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Unfulfilled Promises #14 By Audrey Timms

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Cheers! And enjoy Audrey Timms’ thrilling Unfulfilled Promises.




Oleng kept thinking on her way home. She was still amazed at what had happened. Immediately she got home, she called Zinny.


“Zinny, guess what.” she said with excitement.




“I said guess.”


“You just won an American visa lottery?”


“Of course not, though it’s close to it. Dave just professed his love to me!” she exclaimed.


“It’s a lie!” Zinny exclaimed. “Really?”


“Yes.” she said and went on to give her the details.


“Wetin you go do?”


“I don’t know. Believe me, I’m confused.”


“Why don’t you give him a try? Dave na nice guy o!”


“But I don’t feel anything for him. He’s like a brother and good friend to me.”


“Love grows; that’s if you give it a chance.”


“I don’t want to hurt him if the love never grows.”


“Then tell him that. Tell him you’ll give him a chance but he shouldn’t get upset if you don’t eventually love him.”


“Do you think he’ll accept that?”


“Just try am jor! Frankly speaking, I think you’ll get to love him that is if you don’t already. Maybe you don’t know it yet but now that he has proclaimed his love maybe yours will come to light.”


“I hope so because he’s really a nice guy and I don’t want to hurt him.”


“Don’t worry, time will tell, Mrs. Sokari.” she teased and they both laughed.


“Oleng, I intended calling you before you did. I want to apologize for not telling you about the small get together we just had. Dave told me you were hurt at been left out. I’m sorry.”


“It’s alright, Zinny. After all, I told you not to tell me anything about him. I must admit that I felt bad at first at being left out but I got over it. So how was it?” she asked with false cheerfulness.


“It was cool. Eric is something else. If I wasn’t already in love with Eddy, I would have fallen in love with him.” she laughed and Oleng found herself laughing also though not from her heart. She was sick and tired of hearing her ex-boyfriend’s virtues.


There was a minute silence before Zinny said, “Oleng, he asked of you.”


Oleng became breathless. “That’s not true. Dave told me he didn’t ask of me and when you made a slip by calling my name, he didn’t say anything but was saved by his ringing phone. Who am I to believe?”


“It wasn’t a slip. I called your name intentionally to see what he would say but he didn’t say anything. Later on when I went to pee, he followed me and after a little preamble, he asked after you. Where you are, what you’re doing and so on.”


Oleng was silent at that. She couldn’t believe her ears.


“Oleng, all this while, I saw him as a monster but after speaking with him, I realized there’s more to it than what meets the eye concerning your break up.”


“Really?” she replied in great doubt.


“Yes. He gave me the impression that you broke up with him. He said…”


“What? That I broke up with him? That filthy liar! He wanted you to feel sorry for him and you fell for it. How could you? After all I told you he did to me? Unbelievable.” She felt betrayed.


“Oleng listen…”


“No, you listen. I know he came back to Nigeria all flashy and all but I refuse to forget what he did to me. You weren’t there so I don’t expect you to understand. He wasn’t there when Mrs. Akpan made life a living hell for me. He wasn’t there when I was jeered at by my cousin or when people whispered about me when I went to the hospital for antenatal or when I carried his bastard for nine months or when I was in labor or put to bed or when I discovered the baby was dead. Where was he?” she screamed bitterly. “And now he has the guts to lie that I broke up with him! He can be the most handsome, richest and successful man on earth but to me he is just a loser for abandoning me when I needed him most.”


Zinny couldn’t help the tears that gathered in her eyes at the pain her friend had gone through.


“I’m sorry,” was all she could say.


Oleng calmed down. “I’ve to go now. I’ll call you some other time. Bye.” she said and ended the call in a perfunctory way without waiting for Zinny to say good bye too.


She was thinking deeply when her aunt came into the room. She sat down on the bed and enveloped her in a bear hug.


