Where To Find Breasts Postponed

Good morning!

There won’t be a fresh episode today, because I have been engaged this whole week. It was an interesting week for me, though. One of those weeks where you want to slap somebody for wasting your time and being a disappointment to you, but at the same time, you want to go on your knees and thank God, because you’re happy and relieved that you dodged a bullet.

WTFD #12 is in bits. I haven’t touched it since Monday. I’ll return next weekend. This weekend, I have a family reunion, and I have been busy with the catering part.

So, I’ll leave you with a new author today. She will be taking the Sunday spot.

Have a great weekend and week ahead!


  1. We dey here Sally. Really enjoying the new authors too.

  2. Favourite

    Thanks Sally for this courtesy…you are deeply appreciated.

    Next weekend it is….

  3. Chidinma

    Chai, I was thinking my internet was acting up😂.

    Have fun at your family reunion.
    Thank God for bullet dodged!

  4. Fehintola

    Hi Sally, thank you for the information at least we know we have other authors to keep us a little occupied till you are through.
    Have a good weekend.

  5. Will patiently wait.
    And please keep some rice and meats for me. I’m sure I’d get large portion since you’re in charge of catering. 😁

  6. We’ll wait by God’s Grace , thanks Sally

  7. iamhollarmii

    We dey here gidigba, we no dey move one bit. Do have fun on your re-union.

  8. I appreciate you taking out time to explain this. Thanks. Do have a great family reunion. And thanks for the New Authors, I think they are cool.

  9. Trust you to never leave us hanging. Bless you.

  10. We wait patiently. Hope the family reunion went well. Thank you for reaching out and for the new authors too.

  11. Oluwakemi

    Dear Sally,

    Thanks for the update. I hope it was a wonderful family reunion. See you next week with a very long episode 😉😁

  12. Oyincoco

    Chai!!!! To think I crash-read all previous episodes. We are patiently waiting… thanks

  13. Thanks Sally. Have fun at the reunion

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