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After Dark: These Chicks Ain’t Loyal

So the gist going round is that some guy drove for 17 hours to see a babe who gave him just a hug and a slice of cake. Then they watched a movie and then she asked him to leave and the guy left her house and rented a hotel and didn’t as much as tap that booty.


Before I go on, I’d like to apologize for deviating from my intended topic today which has a lot to do with sex. Pardon me. Sometimes there are things juicier than sex.

Where was I? so this guy that got nothing from this babe apparently got into a zone worse than the friendzone. I think he was carzoned because well, he’ll have to drive 17 hours back. That is 34 hours for a hug and a cake. It’s alright. Ladies, diarris God o.

But the guy sef. How can you drive for 17 hours in this day and age for a girl you met on Twitter? I mean, come on! But the story doesn’t end there. The ugly girl went on Twitter and was insulting the guy on top of everything. Imagine!

Now, I’m not here to diss the ladies. I have a fine woman at home who is looking over my shoulder as I record this. However, I just have to address this generation of women tonight.

Una no dey try.

Someone close to me told me a story of how a guy was in love with her for ten good years and he didn’t as much as kiss her lips, yet he spent money on her like there was no tomorrow. Her everyday lunch was on him, he bought her a phone in 2005 which cost him 35k and it was still him who put almost 400 bucks worth of credit in her phone every two days. And yet he would be the one to call her every day.

Out of the humble respect I had for this my friend, I told her she had been mean to the guy but she laughed and said, ‘shey he wanted to spend, I allowed him to freestyle’.

Deep sigh.

These things are happening a lot these days. It is either guys are getting dumber or ladies are getting smarter and meaner. I don’t know which but I’d like to repeat that the ladies are not trying at all.

Blame it all on materialism. A girl would not go near a guy now until he can comfortably oil her needs on any given day. He must have a car, he must be willing to spend on her, he must not ask for too much sex in return, he must treat her like a lady, he must be tall dark and handsome or his bank account must compensate and may God help him if he is bad in bed; she will look for some guy to satisfy her needs while she drains him dry.

Should we talk about attitude? Where is the grace women are known for? A girl opens her mouth to speak today and you wonder who her parents are that didn’t give her adequate home training. Ladies are now nasty, sharp-tongued and rude.

Then let’s talk about the feminism of the modern world that is all about emasculating men and not leaving room for the equality it claims as its basis.

However, I won’t dwell on these issues much. My concentration today is on money and sex. Yes, I still brought sex to the discussion. Money, sex and the modern day female.

It’s not breaking news today that ladies have little regard for their bodies. It’s also not headlines that they use their bodies to get money which they spend frivolously on silly things like clothes, hair and cell phones. Very few of the girls I’m referring to use the money they get through sexual means to better themselves. And that’s why you will see most of them spread open their legs on every bed, table, car, wall, floor, bush, office, highway to get as little as a new designer dress or shoe.

Do I need to flog on the morals? I can’t because there aren’t any at all. Their bodies clearly are pampered only for sex. They don’t understand the concept of exclusivity or faithfulness. As long as they’re gaining materially from a guy, they would sleep with him even if he’s the backside of Satan. They have no qualms cheating. It comes easy. Nothing is sacred anymore.

This is sad. Whenever I ponder on it, I go cold and wonder what the coming generation would be like. I get scared even. And I ask myself? When did it get to this level? How did it get this bad?

Permit me, if you may. I have a theory. A very good one that might amuse you.

Not long ago. In the early 1990s, life was still good. Ladies were still ladies, women of virtue. There were a lot of virgins around and even when you met the non-virgins, they didn’t brag about it. They were ashamed of having lost their virginity and were refraining from sex, waiting for the right men to come along to make them proper women. So at that time, things were a lot good and relationships and marriages were okay…. But only for a while.

Now, welcome the later stage of that decade and you saw the rise of the male player. Not that there weren’t players before then but it wasn’t widespread. But for some reason, there was a boom in cheating men. They were just all over the place. If a man was cheating before and was discreet about it, his sins were finally catching up with him. A lot was exposed in those days. Many women in marriages and relationships were getting their hearts broken. Many of them were fighting mistresses and other women over their men. Many homes were getting broken and children from these homes were beginning to learn that marriage and love and relationship could fail.

But love didn’t die entirely. People still found partners that stole their hearts and relationships bloomed. Celine Dion was even there to cheer a lot of lovers on. The only problem was that it was temporary. I don’t even know why she stopped singing and partially I blame her. If she had continued, maybe people would still believe in love, romance, chivalry and faithfulness today.