“I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but I heard you yelling so I had to come and find out what was upsetting you”


“I promised myself not to get worked up over him again but I couldn’t stop myself. He hurt me so much and now he goes about saying I’m the one who broke up with him and not the other way round.”


“Don’t mind him. He has probably realized his folly of yesteryears and to save face, he has to claim you broke up with him.”


“How can he do that when he knows what he did?” She raised eyes full of pain to look at her dear aunt.


“Like you said, he’s just a loser…tell me one thing though, you still love him, don’t you? I mean you still have feelings for him.” She looked into the eyes of her niece as she asked.


Oleng shook her head vigorously. “No. I just have this deep hatred for him for not only dumping me but lying about it as well. If I could see him now, I’d shoot him between his deceitful eyes without a second thought.” she vehemently told her shocked aunt.


“Oleng!” she exclaimed. “Don’t ever say such again. You can’t take his life even though he was mean to you. Don’t even think of such things not to talk of actually saying them.” her aunt looked scandalized.


“I just told you my mind.” was what Oleng simply said leaving her aunt to stare at her in fright.


Aunt Vien started thinking of who would tell her where she could find a good psychologist because Oleng desperately needed one before she would do something very foolish that could ruin her life.


She remembered what her sister had told her that fateful day.


Oleng was really a very passionate person. She loved and hated passionately.






Oleng and Dave went out the following evening. At first she felt very uncomfortable around him. He noticed it and made her relax by avoiding that particular topic and behaved as if events of the day before didn’t happen. She relaxed and enjoyed herself thoroughly. When it was late and they were about to leave, he paused.


“Sweetheart, I know I’m not supposed to bring up what I told you yesterday but I can’t help it. All I ask is for you to really think about it. Please. I promise never to break your heart.”


Oleng could only nod. She spent that whole week thinking. When her aunt noticed how distracted she was, she asked what the problem was and Oleng told her what Dave had told her. Her aunt was joyous.


“This is wonderful news. I approve of him. Don’t give it a second thought. Be his girlfriend.” she cheerfully told her niece.


Oleng shook her head. “It’s not that simple, Aunty Vien. I don’t love him. I don’t feel that strong affection for him. I’ve always seen him as a brother.”


“Love grows my dear. You’ll grow to love him.”


“Aunt Vien, Dave and I have been together for a while now. Don’t you think I would have fallen in love with him by now?”


“Did you fall in love with Eric within months?”




“See? What are we talking about here? You’ll grow to love Dave. He’s a nice guy. Not drop dead gorgeous but he’s okay. A guy that never fails to bring goodies for Matthew and I is approved by me.” she joked and Oleng laughed.


“Aunty! Is it the goodies he brings for you and Matthew that is influencing your decision?” She nudged her aunt with her elbow.


“No, but you can’t blame me my dear. You know we were practically living from hand to mouth before you started serving. So a rich and generous in-law will be highly welcomed.” she informed her, grinning broadly and Oleng couldn’t help agreeing with her. Things had really been rough for them.


She thought and thought about Dave’s proposal and decided to say yes. She knew she had sworn off men but Dave was an okay looking guy, loving, kind, generous, caring; to name a few of his wonderful qualities. She tried to look for flaws in his character but came wanting.


She could only see that he was a very secretive person with the evidence of hiding his love for her all these years and she could never detect whenever he was angry. She hoped he would open up to her when they started dating. She didn’t want a relationship in which she would be the only one always pouring her heart out. She would have to work on him.


She didn’t out rightly come out to tell him she had accepted his proposal but somehow they just fell into the pattern of boyfriend and girlfriend. He introduced her outside as his girlfriend and she did likewise.


When he took her to his office to show her off, she believed, his colleagues were all over her. They called him a lucky devil for having such a queen as his girlfriend. One even secretly gave her his number thinking she was the double dating type. She had only laughed.


