Where To Find Breasts Marathon

So, you know how we do.

The marathon starts next weekend. I won’t tell you how many episodes. It’s better to under-promise and over-deliver.

This means, there is no WTFB this weekend.

Let’s talk small sha, let me give you people small expo.

Are you people still wondering where to find breasts? Wondering why that title? Me sef I don’t know.

I see you #Kayish lovers. You’re few, but your desire to see those two together is strong. I admire it. You make me almost want to keep that thing going. But you know our darling Leonel. He will beat the Igwe out of Ishi when he returns. So, enjoy that love while it lasts. The question is will Leo come back to claim his wife or will the situationship die a natural death or will Ishi find God again?

Aanu and Yenkat. We all saw that coming. But how angry do you think Aanu can get? Will her anger push Yenkat away from Omar or draw them closer?

You guys remember Jenifer who claimed that Dashe got her pregnant. What do you think she holds against Yenkat? Was she bluffing or was she for real?

And to all you Leonel lovers, what is your problem gaan? You wanted him undead, he showed up. He is now alive and you people want him to come and scatter sweet love between Ishi and Kyenpia. Make una wait small joor.

Anna. Some of you believe that Anna has something up her sleeves. Maybe she does. Maybe she doesn’t.

Jaiye is a story waiting to unravel. What will Kyenpia find out about Leonel when she begins to unearth Jaiye’s crimes?

I hope you’re happy with the spoilers I shared.

In other news, how do you like this?

No dates yet, but soon. We’re at the concluding stages. In case you’re just finding out about Stranger In Lagos, read the first fourteen chapters >>>>HERE

What else?

Dugo is going through a major rewrite. If you’ve read the series, you may still want to buy the book when it comes out. I intend to complete all the character arcs and alter a few things.

Biyankavitch is also being worked on. No dates yet, but you’ll have a great year-ending from my side. So, just gather your money o. Ebook and paperback loading.

Bless you!


  1. Yes Sally, yes!
    Here for it.

    That cover is gorg!

  2. Haleemah

    Arghhhhh!!!! So much brewing… I hope all these your spoilers will be addressed in the course of the marathon o. I really don’t know what to think if it all.

    Abd yes, Halimnye is coming back 💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿. I hope she just finds lasting happiness coz babe has really suffered sha.

    Dugo… well, let’s see.

    Thank you ma’am 😊

  3. Bless you too Mama
    We love you❤❤❤

  4. Ifeanyi Onochie

    You are working on so many projects at the same time. Amazing how you can compartmentalize all of this at the same time.

    Stranger in Lagos cover looks awesome!

  5. Folasade

    Sally, Thank you for sharing your gift with us.
    But…This Aanu,Omar and Yenkat mater must end in praise o.
    And the Leo abi Spirit let him get well very soon.
    As for Jaiye, we will pour hot coconut oil on him on Monday.
    All other persons will be alright.

    PS. Stranger in Lagos and Biyankavitch should pls hurry to Okadabooks.
    Thank you

  6. Yippee, Stranger in Lagos will be out soon, I can’t wait to read the complete story. As for the spoilers, thanks Sally for that, getting ready for the marathon….

  7. YAY!!! @Stranger in Lagos.. been waiting very impatiently.

    Beht why was Leonel hiding so much na.

    Aanu seems very impulsive oo. I feel like she will do something very very silly.

    I don’t fully trust Anna but I dont think she is a bad person.

    Jaiye on the other hand seems like he will go to bad lengths to keep reigns oo. Kay better prepare

  8. Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for the marathon. Yippeeeee…..

    Stranger in Lagos!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do something about Boys with Toys na.

    Thank you.

    More Ink!!!!!

  9. I can’t wait omg😭😭. I feel so bad for ishi, kay will break his heart all over again. Leonel should hurry up and come back abeg. As for anna i just feel like she deserves sth, i dunno what but sth. I m just tired of aanu on the other hand🙄. Counting down to biyankavich and stranger in lagos, paul had better drag his ass back.

    • Olusweets

      Well done o Sally, that’s all I will say but jejely dey killi us softly o.
      Stranger in Lagos, can’t wait.
      I am asking again, which of the fishbrains comes first ?the immortal codes comes before or after fishbrains? Have started fishbrains then branched at immortal codes small then I got confused. Somebody help me and tell me which serie is tge first, tainz.

  10. I’ve been wondering about the title for ages.I think its brilliant tho makes ppl curious.also I hope kyenpia and ishis thing dies abeg #teambutterbabe. The stranger in lag cover is perfect. Well done sally

  11. Pacesetter

    Stranger in Lagos……
    Biyankavitch….. am waiting for it and the Marston…….. am dancing
    Bless you too

  12. Glowingkosnie

    Oh my!!! Can’t wait for all these E Books…

    Thanks much Sally

  13. Wow! So much to take in. I will just wait and soak it all in when the marathon begins.

    Excited about the books. Can’t wait.

  14. Yaay!
    I’m super excited for all the goodness loading!

  15. For all of these I say Love you.. Thanks for been our sweet ‘breast’. Can’t wait for it all.

  16. Cheeyormah

    Sweet sally salsu,you see why you’re legit the loml but biko,who, leonel should go to his Anna banana. I’ve waited so long for Kayish cos me I’m romantic like that and I am a believer of the stars will finally align. Biko, don’t let me enter fasting and praying mode. Sweet butter babe,I’ve always lived and rooted for you but this time, I think the dead should stay dead. As for aanu,pele ooo but the earlier you gerrioverwith,the berra for us all because yenkat baby must jobs your son. Periodt.

