Dear High Mistress Christmas Marathon ?

Dear moskedapages family,

You know I’ll never leave nor forsake thee. I’d have posted a couple of episodes over the past weeks but the muses have been kind to me, so I said, why not splurge?

So, starting on Thursday, your Christmas marathon begins.

For those asking about membership, buy a copy of In The Name Of Papa either on okadabooks or send a message to me via The book gives you express access to membership which would commence in January.

Enjoy your weekend darlings

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    I can’t wait. Please I’ve bought my copy o!
    You are awesome Sally.

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    For those of us who bought via okada books.. How will you know we bought ITNOP?

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    Praise to the muses, we hail thee and pls be kind and take your time.

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    I second Made concern Sally. But knowing u, I guess I HV no need to b worried.

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    Glowing Kosnie Reply

    Thanks Sally of laive for this Marathon…

    I’m so excited can’t wait for Thursday

    Merry Christmas to You and Yours in Advance and May the Muses be kind to you Always!!!

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    Thanks darling Sally

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    This Christmas is going to be lit????????

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    Bought in the name of papa on okada how do i know i am a member?

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    Yaaaaaaahhhhh! Can’t wait for Thursday and January o. Thanks Sally and merry Christmas in advance.

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    AmazingBelle Reply

    I’m jumping for joy and counting down to Thursday already!!!
    Well done Sally

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    mark aniemeka Reply

    How do I become a member? I am an ardent reader of your blog and i enjoy every single episode and book you put up…. keep the good work!!!! More blessings….

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    Today is the day that the lord has made ooo. we are patiently waiting for the marathon. leggooooo


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