She and Collins were still friends and hung out every once in a while especially when Dave wasn’t around. Oleng noticed the way he behaved around her but chose to ignore it. He had blown his chances with her; not that she would have dated him anyway. He pleaded with her over and over again for him to take her out on his birthday and she finally obliged. Dave wasn’t happy about it because she had turned him down for an outing. She was glad to see he was very jealous. It made her feel special.


She and Collins went to a fast food joint. Dave called her every twenty minutes to check up on her.


“Your guy is very possessive.” Collins chuckled after she finished answering yet another phone call from Dave. “Can’t say I blame him, you’re a rare gem.”


Oleng rolled her eyes.


“It’s true. I made a mistake letting you go in school. I…I want you back.” He blurted out.


Oleng stared at him as if he’d grown two horns. “What about your virgin girlfriend, Obot?” She was reeking with sarcasm.


Collins squirmed on his seat. He became very uneasy. “She…she lied to me. She wasn’t a virgin. I caught her with another girl in bed.”


Oleng held her tongue from saying, ‘Serves you right!”


“Oleng,” he began softly. “I know I made a terrible mistake judging you the way I did. I’m so sorry. I was carried away by self-righteousness. I had no right whatsoever to judge you and I’ve regretted my actions ever since. No one has any right to judge someone else’s past. You kept yourself despite your past but I was feeling too self-righteous to realize that. All through my service year, I kept thinking about you. I didn’t find a girl who could hold a candle to you. I really want you back despite the fact that you’re in a relationship.”


“You want me back?” Oleng was amazed. “But Collins, we were only good friends back then, we weren’t dating or anything.”


“I know but then I fantasized about you being my wife and losing my virginity to you and all that.”


Oleng eyed him suspiciously. “What are you saying, Collins?”


Collins looked deep into her eyes.


“I want to lose my virginity to you and no other.”


Oleng laid on her bed that night as she recounted the events of that day. She hadn’t been able to say a word to Collins’s proposal. She had eventually told him she wanted to go home. He had been disappointed.


Oleng smiled as she remembered Dave’s reaction at sighting Collins. Oleng had given Collins Dave’s home address. She had intentionally called Dave outside to say hello to her friend. Dave thinking it was a good thing since it showed Oleng was really committed to their relationship had been astonished to see it was Collins. Collins, the drop dead gorgeous guy whom Oleng had introduced him to as ‘just a friend’. And of course, driving an infinity SUV!


Oleng didn’t understand the sudden wealth Collins seemed to have come into because he had been a middle-class student in school back then. She was however certain that had she looked closely into Dave’s eyes, she was sure she would have found them as green as the Incredible Hulk’s.


She laughed heartily. Dave had behaved coldly towards her when Collins left. This was fun!





“Alright Collins. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.” Oleng ended the call and smiled. She looked surreptitiously at Dave. He looked murderous. She smiled again.


“What’s the problem, sweetheart?” She asked feigning innocence,


He looked at her and looked away again, focusing his gaze on the television.


Oleng tried her best to stop smiling but couldn’t help it.


Collins had continued disturbing her. He was always flooding her with gifts and calls much to Dave’s chagrin. Unknown to Dave, Oleng had all Collins gifts stacked in a big box in her room. Collins had apologized over and over again for the way he had treated her. He didn’t know however that she only listened to him because of Dave. She wanted to see how far Dave would go in his possessiveness and jealousy. He didn’t know he looked very cute when jealous.


She moved to sit beside him on the sofa and held his hand.


“Talk to me na. What’s the problem?” She purred.


“You’re asking me?” His eyes flared as they fixed on her smiling face. “What’s up with you and that Collins? For the past one month he has been calling you like twenty times a day. Does he work with MTN?” Dave was furious.


Oleng chuckled. She didn’t want him to know she was the one who always flashed Collins to call whenever she was with him.


“Collins is just a friend.” She informed him but he looked at her in disbelief.


“Just like you introduced me to him, right?”


Oleng bit her lip from smiling. “He’s really just a friend though he wants to be more than that.”


“And your reply was?”


“Negative of course!”


