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Two Lives And A Soul – My Apologies

Hello everyone,

I really don’t know how to do this, but I’m going to try. I’ll use that evergreen cliché: There is good news, and there’s the bad news. I know the one you want first, so here is it: The bad news is that I won’t be continuing with the series Two Lives And A Soul on this blog, or any other. It’s painful. And I hate myself for it. But the good news is the reason I have to discontinue it.

My publishing team finally got to read the entire script of the series, and they loved it like hot dog. They would love to publish it in the nearest future, but advised that I had to stop blogging it if that can be achieved. Actually, it was more of an order, than a request.

Truth is that Two Lives And A Soul wasn’t intended to be this long, but you know what happens when characters begin to have minds of their own, and all you can do as a writer is to document what you see, or what you are told. I just kept writing, and writing, and ‘like play like play’, it’s been about a year since we started the story.

You guys have been amazing! You are one of the most curious and somehow ‘impatient’ readers I have ever met. You guys fueled the enthusiasm I needed as a writer to create those plots in the series. I really do appreciate. Tell you a secret? The end of the story isn’t as convoluted as the story itself, but the end will kill you. So why die now when you can die later.

Two Lives And A Soul will be rewritten, professionally edited, and published in paperback, but I want to dedicate the story to every reader on this blog. I mean, I want to put your names on the first page of the book. Maybe the first 100 names we get on my mail. This is just a way of appreciating you all, because somehow we wrote the story together.

To the bloggers who made this possible, you guys are incredible, and I am honored for the platter. Sally, Gboyega, Walter, Ogechi, Connected Lagos, Tatafo, I’m immensely grateful to you all.

My debut novel, Night of a Red Moon will be out before the end of this year, and I’m not sure you’ve seen anything like it before. I kid you not. We’ll keep you posted. It will be followed by Two Lives And A Soul, then Dead Man’s Messenger, then Sons of Thunder, then God The Brother. Maybe Life of a Barrack Boy (short stories) will be revisited. There are about eight novels (all > 100,000 words) already waiting to be published, just so you know we aren’t here to play.

On behalf of my family, I say merci, gracias, thank you!


Ojay Aito

For life and fiction.

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  1. Modus says:

    Awww best of luck! Please let us know when the book is out.

  2. loolah says:

    Awww!!! okay ooo we will be patiently waiting.. but all the same, all the best to you in all ur endeavours. *cheers*

  3. Zee says:

    Aaaawwww! All the best, dear. was looking forward to reading more of it today, but I guess I’ll have to wait till d books r out. regards to u and ur family

  4. Eedrees says:

    Oooh! Sad dat it cnt kwantinew hre, bt api dat u will publish it for is one day. It will be great to have our names immortalised on such a captivating piece of art. Best of luck man.

  5. Temmy says:

    So sad it can’t continue now, I’ve been anticipating the next episode like my monthly allowance. But no problem sha, I’ll dutifully wait for it… jah bless u Ojay

  6. awww .. awjay … we are not so happy with this decision joor .. well all the best … we will wait patiently for the paper back . Lols

  7. Mehn, it’s no play really.
    Ojay gimme inspiration please.
    Dunno what is wrong with me ?

    I await your books, bro

  8. Ojay says:

    Goodness me! Thanks so much guys! Thanks.

  9. anita says:

    waoh…. just wen i ve bcom so engrosed, well best wishes. notify me wen d book is out, interestd in a copy

  10. AOS says:

    Wow, waoh……congratulations OJ and best of luck OK. Please let us know when the novels are available alright.
    Do take care and have a great time.

  11. jane says:

    Awww wwwh… bad face joh but all the same thank u for the story so far, looking forward lolz

  12. Nwanne says:

    Great job Ojay. Rooting for you to go farther.

  13. nene says:

    Awwwwh, Congrats Ojay and thank you. Pls let us know when your novels will be out.
    Best of luck.

  14. Awwwwh, Congrats Ojay and thank you. Pls let us know when your novels will be out.
    Best of luck.

  15. Sucre says:

    will you publish it on okadabooks? for a fee of course

  16. Adeola gem says:

    Awww! Okay o. Anticipating d book o. Congratulations Ojay. And it’s a great idea to include our names on the first page of your book. That would be awesome. Good job as always.

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