Also at that time, hardcore rap music, the gangster lifestyle, the playa attitude was beginning to gain ground. Music, as a courier for culture was slowly passing a message that love and faithfulness did not matter when one could acquire wealth, live like a cheat, treat the average woman like shit and have more than one woman at your disposal. Love had nothing to do with it and so young men, constantly being influenced by this evolving culture, began to fashion their lifestyles in this manner.

Now, were the females supposed to stand by and watch while their male counterparts lived as they desired and dominated them? Hell no! They also found a way to cope. And thanks to Destiny’s Child and the whole independent women movement, the ladies started rising up for themselves and taking their ‘happiness’ or rather, survival into their own hands. They began to see the world for what it really was—a man’s world. And to succeed, they had to do away with those first (seemingly slow and oppressive) virtues taught to them by their mothers when growing up. This meant the one thing that women were known to be generous with, which were loving, nurturing hearts, had to be done away with to tackle the type of males they faced constantly.

What happens to a girl who finds herself pregnant by a guy she knows is probably sleeping with other girls or is not ready to walk down the aisle? She aborts the baby, toughens her heart and moves on. What happens to that girl who has loved guys at different times and had her heart broken and her body used for their pleasure? She moves on to a man she doesn’t love who would provide her needs. What happens to the girl who watches from the sidelines and sees the maltreatment of her fellow females? She wises up and says she’s avoiding the mistakes they made, and in the end you have a cold girl, living in a cold world, playing by the rules of cold men.

So, let me state this. The ladies are not to blame entirely.

A young boy whose hormones are all around the place and is not yet ready to settle down, who has not yet grasped the concept of fidelity wants a girl who would be faithful to him, be good in bed, cook for him, care for him, respect his family, treat him like a king and bring good fortune to him.


You think these girls are stupid? Why do you think they are attracted to married, committed men, men who can maintain a woman and make her happy? It’s not always about the money. It is about maturity, about chivalry, about stability.

You can’t be an unstable guy who plays around and has no purpose for the future and expect a good girl to kiss the floor you walk on. These girls are smart now; even smarter than men. They have taken their hearts away from the game because every so often, they get crushed when they bring their emotions to the table. And no one wants that.

Look, I’m not defending the girl who carzoned the guy but she tweeted something about how if she had given the guy a little space, he would have run his mouth about how he slept with her. And she might be right on that. No one knows what she has gone through in the hands of men.

A teenage girl in the States, whose name is Jada, was drugged, raped and photographed naked while she was unconscious. Her pictures were posted on social media by her rapist and instead of her mates getting mad over her rape, they began a hashtag called #Jadapose where teens were taking photos of her exact pose as she was drugged out, naked after the rape. Now, are these the crop of males who’ll expect good women in a few years’ time? And please reason: if five out of ten girls have their reputation rubbished like this, what do you think the other five would become?

I hope I’m making some type of sense here.

Women of today are simply finding a way to cope with the men and the world of today. And to me, the equation is balanced. Every day, on social media I see the sexes blame each other for broken hearts and failed marriages and relationships. Everyone wants to offer up help to the generation of today without really understanding the culture of our time. And what is the culture of our time? Unfortunately, I have no clear answer for that. As a people in Nigeria, in this age, we have no pure culture. We are confused. Our ways are mixed with foreign culture delivered to us mainly by the media. Morality is relative now; it is only applied when and where it best suites the applier. There is no longer black or white. And this is worst in a state that is failing, where people struggle hard and gain next to nothing. In the end, people must do something to survive, even kill the good to get the seemingly good.

But are there people who rise above this? Yes.

Are there people who still find love and treat each other with mutual respect? Yes.

I believe in the law of karma and how it gives you only what you serve it. It’s good to be wise but why be wise and callous?

You want love? Give love. You have given love and not gotten it? Wait patiently. For every time you stop waiting and join the vicious cycle that this world is rotating on, you run thousands of miles away from your happiness.

So what is my verdict on the carzone incident? The guy deserved what he got. Who drives 17 hours just to get laid? Again, I blame Celine Dion. The guy must have been listening to I Drove All Night on his way to see the girl.

Guys, try not to be carzoned. These chicks ain’t loyal.

Voicenote of These Chicks Ain’t Loyal was recorded by Mr. Anonymous

Transcribed and Edited by: ©Sally @Moskedapages

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  1. kevwe says:

    Soooo True!!!….nice one

  2. Yeah. The truth is guyz are getting more stupid gone are those days were guys got girls to choose from and no matter how little the amount is the guy shoots the girl away(not dissing the female folk tho)the past fact.