“Then why is he still calling you?”


“Isn’t he a guy? Do you guys ever take no for an answer?”


“No, but when the lady is flashing green light for us, of course we’d think she’s only playing hard to get.”


“Are you saying I’m playing hard to get with Collins?”


“Even more than that! You’re playing a dangerous game, Oleng. Is it because he’s rich?” He raged.


Her lips parted. “I can’t believe this. Now you’re calling me a gold digger? I’m going home!”


“Fine by me.”


Oleng got up from the sofa and carried her hand bag.


At the door, she turned and coldly told him, “Don’t ever call my number again!”


Oleng burst into laughter when she got to his gate. This was getting interesting. Funny, the thought of Dave being so jealous was endearing him to her. She believed she was beginning to fall in love with him. She smiled.


She was however not smiling three days later. Dave hadn’t called her in all of three days. She was at her tether’s end.


“Aunty Vien, what am I going to do now? Should I go over to his place?” She worriedly asked her aunt.


“It’s too late in the day for you to go over there. Why did you do it sef?”


“I don’t know again o! I just wanted to see how far his jealousy would go.”


“You girls of nowadays sef. It’s so obvious that he loves you. Why the test? Why toy with his emotions?”


Oleng bit her finger nails. She was so sorry she had started such a nasty game. She was toying with Collins’s feelings also which really wasn’t fair.


“Aunty Vien, don’t mind me. I’ve learnt my lesson. Dave can’t leave me. Not now that I’m beginning to fall in love with him.”


Her aunt was amazed. “Really?”


“Yes, aunty. This whole game made me realize it.”


“At least that’s one good thing that has come out of it.”


Oleng smiled.


“Call him and tell him you’re sorry.”


“I prefer doing that face to face. I’ll go to his place after my CDS tomorrow.”


“Alright, dear. Take it easy. Dave loves you. He won’t leave you.”


“I hope so.” She whispered, obviously still worried.


She came back home after her CDS to change from her white shirt and khaki trousers when a man stopped her by the gate. He was carrying a bouquet of flowers and an envelope.


“Are you Miss Oleng Akpan?” he asked.


“Yes.” she replied with caution.


“Mr. Dave Sokari sent me to you.” He said and handed her the bouquet of lovely red roses and an envelope from the big bag he carried.


Oleng was grinning like an idiot by the time she entered the house. She put the roses aside and opened the envelope. It contained a beautiful card and a set of pearl earrings. She stared at them with a smile plastered on her face.


She read Dave’s handwriting on the card.


“I’m far from being a true gentleman but today

I’m taking the first step to being the man of your dreams by writing this apology. I’m sorry, my angel.


I feel the tear go down my cheek,

I notice that my heart is weak,

For the love I have for you,

Will always be gold and true,

I have made some mistakes; they rest in the past,

But know my love will always last,

Even though we are a distance apart,

You always have the key to my heart.


I’m sorry I’ve become so jealous and possessive about you.

It’s only because I’m afraid other guys will pounce over hot stuff like you!

But I promise not to get worked up and lose my temper again.


Don’t forgive me just because I’m saying sorry.

Forgive me because I love you and I don’t want to spend a single moment of my life fighting with you.


Truly yours, now and forever.



Tears came to her eyes as she read the message over and over again. She was definitely in love with Dave.


As the thought that Eric had also written her poems and sent her gifts in more romantic ways before he had left for the States entered her mind, she quickly picked up her phone to call Dave. They made up over the phone and he promised to visit that evening.


She was preparing lunch when Collins called. She hissed and ignored it but when he continued calling, she answered it. He informed her that he was outside. She wanted to leave him there but thought against it. It wouldn’t be good for Dave to meet him there.


She was shocked when she saw him outside the gate. One of his eyes was almost closed and his upper lip was swollen.


“Collins, what happened to you?” She shouted.


He smiled a little. “Your boyfriend punched me two days ago.”


