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Good evening guys,

It’s been a while here. I do hope everyone is doing okay.

So, I want to talk about Biyankavitch having a password. I did not want to have this conversation, because it makes me sound like I am a broken record. And God knows I hate repeating myself. But I’ve been having many requests for the password and I feel you all deserve an explanation at this rate.

First, if you bought In The Name of Papa early last year to gain access to membership, your subscription has expired. It is only for one year, and at this moment, there is no active membership, because I have been too busy to keep that going. So unless, you bought the book much later and I granted you access, your membership has expired already.

Last week’s Biyankavitch, which was episode 19, was strictly reserved for people who comment actively on the series. Here’s the truth, Biyankavitch is the most disrespected series I have ever shared here. Disrespected in the sense that people read it, dust their feet and walk away. They don’t comment and don’t share. It’s like that chick you fuck in private that you don’t want to have anything to do with in public.

And this is quite annoying, because here’s another truth, Biyankavitch is the most time-consuming, tasking thing I have ever written here. I kid you not. This is why I don’t share it so often. Every single episode takes research, effort and a good amount of fuel in my gen to stay up all night. And guess what. I wanted to make it free. Even when I toyed with the idea of selling it, I thought to myself that I already have Stranger In Lagos that I want to have for sales, so, why sell this one?

Now, if you know me, you’ll know that I enjoy literature. I love reading stuff and discussing about what I’ve read. And this is much more fun when it’s my stories. This is why I always ask for feedback. If not, I can easily just sell the book and get the money. But it’s not about the money for me. Trust me, my books don’t feed me. It’s the writing experience that grants me jobs that has kept me going. If it were these books alone, I for don close shop since.

I appreciate those who are always here to share their thoughts about the series. And this is not even about the praise they give me. I want to know what they feel about the characters and the storyline, because sometimes, we writers feel like we are doing nonsense, that what we do ain’t good enough. It takes a mountain of guts to bare it out and share it here, but when you see over five hundred views, up to thirty minutes stay on site on the average, and just two comments, you question your efforts. This is why I decided that for those who stand by me, I will stand by them. We don pass the level wey we go dey beg people to comment.

And this brings me to my next point, this post is not to get you commenting. Some of you have said ‘Sally, I will start commenting from now on.’ I hear you, but that’s not my aim. I’m numb to all that at this point. I have planned to jejely finish the story, put it in a book and sell it. That way, I don’t lose out.

So, please, no vex if the password no reach you. I’m not trying to make enemies, but to appreciate those who appreciate what I do here. And to those of you who comment on other series, I am thankful. Denying you access is not denying you access to all my works or thinking of you as less. If you buy my books, I am also grateful. I love you for that. But for this series, I am tired of feeling like crap and having no joy each time I share it. In fact, my husband has told me not to, because he hates the way I feel every time I log into my backend and upload it. He said, when I posted episode 19 (and I didn’t know he was watching me), that he’s never seen me so sad to share a post on my site.

Episode 20 would be the last here, and again, it is for those who comment. Please, don’t come and ask for the password if you are not active on the series. Just wait until it’s published and you can buy if you love it so much. Don’t worry, if action and blood and gore are not your thing, I already promised you something nice on the 1st of June till God-knows-when. Stranger In Lagos would soon be out too.

Sweet ladies and distinguished gentlemen, enjoy me while I share stuff here o. Time will come when this site and all my social media handles would be for sales of what I have written and would write. So, just have fun and enjoy your time with my stories.

For those asking for Dugo, it’s no longer available for free. It’s under revision and would be up on Okadabooks for sale.

Where To Find Breasts starts in June. If you know where to find them, please hola at me. Follow me on Instagram @moskedapages to catch up on my #moskedacharacters series.

Na gode.

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  1. I completely understand Sally.

    God bless you and add more fuel to your gen “pun intended”.

  2. Olubukola

    I don’t even know where i belong. God ‘safe’ me😔 but i understand tho..

    • Sally

      Lol. Thank you, Olubukola

      • Dear Sally, I have been a silent fan for as long as I can remember. My best work of yours would still be the onuoras( I can’t remember the name of the story) but the characters were real to me now as they were then. I really don’t hold a grudge for wanting to password your stories but what happens to people like me who have a short attention span, workaholic by nature and busy laywer by day? Forgive me for saying this- you don’t need us to comment or click the like button to validate your awesomeness. A lion doesn’t need a mirror to be self aware of who he is and what he is capable of doing. I strongly believe that whether we comment or not, you are one of the greatest writers of this generation. Never be weary because in due season, it will speak. The second leg of my argument is this, if you password your stories, how do you want newbies strolling by to connect with your literally works? Kindly reconsider Abeg o

        • Sally

          Hello Q, thanks for stopping by.

