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Vows Are Meant To Be Broken #3

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I still could not believe my terrible luck. I was not supposed to be in town for another week, but when I received Sharon’s text, I knew I could not keep it off. She was pregnant and threatening to run to Kara and tell her everything. 

My Kara. 

I opened my eyes again and there she was. I knew she had not left since morning, because her hair was still as messy as it was when the doctors came that morning. I could talk. I even wanted to, but guilt had glued my mouth shut sonce morning. I feared that she would ask why I had returned too early or without notifying her. I had no nobel reason for doing so. How would I tell her that someone was carrying the child we could not have together? How could I lie that I had returned a week early because I missed her beautiful face? I decided that I would play the victim card for as long as I could. Someone must have brought her lunch (or was it dinner?) beacause I could hear her chewing silently. I opened my eyes slowly. It took a lot of effort to stay awake and watch her, but it was worth it. Her hair was the funniest thing I had ever seen and her dress was slightly torn at the hem. I knew I was the reason she had gone through so kuch stress. She had bags under her eyes and she was fighting with a fly for her meat. She turned to reach for a bortle of water and saw me watching her.

“I’m so sorry,” I said before anything else could leave my mouth. I was really sorry about so many things, but I decided to let her choose which. I was not ready for my confession.

“Don’t be. I am your wife, Obi. This is my job,” she said.

“Say ‘good morning love’ again,” I pleaded. I could not help myself. She smiled and shook her head.

“It is evening, Obieze.”

“Evening then,” I urged. She took a deep breath and rolled her eyes and I fell in love all over again. I always told her that her eyes looked prettier when she rolled them. She could get me to do almost anything with those eyes. She stood up and walked towards me, never taking her eyes off. They were laughing now, as if she wanted to play a prank. She sat by my injured arm, careful not to hurt me and she bent over.

“Good evening, love,” she whispered in my left ear and kissed it. I knew I had a scar on my lips but I still wanted her to kiss them. She tried to withdraw and I held her with my bad arm. I winced instantly,  but I refused to let her go.

“Do you wanted anything?” she asked gently.

“Your lips,” I told her without missing a beat. She laughed heartily and placed a light kiss on my lips. It was enough to make me realise how much I missed her. I resolved at that moment never to tell her. I could not lose this woman. Not even for a baby that I did not ask for.

I had no idea when i slept off, but I knew my last memory of her before sleep came was her throaty laughter. The next time my eyes opened, the tall doctor that came that morning was infront of me and he was laughing with her. She had mentioned something about getting lost in the hospital while she tried to collect my test results and he found it so funny. He drew a clear liquid from a vial and approached me. The light seemed to go off in his eyes when he noticed I was awake and his laugh lines disappeared as quickly as they had come.

“You are awake,” he said simply.

Of course I am. You think you can get cozy with my wife, asshole? 

I played dumb.

“Could you raise your right hand if you can hear me?”

I raised my right hand.

“Do the same for the left,” he said. I obeyed him. 

“Where are you?” he asked. He was polite, but I had a bad feeling about him.


“Good. Keep this up and you will be gone in five days,” he said as a half-smile appeared. 

Five days. I could survive five days as long as he kept his hands and his stupid tall self away from my wife. As if that was possible. I could not keep my own doctor away from my wife. Especially if she found out what I had done.

Sharon was not my type of woman. I had cheated on Kara before, but never with someone like her. She looked like Kara and I usually made conscious effort not to speak to girls that reminded me of my wife. I knew the guilt could kill. It did not help that I had such a beautiful wife that could kill for me. She just looked really sad sometimes and I felt I was responsible for that. I was not her first choice, but she had never made me feel like anything less. Unfortunately, I knew and I did not know a better way to deal with my insecurities. 

Sharon came on to me. I was at the office, when a client sent her over to close a deal. She was just as tall as Kara and she had slightly wider hips, but she reminded me of Kara and that was a turn off. Unfortunately, we had to meet more times than I had expected. There was always something in the deal she had to correct. I noticed a little late that she was making all those moves for my benefit. 

Eventually, she let out her frustration and narrated her continuous attempts to seduce me. Her hardwork had made me feel special and I felt the need to satisfy her. It was a tupid thing to do, especially in an office, but she swore she would be as quiet as possible. She had been very noisy, but we were lucky enough not to have any uninvited guests. Pulling put had been the plan too, but I came too hard and fast. 

