Under the Weather

Hi guys,

I’m down with a terrible cold. pls bear with me this weekend. hopefully i’ll be back by monday and try to catch up.

my apologies.

but if you pray hard and an angel visits me tonight, i might return tomorrow. otherwise, na cold medicine get me this night and a long night under my blanket.

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    Kany T. Dahl Reply

    Sally, y dis weekend na? Y get sick at all sef? *whispers …tell ur hubba to make u very peppery chicken soup, it works wonders. Get well soon.

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    Kpele dear, u’ll be fine. Ure waking up refreshed. Take ur tym though, Monday we’ll catch up. Just get above the weather…Great night rest!

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    Don’t worry Sally am going on fasting and prayer for u dis night,get well soon please,,I hope my fasting won’t be in vain o

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    darkiebussie Reply

    Awwww. Sorry dear….. Don’t tell me a whole Sally gets under the weather… Just kidding.. Speedy recovery…

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    Hey yah, sorry dear sally
    Take ur time to rest very well okay
    Happy nite rest

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    Ndo o nne. We claim your healing from the covenant that is sealed with the blood of Jesus Christ. May the angels bring you healing and strength on their wings, NOW. Rest dear, it is well.

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    Please sally take all d rest you need body no be wood may d good Lord protect you

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    Sally sear sending fresh fish pepper soup sharply. Rest well ko

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    Eyaaaaaaaa sorry dear pls do take kae of urslf d lord is ur strength

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    Get well soon! My husband swears by lemon n tea as the cure to cold! Maybe you should try it!

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    Salome please take all the time you need and rest well.Praying for you.

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    Get well soon sally.. God is ur strength.. Pls aw can I be a member on here? Can’t view some stories cos I’m nt a member and I dnt av password

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      Sally Reply

      But you’re going to the wrong blog na. Didn’t you see that the url is different from the url of this particular blog? Where did you even get that link? It’s obsolete. use this: http://moskedapages.com/category/fish-brain-clan/
      for future references, explore this blog and find the stories here

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    Oh oh no why nah,see me expecting novo knights. Mstchewww beta tell cold to take his time oh,awa oni gba oh!!!

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    Feel better.mI’m not a big fan of medicine for colds but we do what we must.


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