  3. All in the name of getting laid 17 hrs of driving..’was he that desperate’…just look for a queen lady and when you come across all these chewing gum ladies that are only sweet when you throw sugar in your mouth,just spit them out and cover with sand (literally put them where they belong far away beneath you)

  4. Darn you, Celine!!! :'(

  5. Olajumoke says:

    There is God ooo

  6. noksis says:

    it is really sad. I think it boils down to values. What is values in life these days about. People only value material things and out with dignity, morality and decency. So sad.

  7. adeola says:

    Hmmn! may God save us from men n women ov d whold… morals n virtues is lost… weldone mrms anonymous.good piece.

  8. adeola says:

    I do op some ppl av learnt dia lessons sha… dat is d kokolet. weldone.

  9. sekinat says:

    dat guy na yeye guy. bt seriously wat is,celine’s fault? wat celine is experiencing is nt d same as everyone. love is beautiful

  10. justice b says:

    so Sally here is d truth i dont like u goin around n spreading rumours dat r not confirmed. first off d guy didn’t drive for 17hrs to get laid bt for her bday. i read all her tweets m she never for once insulted d guy or said wat u said she said. in fact it all started wit d guy replying her tweet he actually drive 12 hrs round trip which I mean coming n going all together. they r very close n it had nothing to do with sex but long lost frnds reconnecting. people on twitter hyped d whole thing and u didn’t investigate before concluding . they were tweeting jokingly at eachoda n next thing is people saying rubbish he had to delete his account no matter how hard he tried to explain people were saying shit causing emotional trauma so pls let rumour be rumour n not fact

    1. Sally says:

      Hi justice b. i’m not going around spreading rumors. First of all, i didn’t write the article as it is clearly seen above. you obviously missed that fact out when reading it. Did you see the place where the writer mentioned ‘his wife’?
      secondly, i think everyone has an opinion to write whatever they want to write or have a perception of what they want. and i don’t think the writer said it was fact, from his first statement, he said ‘the gist that is going round’.
      thirdly, it is gossip and people are allowed to talk about stuff as they wish. But if either the guy or the chick feel this article has hurt them, they should express so to me and i will take it down. Any other person speaking on their behalf is only expressing their opinion as well, which is welcome. I’m not here to hurt anyone but to give people the floor to express themselves.
      In conclusion, the article remains.

  11. chioma says:

    Hmmm….nice write up and good message. But i would like to state that the young man was well received and should not ask for more. His actions were right…he had to meet someone he liked in person…she received him well, this should be the begining of their friendship not to be seen as been ” carzoned”. As any other action such as kissing him or sleeping with him would ruin their budding relationship. The pillars of lasting Relationships are built by such loving actions. And if a girl was silly enough to take to twitter to reciprocate such act of love….only time would teach her the value of the person she had lost with her careless action because such a guy would have been an asset to her whether in a relationship or out of it.

  12. tobbie says:

    1st, if one actuallyexperienced love n culture bk in d days, then u will concur with all that has been written here….though few exceptions r expected but morals wasn’t this bad.

    These girls ain’t loyal, the guys r getting dumber….

  13. Olori says:

    Exactly what is happening in our world today. As for me,if a guy travel that long for my birthday, I will be happy ooo and will quite appreciate me cos to me…little things matter

  14. Had a long discussion / argument yesterday with a girl I met a week ago. We were talking about marriage, and I told her that a woman who takes good care of herself, behaves properly and fears God will have no problem finding the right man, no matter how long it takes. My friend went on about how it’s difficult for girls to find the right man because men want beautiful sexy women, and a woman needs money to take care of herself to attract the right man. She went on to point out that women need money to really look good, because there are no ugly women, just women who don’t have the necessary money to look good.

    Um, OK. I told her we all have to cut our clothes according to our sizes. If you earn 80 grand a month then spend according to your means. She countered with: the necessary clothes are expensive and money is needed. Money, money, money.

    Basically, her point was money is necessary in a girls life and guys need to stop complaining and pay up. It’s not down to girls to spend their own money looking good, because their money isn’t enough.

    That’s the logic of today’s Nigerian woman (a lot of them, at least). I feel sorry for today’s Nigerian man. As for me, white women still dey, na lol

  15. NkD says:


  16. NkD says:

    Interesting piece I must say

  17. hacolyte says:

    hmmm,I’m lost for words to really express maisef but God dey shaa.

  18. Gerald says:

    Why kiss and tell when chop and clean mouth gets you more meals/meat?

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