And So We Won The NWA Fiction Writer Of The Year Award!!!


I don’t have many words to express my joy. But let me just put this here first.

fiction writer of the year award

Yes! We did it! We won!

You guys put my name on that list, got me nominated and voted me to the top.

I don’t know how to thank you. I just don’t know the right words to say. I love you all and God bless you mightily. May all your wishes come true, may God expand your territory and make the lines fall for you in pleasant places.


Thank you again and have a wonderful night.

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  1. You deserve it ma, may God continue to give u more wisdom to write more. Congrats

  2. uwc….u deserved it more than that though,so since u r so grateful u can post novocaine knights as a thank u gift….,,jst a sugg though

    • Sally

      Thanks a lot dear
      But NK is over nau

  3. congrats Sally. You deserve it and this is just the beginning

  4. Dear Sally u deserve it
    More is coming …..
    The Loyal Ghanaian fun

    • Sally

      My sweetheart, Tanti, thank you!

  5. I knew it!!
    I’m so happy. Congratulations Sally

  6. Wow. Happy for you. It is well deserved.

  7. omotayo*

    Congrats dear Sally kenneth, bigger you i pray sis

    • Sally

      Amen. God bless you too

  8. Scribbledheartbeat

    You deserved it wella.. so happy we cpuld help you get it.. I pray you get to score more awards., this is just the beginning ..

    • Sally

      Amen. May God take us all to higher heights

  9. You deserve it And more Aunty Sally. Congratulations. You give us things to look out for every week. May your writing skills grow bigger And better.

    • Sally

      Amen and amen!

  10. Pacesetter

    You deserve it ma. more wisdom

  11. MissBosola

    Congrats Sally, you deserve it. And you are an awesome writer cheers!

  12. Shebi I always said it’ll only get better? You ain’t seen nothing yet.
    Big congratulations

    • Sally

      Yes o! You’ve always said so
      For being a huge encouragement in my life, I want to say thank you Seye

  13. Glowing Kosnie

    Congratulations once again Sally…This was Well and Truly Deserved!!! Trust you’re feeling much better now Sis

    • Sally

      I’m doing great. The west has decided to behave itself. Thank you

  14. This is just the begining of good things to come! Keep being you

  15. You already gave us so much all these years with addictive stories and whom the cap fits let her wear it…,congrats Sally

  16. Congratulations Sally. I am not surprised ‘cos you are a great writer.

  17. Florence

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh ??????? am so happy you won. Congratulations to you dear Sally. You ain’t see nothing yet, this is just the beginning. Go Sally! Go Sally!

  18. Adefunke

    so happy for you Mami, God be praised

  19. sally our sally…weldone kayls mum….you deserve the award and more awards sef…..go girl….

    and yes to use to, the fanzzzz, we rock.. thanks all

  20. Congrats Sally. Don’t rest on your oars cos the best is yet to come. Hope the knee is better now…perfect.
    Glad to see that you’ve gone continental with the Ghanaian love. Next stage is owning the continent and moving to the Global stage. Meanwhile, you’re twerking for us, your fans or nah?

  21. Congratulations my chocolate, you deserve even better than this… more wisdom from God and many of this to come… chop kizzez

  22. Toyenlon

    Congrats dear, greater heights IJN.

  23. Yaaaaaaa! We did it(dancing). Congrats Sal, no one else deserves it better. Well done nne Oma

  24. Funmilola Adekola

    We’ll join you to celebrate more of this! Congrats darl!

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