Oleng almost burst into laughter. She however controlled herself. “I’m so sorry. I’ve never known Dave to be a violent person.”


“It’s okay. It’s even better now. That’s the reason why I didn’t call for two days. But Oleng you didn’t even dim it fit to call when I didn’t call.”


“I’m so sorry. How did it happen?”


“I don’t know how he got to know my house. Immediately I opened the door, he rushed me. I couldn’t even throw a single punch. He warned me to stay away from you.”


“I’m so sorry.” Oleng was beginning to feel guilty.


“No problem, my love. I would have done the same thing had you being my girl. That’s the only reason why I won’t involve my father. One word from him and your guy will find himself behind bars.” Collins bragged.


“Your father? I thought you didn’t know him.”


He smiled arrogantly. “I didn’t until a year ago. He abandoned my mum when he found out she was pregnant but after three wives and ten girls, he came in search of me. He’s filthy rich. He’s bribing me with money to gain my affections.”


Oleng couldn’t care less. “Really?”


He grinned. “Yep, money isn’t my problem anymore.”


Oleng could only stare at him.


“Oleng, I haven’t given up on you. This,” he pointed to his swollen eye and swollen lip. “won’t deter me in my pursuit. I’m prepared to die for you.”


“Collins…” She began but was amazed when he walked away. He entered his SUV and drove off. She didn’t bother trying to stop him because of the food she was cooking.


She shrugged and went in but couldn’t help laughing when she remembered his swollen face. Dave had done that? Amazing! Dave, the gentleman?


She noticed that the knuckles on his right hand were bruised when he came to visit that evening. She held herself from asking about it until he was about leaving.


“What happened to your hand?”


“Which hand?” He prevaricated.


“The one you’ve been hiding from me all evening.”


He laughed a little. “This?” He raised the hand. “Nothing really, I bruised it in the office.”


“Really? With what?” She feigned ignorance.


“I…ah…one equipment like that.”


“Hmmm…must have been a very hard equipment. Please be careful next time.”


He laughed and breathed out in relief until she said, “Collins came to see me this afternoon.”


His face coloured in anger.


“I’ll kill that guy!” He got up and made to leave but she stopped him.


“He has promised to leave me alone.” She lied. She didn’t want Dave behind bars.


Tension left his body then. He grinned.


“Had I known a good beating was all he needed to stop him from disturbing you, I would have done it sooner.’


“But Dave, how could you have done that?”


“You must have realized by now that I’m very possessive of you.”


“So possessive you had to engage in a fight?”


“Fight? No, a beat down.” He grinned while she eyed him, trying not to smile.


“Angel, it’s a man thing. You won’t understand.”


She shrugged and saw him off.


Collins continued calling her but she made sure her phone was either on silent mode or switched off whenever she was with Dave.


On her birthday, while she was dressing up for a date with Dave and her friends, Debbie and Jenny, she received a call from Collins who told her to come outside. She grumbled but went outside to tell him to leave.


She got the shock of her life when she got outside.


Collins was standing beside a murano SUV dangling keys and smiling as if he had won a lottery.  On the windscreen of the car was an inscription,


“Will you marry me?”


And of course, that was when Dave came with his Toyota Camry.

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  35. 'bimbola says:

    Happy new year and thank you for this beautiful piece. Aunt Sally, boys and toys is looking good.

  36. imotolab2014 says:

    HAPPY NEY YEAR SELZ AND AUNTY AUDREY. wellllll……………….what n unexpected twist. uhmmm dave, rily? a beat down? beta mind urself ooo. and Oleng, na wa for you too sef.

  37. Bimz says:

    Abeg Dave should put his temper in check jor. Which one be beating for this matter? He didn’t have to resort to that na. Oleng should be there flashing Green light o. She go soon chuk head for trouble wey go pass am now. Why toy with d heart of two grown ass men? Mscheww. I feel like speaking Igbo at this juncture. Except i no sabi Igbo!
    Thumbs up Audrey!

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