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Yemisi watched Dapo disappear and burst into a fresh wave of tears.




“Thank you, God bless you too. I’m so glad you’re happy,” she responded to Rita. “Em….he’s fine I’m sure.”

There were a few moments of nods – and then; “Yes, yes thank you. You too! Take care of him o!”

The phone clicked off and Yemisi held it to her chest, smiling skywards. It had been a huge success; more than she had expected. The food had finished, even the reserved stash finished – and the business cards Dapo printed for her too were gone – all she had left were two copies she intended to keep as memoirs.

Her conscience poked at her with hot fingers, twisting in her chest and burning her heart. Maybe she had been too hasty – and maybe it was the shock of seeing Remi like that…

Still, it was hard for to accept the accolades being heaped on her without feeling some guilt; because she realized it wouldn’t have happened without him. Opening her purse, she picked up one of the cards, running the edge of a well manicured fingernail along the embossed logo.

Blue Flame Catering. It felt good underneath her fingers and in her mouth.

Looking at the design again, she knew it wasn’t something that had just been thrown together in a hurry. It showed a lot of care, a lot of attention to detail…it showed passion and faith – a belief in the work of one’s hands.

Dapo did not design the card himself; he’d said as much, but his passion for the design had shown in the detailing. This was someone who took her and her dreams seriously.

Why then…would he have done what she seemed so determined to believe he had?

Finding no answers, Yemisi opened her curtains and stared into the night.





Yemisi sat in her car and dialed his number again. Switched off.

She bit her nails nervously as she thought about what she knew of him. Maybe she had not done him much good; she surmised.

The sudden knock on her window made her jump – and she looked up to see Adura staring at her. Quickly she wound the glass down and smiled at the younger girl. “You scared me,” Yemisi said.

“You scared me too. Where have you been – and why are you still sitting here?”

Yemisi smiled wryly at the windshield. “It’s nothing o, I just have a lot on my mind.” She reached and pinched Adura’s cheeks. “How are you doing?”

She smiled prettily. “I’m fine. I just went to get some breakfast.”

Yemisi switched off the car AC, stepped out and locked the door after winding her side window. “Let’s go,” she said.





“You’re what?”

Yemisi looked at her boss for the past five years and repeated words she’d said only five seconds earlier. “I’m resigning sir. I think it’s time I focused on other things.”

He stared at her, his face containing as much emotion as cooked noodles. She met him look for look, trying to figure what he was thinking. After a long while of neither of them yielding, Yemisi finally lowered her eyes.

“But Ms. Adeoba – I really do not understand. Is something wrong? We haven’t been treating you fairly enough? Your monthly package is not robust enough?”

Yemisi sighed. “It’s none of those things sir, as I’m sure you know.” She rubbed her hands together and looked at the clear nails. “Never in my years of employment have I worked in a place where I had this much fun.” She paused.

“But I’m convinced it’s time for me to move onto other things – things that give me more fulfillment. I’m sure you understand that sir,” she looked directly at her boss.

He wrinkled his nose at her. “You’re trying to blackmail me with my common sense?”

Yemisi laughed, knowing in her heart it was alright. “No, I’m trying to blackmail you with your fair and kind heart.”

Her boss sighed. “How long do we have?”

“As long as you need, boss.”




The words on her computer screen blurred and she blotted her eyes with her handkerchief for the thousandth time that day. Time of the month; she thought.

Looking around helped her confirm no one was looking at her and she tried to focus on the costing she was working on. But she couldn’t concentrate.  “Adura,” she called.

The girl came hustling over, giggling at something Fred said. “Yes, Yemisi?”

And then suddenly the girl blanched. “Are you okay? Why are your eyes so red?”

Yemisi smiled. “Had a fight with my boyfriend – and it was my fault. Now I can’t seem to reach him.”

Adura’s mouth hung open. “Oh no, Yemi. I’m so sorry. I mean…you guys were so…are so…I mean…”

The girl stumbled and halted, embarrassed flush covering her pretty face. Yemisi smiled bitterly and patted her elbow.

“I need you to help me finish this costing. I can’t concentrate…”

Adura interrupted. “Say no more.” She turned away, moving quickly to her system, dragged her chair over to Yemisi’s and shooed Yemisi aside. “This is the cereal campaign costing, right?

Yemisi nodded. “Rrright.”

“Okay. So where does this go…”




But for a few kids running back and forth, the neighborhood was quiet as she drove up to Dapo’s house.

Stopping the car, she thought for a bit about the reception she had received at his office when she had gone earlier – just to be sure he wasn’t there even though she knew he wouldn’t be. Grace had surprised her with a hug – the same Grace who had all but insulted her at Chidi’s wedding.

Seems things are conspiring to make Dapo such a good guy everywhere I turn; she thought, smiling wryly. I should just go and talk with him.

So thinking, she picked up her phone out of the bag and swung out of her seat.  Removing the car keys from the ignition, she shut the door, locked it and hurried into the compound.