          Please, read my post again to understand why I passworded it. Explaining myself over and over makes me feel stupid. You’re a lawyer. If you offered pro Bono services regularly and you don’t get appreciated, how would you feel? Can you survive on pro bono? Maybe you guys think that I sit down before my laptop and the words drop from on high.

          All my stories don’t end here. They end in books and people buy them. So, newbies have the option to read some and read the rest after they buy the books. It’s the same with Biyankavitch. Nothing new. Thank you

  3. Oh Sally, I’m really sorry you feel this way, Biyankavitch is awesome and we know it.
    I fully support making it into a book and selling it, you know I’ll be #1 to buy it, either ways I’m so sorry for being insensitive.

    • Sally

      Thanks Nneka.

      Glad to see you here again

  4. Hi Sally,

    What about those who have been active commentators and their password has expired. Do they get a new password or wait for the book.

    • Sally

      Active members can read. This story was originally for them. If their membership has expired, it would have to stay that way for now, because I don’t have any special offers for members.

      Thank you.

  5. Sally all I can say is ki yi hakuri. 💝💜💙💕 🖤💖❤️

    • Sally

      Chai, Mariam. You always have my heart. Thank you

  6. Dear Sally, just love for you mama..

    And hugs you do so much for us here, the least we can do is engage the stories.

    Hugs again mama

    • Sally

      I love you, Modupe. You’re sweet and wonderful

  7. Dear Sally, I am sorry you we were not as responsive as per usual.

    Biyankavitch is an amazing piece of work from you. I would go as far as to rank it in my top 3 writings by you. A year ago I was telling a friend that everyone can have an impact in nation building, Trying to explain to her the impact of art, performance art, writing , branding/marketing can have on our perception, vision, social engineering e.t.c

    I saw Biyankavitch in that light. In my reading of your chapters I concluded that organisations like the ACEs surely existed in Nigeria, and conjure up dreams of groups like the captains cabal ( minus the child abuse/ child soldier breeding ) and how amazing it will be if the ALTERNATIVES could be actualised without the possible negative outcomes.
    I even allocated some Nigerian politicians into these groups, sometimes moved them around depending on rumours i heard of them.
    The killing of all the heads of ACEs by captain ( set before the start of this story) reminded me of comment people would make about how Nigeria will be better if only the present crop of corrupt Nigeria leaders could be taken in the same way. ( My observation of recent world history gives less confidence on how positive the outcome will be in reality).
    As you can tell Biyankavich got the revolution side of my brain tweaking. I enjoyed the possibilities in the picture you painted for us. I appreciate how you beautifully crafted the very complex, yet believable Bahagos with very interesting characters, How you entwine Fish brain Clan into Biyankavich. You even got me to care about Shiloh!!!

    I am sorry I didn’t reciprocate that back, by commenting consistently on every episode ( and kicking myself for not always using same alias when I did comment). I look forward to reading the completed version Biyankavich. I am sure my mind will be blown by the end result. xx

    • Sally

      Thank you so much, Versatilewardrobe. I love your analysis of the story. I wish things could be written to bring about change in this country, I would have done so since.
      Thanks, once again

      • Versatile wardrobe

        While the impact of written and performance art might be slow, it yields result. It persuades people to want /accept change.
        I can think of how Hollywood movies and romantic novels colored my early view of what a romantic relationship should look like, how Bollywood and latin soap operas on Gotv got people to expect more from their partners. What people read, listen to and watch regularly has the amazing ability to change their views and expectation over time. A recent example is Ukraine’s present president, whose main credit is he played a president on TV. Or this a documentary about a man whose TV and radio habit changed his perception of others.
        I think your work is already making a difference. We don’t only escape into the world you build for your characters, your writing gives us a difference perspective.

  8. Just seeing this bern waiting forever for this episode, may your ink never run dry

    • Sally

      Amen, Ola. Thank you

  9. I refresh this blog daily just to read something new from you. You are an awesome talented writer. Sorry for not commenting regularly. It will be a shame not to read anything from you again

    • Sally

      Hopefully, that doesn’t happen. Thank you so much

  10. Awwwh, Sally….so sorry to hear about Biyankavitch this way. You sell, great, we will buy. Me looking forward to the end and beginning of Strangers in Lagos.
    Take care of yourself alright, have a great week.

