Can’t wait to read it in pdf.

  17. Yayyy!!!
    Thank you Sally. You’re such a darling.xx

  18. Yay! !!
    This is the story that got me hooked on moskedapages. I want!! !!!!!?

  19. I would really love to have the pdf. Thanks

  20. This is nice Sally, finally.pls I need the puff version, thanks

  21. Sorry, I meant the PDF VERSION.thanks

  22. Hi Sally, would love to read it again… I want the PDF …… thanks

  23. I am interested in the pdf version. Dear Sally, u re a genius writer. You rock….

  24. Yaay!!!
    Beht I’m scared that it won’t be as good as I remember?.
    Thank you for continually sharing your work with us

  25. Folakemi

    Madam sally God bless ur knowledge and increase ur wisdom
    I love everything inside Moskeda
    Wouldnt mind reading this story again in Pdf
    Thanks in aticipation

  26. Yippee. This is the story that brought me to your blog and I wouldn’t mind having a PDF version of it.
    Thanks Sally.

  27. steffi Laba

    i love ur blog. Ur stories are so intresting. i would love to have the pdf version of to tame a virgin.

  28. fadebomi

    Good job Sally, God bless u. pls kindly send me the PDF format

  29. Themhydahyoh

    A copy of to tame a virgin is what I need so as to keep in my library just the way I kept fourth finger. Pls send to me too

  30. And its finally out ???yaay!!!!! I wannnnnnnntttttttttttttttt the pdf please???Am really counting down to July for love, your enemy and I can’t wait to start dear high mistress too??. Keep up the good work ma’am. Warmest regards to the family. God bless you always aunt Sally ?.

  31. Well dine Sally. I’ll like to have the PDF also

  32. Please i want…tankiu so much Sally.

  33. Thank you Sally!
    Please I would love to have the PDF copy.

  34. Pls I want the pdf version…May your ink never run dry

  35. Yaaaayy!!! Please I NEED the PDF version!!!

  36. Please I want bosslady. Thank you

  37. Thanks sally. Love to take that ride again. PDF

  38. Hello Sally, I really do not Monday reading ‘TTAV’ again. It’ll definitely keep me occupied until Love your enemy comes out.


    I most definitely want the pdf version.

  39. Ephortunate

    Yippieeeee…… I guess I would be reading like 6-8 times now…

  40. Please I do need the PDF
    That is the story that got me here

  41. You just made my morning. Pls, never stop feeding us with the awesomeness that your writing is.

  42. Hi Sally, words are not enough to appreciate all the good work you’ve been doing. Some of us hardly Comment but we read everything you write voraciously. I will love a pdf copy, Kindly let me know the cost implication.
    God bless you and keep your family.
    Love always,

  43. Been a while due to nigeria ish and exams, catching up on ur new stories. To tame a virgin was d first of ur work i read d reason i looked for ur site.
    Would love d pdf sally. Be waiting

  44. Your work is good ma’am. Just found this website a few weeks ago and been ghosting since. I got the fourth finger ad novocaine knights from okadabooks. Off to get this one too because your work is worth it. Cheers

  45. Ifiok Uko

    Pls I want the PDF. I really can’t wait to read that one too

  46. Nuderess

    Yaaaay!!!! Kudos Salz. Thanks for coming through always. Pls I’ll love to have the pdf too

  47. Good work ure doing ma, I will appreciate the PDF version… Thank you!!!!

  48. sally sally sally………………………
    Pls i need this. It ws this very story that made me fall in love with ebooks. Yours and Tomilola Coco back then on 360nobs.

  49. Hi interested in the pdf version please.

  50. I would like to have the PDF. It was a fantastic story

  51. Pretty pearl

    Pls, am new here ND I want the PDF of the story. Tnks

  52. Hello Sally. Thanks for all you do. I need a PDF format pls. Would love to read that story again. Thanks

    • Sally

      Hi my dear, I stopped responding to the requests for this book because almost everyone thought it was free and I never stated anywhere that it was. If you’re still interested, let me know

  53. Heyyy….I’ll really appreciate the pdf

  54. Olajumoke meshioye

    Really interesting,would like to have the pdf version.

  55. Rosemary

    Though my comment is coming 4 months after your post I just hope you see this and give a favourable response. Please I’m very much interested in the PDF file of “to take a virgin ” I have been gone from this blog for some months now and having this book will mean a lot to me. Thank you

  56. Hello, I’m new here I would love to have a copy of to tame a virgin.please I hope it’s not too late. Thanks

  57. Please may I get this too? I hope I’m not too late. Thanks. Fantastic writer, you!

  58. I’d love to have the PDF version too, thanks.

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