“Sannu,” she greeted the grinning security guard who waved distractedly in her direction. He was talking to someone in his shack – so she just hurried past. Soon enough she was standing in front of Dapo’s door, a small knot making itself known to her. I’m just nervous, she surmised. I’m not sure he would want to talk with me – after the way I treated him.

She took a deep breath and knocked.

Almost immediately footsteps announced themselves on the other side of the door – and it began to open before she had a chance to get herself together. The door opened a bit wider as she bit her lower lip to keep it from trembling – and then a voice wiped away her fear before replacing it with something else.

“Yes?” the voice asked before sounded startled, “Yemisi!”

She smiled shyly. “Hi Remi.” She pushed hair out of her eyes as she watched him from under lowered lashes. “Is Dapo home?”

“No…no. He had to go to Ibadan – seems his father had a crisis or something over the weekend.” He stepped away from the door and looked her over. “You really look nice. Why don’t you come in?”

She hesitated. “That might not be such a good idea…”

“You’re going to keep running?”

Yemisi was indignant. “Running?! From who – your cousin or you?”

Remi leaned against the doorway and folded his arms across his chest. “Both of us. You know we should talk, so let’s. Please.”

Yemisi hated the way her body seemed to jump as she brushed past him and she hoped he wouldn’t notice. Which kain wahala be dis?

“You know Dapo has – or had nothing to do with our meeting. Why are you so mad at him?”

Yemisi sighed. “At least let me sit down first,” she said accusingly as her mind scurried around trying to find the answer to a question she had been asking herself. An image of her and Dapo playing Scrabble flashed across her mind as she stepped into the living room inspiring a sad smile. He really is an amazing guy.

She perched herself on the edge of the couch and eyed Remi as though she was a gazelle eying a grazing lion. He stood just beside the door, looking at her with half a smile hovering around his lips – lips that were made for just one purpose.

To drive her mad.

Oh Lord have mercy. Is this what I should be thinking?

“Why are you so angry, Yemisi?”

She felt something similar to anger rise within her chest and she chose not to push it down. “No part of this is my fault, you understand? I had nothing to do with this whole thing – so if you’re looking for someone to blame, take it somewhere else!”

Remi sighed. “I’m not trying to stress you, madam. Cool down.” He walked over and dumped himself on the other end of the sofa Yemisi was perched on and smiled as she stood up shakily.

“You know…I came to see Dapo…” Then she remembered what Remi said about his father. “Oh my God. Oh no! Do you know what happened – do you know how he’s doing?”

“Dapo or his dad?”

She smacked his shoulder playfully. “I was asking about Dapo jo!”

Remi laughed. “In that case, why haven’t you called him?”

“I have o, I have been calling him all day.” She sighed in frustration. “I don’t know why he would just turn off his phone like that. Does he not know there are people who care and would be worrying about him?”

Remi shrugged. “All appearance to the contrary,” he said, looking stern all of a sudden.

Yemisi waved a hand in front of her face. “Whatever.”

Remi stood up. “Do you want a drink or something – anything?”

“No. I’m fine,” she answered, watching him walk towards the kitchen. She allowed her tight frame lean back on the sofa and thought about the triangle in which she found herself. What’s a girl to do?

She thought about her mother and tried to imagine what she would say. “How do you date a man, dump him and then decide the next best thing is to date his brother?”

Yemisi shuddered.

“However did you and Dapo get together? From what he said, you were friends in the university and stayed in touch after that. How did it become a romance?”

Yemisi smiled mentally. So Dapo had not told his cousin the circumstances surrounding their relationship!

For some reason she loved him more.

“Can I be honest with you?” she asked Remi who nodded slowly.

“I like Dapo. He’s sweet, kind and considerate – he’s the kind of guy most girls would love to marry. Sure he has his skeletons – but don’t we all?”

At Remi’s nod she continued; “But then, I find I’m very attracted to you – which makes no sort of sense to me! I barely know you, and the only reason I have to trust you; the fact that you’re Dapo’s cousin also makes it impossible for me to do anything about the attraction.” She paused and looked at him. “Does that make any sense to you?”

Remi looked away – and then turned to face her, staring in her eyes with an intensity she found…unsettling.

“Looks to me like you’ve made a choice,” he said dryly. “So what happens now?”

Checking to confirm she was still holding her phone and keys, Yemisi stood and, giving Remi a wide berth as possible moved towards the door. “I’ll just need some time to sort out my feelings…tell Dapo I’m really sorry I…reacted the way I did.”

At the door she turned – and froze to find Remi standing almost face to face with her. She shrunk away from his unsmiling visage and reached for the door handle. He did not look amused.

“At least let me walk you to your vehicle,” he said as he made to follow her.

“No…no. Thank you. I think I’ll be fine by myself.”

He shrugged. “Okay – take care. I think you should send Dapo a message however – text, Facebook, Whatsapp…” he turned and walked back into the house, closing the door firmly.

For some reason, the finality of that gesture stung Yemisi.


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