  17. Rikitava

    See mama, just take all my coins and this year, I will be buying paper back and pdf in shaa Allah. Release them as a bundle o. Christmas hamper 💃💃💃💃💃

    I believe your ministry…..I stan forever 😘

  18. Sally, you know I love you right. Been wondering about the title too. But this spoilers naw whao o. I will start saving to get paperback o by God’s grace. Can’t wait for the marathon to begin.

  19. Chai, you need to hear the rate at which i screamed when i saw a new episode only to open it and be heartbroken but i trust you sally to make up With the marathon episode. I’m overexcited and looking forward to finish stranger in lagos, the cover is appealing also. You know, i had to go into the future to re-read biyankavitch to check the relationship between butterbabe and his wife and i saw something i didn’t before. You pointed out a strain in their relationship which i believe we’ll get to know the details in this series WTFB. You’re an amazing writer sally and I’m glad i stumbled on your page. Forever a fan

  20. You are such a gifted writer Sally! You put your words together so much so that one ends up watching a movie while reading your books.

  21. Yeah! And I did wonder where the name ‘ where to find breasts’ came from.

  22. WhyAminah

    Thanks for the expo 🙂 Very excited for the marathon. I almost pity Ishi, now that he final has Kyepia, he going to loss her. Grief can be very funny. I hope there situationship fizzles out natural. So they can both close that chapter.

  23. I just feel for my guy ishi, he will just go through additional pains that he doesn’t need right now. Ishi is good for her. But hu needs gud guy when their is #verygoodbadguy.
    I will be waiting patiently for the marathon like i have a choice.

  24. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Can’t wait to read.

    Go Sally…. We are waiting.

  25. Yaaaah!!!! Bring them on… Fingers crossed

  26. Strangers in Lagos , yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy…i cant wait to see how things turn out

    leonel and kay will be fine , i am not even rooting for this kayisshhh sef, naaaaa.. let them enjoy the moment , issh is a caretaker, landlord is coming soon.
    I have missed Bianca of Biyankavitch

    Na to start to do ajo in a piggy bank now ooo , because these books must be bought..

    Welldone Sal

  27. olayinka

    Well done Sal,i will start saving to buy those books. God bless you greatly.

  28. Well done Sally!!!

    But ehn must Butter babe get the girl.

    Whoop whoop can’t wait to buy Stranger in Lagos.

  29. Okay ooo
    We wait for it
    And I know its gonna be sumptuous
    God bless your talent and hustle more and more a

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  31. akintunde kaffy

    I want leonel and Kyenpia to come back together no matter what, I’m a sucker for happy endings.

    I think Anu will do something crazy….

    Nice one sugar mama, God bless you.

  32. Your head is there Ms Sally. Bring it on again. I am so saved up for these books. Team everything MoskedaPages. Thank you for being you sisterly.💞

  33. Muhammed Mubarak

    Team Leonel here o, abeg he should come and scatter this thing Ishi and Kyen have going sharp sharp. Aanu’s anger is justified, even though shes not entirely blameless in the way Omar turned out. I see Aanu’s anger bringing Yen and Omar closer though, I no go like am sha but e go happen. Weldone Sally. You make us look forward to the weekend always.

  34. Oluwakemi

    I will have to refresh myself by reading Strangers in Lagos again.

    I’m surprised I am just seeing this post though, I have been refreshing this page since yesterday, maybe my browser kept opening my last read cos the last post o kept seeing was the one from July 1st.

    Looking forward to the Marathon. Thank you Sally

  35. Tee#babe

    Okay I come out of my ghost reader mode once again.

    I have often wondered about the title WTFB, I open your page at work and close it quickly before anyone sees this title on my screen 🤣🤣🤣.

    Please make sure your published works are available on other platforms other than Okada books.

    As always you never fail to deliver captivating story lines. Well done babes!!!👏👏👏

  36. Me I’m just here to let you know that I’m here and down for all of it.
    I love reading your stories and I am mad excited for the WTFB marathon! Weekend can’t come soon enough. Bring it on!

  37. TurbanGirl

    I have no idea why i opened this post, I have not started reading this story yet, but I am glad I did!! My heart is racing, and the book is not even out yet, but I can’t wait! I would most def reread Dugo, the changes just might reflect some of my thoughts. Please don’t disappoint us oo, I would be setting aside my money to buy this books.

    Thank you Sally for this truly beautiful stories, Keep churning them books out!

  38. Well done Sally mama! Can’t wait to read ‘Stranger in Lagos’.. Great cover here! I’m definitely buying but not via okada books abeg!
    P.s- Please dig deep and explain the rational behind the title ‘WTFB’.. I’m sure your genius brain will have an explanation! 🙂

  39. Live the cover sal, can’t wait!!!!!

  40. JustDotun

    Aanu’s anger is very much understandable but it will only bring Yenkat and Omar closer.

    Nice work Sally.

  41. Sally,

    Money saved already. Please Leonel should come and scatter the situationship btw Ishi and Kyenpia. Kyenpia and Leonel are fated to be together and together they will be

    Waiting on Stranger in Lagos like there’s no tomorrow. Great Cover

  42. Heart racing already, please where can I find breasts biko? Lol

  43. iamhollarmii

    Waiting patiently on the Stranger in Lagos …. I trust u mami I knw sum part will end in laughter while d oda in 😭 but all d same we die here no shaking, no moving, we rooting for you till eternity 👏 👏

  44. Lola Ajala

    Hi I don’t comment often but this story is da bomb it’s as if am watching a movie nice work.
    Happy Leonel is not dead
    Omar and Yenkat will get close
    Sure Anna has something up her sleeves

  45. Lola Ajala

    And we are still looking for where to find breast

  46. Wow wow, I can’t wait oh and I am buying all of them. I like stranger in Lagos bookcover please don’t change it. I hope it will come out on okadabooks for we that live abroad. May GOD continue to bless the work of your hands. My love to u and yours.
    Je t’aime.

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