I had panicked as soon as it happened,  but she promised take the pill when she had time. She also swore it would be our last time. She claimed she had so much pent up sexual energy and I was glad to be at her service. It did not hurt too. She had been a great lay.

She must have forgotten about the pills, because she called two weeks later with a silly claim that she was pregnant. I thought it was a huge joke, but I was wrong. In a month, she had baby bump to prove it. I told her to get rid of it and she claimed she was too catholic to kill her unborn child.

She should have remembered that when she was screaming her head off on my office table. The self righteous bitch.

I decided to cut her off completely,  but that did not work too. She came to my office crying one evening that she could not bear the burden alone. One look at her and I knew she was not going to give up. At that moment,  I wished we had had more moments before I knocked her up. How could I be suffering after one night (or day) stand with a woman O barely knew. Kara was amazing in bed and it was always a wonder that I cheated on her, but I never could help myself. Being able to sleep with other women made me feel like a real man. Kara made me feel small just by being so perfect. I loved her in my own twisted way, but that was how she made me feel.

The day I summoned courage to accuse Sharon of carrying another man’s baby, she exploded.

“Why would you think that?” she asked. 

“Why wouldn’t I? It was so easy to have you and you practically begged for it,” I shouted. “Who says you did not do that multiple times before meeting you?”

“You are sick in the head, Obieze and you will pay for it,” she swore.

“Do your worst,” I threw back at her. 

The next day, I travelled for a work conference and I blocked Sharon’s number. I truly wished I could wipe her out of my life just like that. I did not need her to destroy my great marriage.

Sharon changed her number in a week and sent me Kara’s number via text. I spent that whole weekend calling and begging her not ro say anything to Kara. It was a fruitless struggle and I knew it. I flew back home, hoping that I would not bump into Kara before I had to.

Sharon swore she would leave me alone if I spent a few nights with her. I knew it was a stupid move, but she wanted me and that was good enough for me. As karma would have it, I drove out of her house on morning and before I could get anywhere, my car was squashed like a deflated ballon and my body felt like a starnger’s own. I watched like an outsider and people screamed and called for help. I deserved to die like the cheat I was. Kara would find out and hate me anyway. What was life without her?

Someone pulled me out of my car after struggling for minuted and dumped me at the back of a taxi. The way he drove, I feared we qpuld be in another accident. I managed to stay awake until we reached the hospital. Once I saw the sign, I went put like a dying flame. They would find Kara and she would come for me. She was my wife and wives always showed up.


Nneoma Ubah is a blogger and freelance writer who has growing experience in the literary world. She is also a final year medical student with a passion for volunteering and charity.

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  1. Sekinat says:

    Cheating bastard

  2. Mariam says:

    β€œShe was my wife and wives always show up”. The nonsense guy has a sense of entitlement. Imagine cheating and still trying to justify it. I hope Kara clears his doubts. Mumu guy. Nice story I enjoyed it but this particular post had a lot of typos.

  3. Olaide says:

    Wives always shows up……rili smh

  4. Feliogo says:

    He cheated and he just has to tell Kara the truth, she will understand and forgive him easily seeing him in his present condition. Following…….

    1. Oluwakemi says:

      Can I say it serves him right. Yeye.

      SomevMen and their double standard, you are cheating but cant even stand a Doctor having a harmless discussion with your wife

  5. Datoks says:

    Hmmm wives always show up indeed, imagine

  6. Busrah says:

    Hmnm! What else do men want ntori Olohun?🀦

  7. JustDotun says:

    Typical cheat,
    They know they have a good partner yet still cheat, but when they are faced with a cruel turn of event, they suddenly become possessive. Stupid double standard.

  8. Tlove says:

    This guy is so stupid imagine wife will come , silly

  9. Beebee says:

    Double standard Obi…….. Annoying horseband. I’m not liking him already and this is looking more than a triangle

  10. AOS says:

    A cheat who doesn’t want anyone close to his wife & wife will come, don’t worry she will leave you for good. When yeye dey smell.
    Keep it up dear.

  11. Oyincoco says:

    Wait!!! I thought the accident happened when he went to drop their child in school? Thought she mentioned forgetting to pick their child up in the 1st episode?

    Wives always show up…. nonsense!!!! Mtcheeew. But it’s the honest truth. Wives will always show up.

  12. Knonye says:

    Wives always show up…. indeed!

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