    • Sally

      Thanks darling. I love you much. Check your DM on instagram

  11. Awwww! Please don’t feel bad Ms Sally. Different strokes… It is well with you.
    Stay strong, you are one writer I love and respect a lot.🙌🙌
    I have referred your books, reposted your stories and promote this blog to many I can’t count no more.💞💞
    Just know it’s not intentional.
    And we are not crucifying you.
    Sincerely, even I know how it feels when I post a beautiful cake picture after spending days n night to bake and decorate and the cake does not get ten likes not to talk on comments…so so frustrating.🤦
    So sorry sis, 🙏may God ease your affairs… Aamin.
    Irrespective of how we show it, we love you loads Ms Sally.😍😍

    • Sally

      My luv, thank you so much

      You’re a wonderful friend

  12. Hi Sally, I am sorry you feel this way, I can imagine how you felt as someone who blogged at some point. You know I am an ardent fan of yours and I did celebrate that fact to your face and to anyone of my friends who are voracious readers like me.
    I have been a fan of this page I think since 2014 and there was no book of yours that I didn’t purchase.
    One of the strong points I celebrated in you was that you never left us your readers hanging, you always always show up, even without the expectant post but with a short post always explaining why you couldn’t meet up or something. It made me feel so much like you didn’t take us for granted. But since about last year, its been somewhat different. I understand that life happens, at some point I became so worried about you and sent you a dm on Facebook to check up on you and your family, I never did get any response. Most times I refresh or check on this page whenever you say you will post but got disappointed. Most times by the time you post I am not aware, I stumble on it via IG and I usually just comment yippee excitedly. For me I know I usually do comment on your posts but I’m certain I didn’t on the last post cos I saw it quite late, read it voraciously in the midst of work and didn’t get to comment.
    Anyways I dont know if my comment did make sense but this is how I feel. I wish you God’s best like I usually do

    • Sally

      It makes lots of sense, Kemi. A lot. I have been inconsistent here because of work, and I am sorry. You’ve been supporting me all the way, dear. I can never forget that or take it for granted.

      Thanks you, dear

  13. Fehintola

    I am so guilty of reading and not commenting most times ,I sincerely know how it feels to write this beautiful story and get so little comments to this I apologize…

    • Sally

      Bless you, Fehintola. Thanks for understanding


    You know i love you right ? your work is always so captivating, so intense and filled with brilliance. Biyankavitch is a very nice write up and i always find myself on the page for a new episode. Even when 19th came up i didn’t waste time to take it all in. We promise to always make your writing worthwhile. Please tamper justice with mercy.

    • Sally

      I will, Mibolla. You guys have overwhelmed me with love. Thank you

  15. I totally agree with u that it can be very frustrating, but sincerely we love u and enjoy your work. If u want to sell, I will definitely purchase it. Great job again.

    • Sally

      Datoks, thanks always. You’ve been here, regularly, rain or sunshine. God bless you.

  16. mesmaggie

    Hello Sally, for all of us who read your amazing blog posts and books, who comment or don’t comment at all or irregularly.. We apologize for making you feel this way.

    Just so you know, you are phenomenal and whatever choice you make, we are always hungry for more of your work.

    Thank you for always keeping us entertained.

    • Sally

      Bless you, Mesmaggie. You’re appreciated.

  17. Florence

    Hi Sally,

    As the ghost reader that Ayam, now I have to come and defend my readings 🙈🙈

    I have nothing but respect for your works, your ability to strings words together, and keep us all at the edge of our sits. Apologies I don’t comment often to show my appreciation of your good works.

    PS: Can this comment section have voice recording already, so I can comment without having to keep cleaning and rewording to make sure I’m not shooting grammatical blunder 🤣🙈🙈.

    I love you Sally

    • Sally

      Hey Florence,
      Great to have you here. I hope wordpress gives us that voice recording option.

      Thanks a ton

  18. Carah💕

    This is one story of yours i havent read and i dont know why but i promise to start reading. I have been a huge fan of your work since the days of 360nobs!!!!If theres anything i like about you is the fact that you express yourself alot to us ( one can easily tell you are the type who cant keep grudge) and i respect you for that. I understand that life gets in our way or things dont go as planned for us . Last year, things became totally different on this site and it sort of affected everything. We hope things go back to normal and everyone adjust and we can go back to being one Big Happy Family .

    • Sally

      Everything will come back to normal, I promise.

      Thanks for understanding, Carah. Good to see you here. I missed the two hearts beside your name 😀

  19. Oyewale

    Sally, Just know I love you😘

    • Sally

      *blowing kisses back to you

  20. Hi Sally, I totally understand your frustrations with majority of us and truth is, moved from your site to Instagram because of ‘Dugo’ and I pretty abandoned other books you published here. I promise to a better online reader and will post reviews more often.

    • Sally

      No wahala, dear. I’ve missed you here.

  21. Glad to be back on here, and online too.
    A whole lot kept me away from regular internet use and I missed a lot, especially stories on Moskedapages.
    Yours is one of the very few surviving literary blogs in our part of the world, and I commend your consistency and commitment.
    Let me just see how much of catch up I can play over the next few days, and hope I have defeated the things that took me away from here and most of my other online platforms.
    Blessings all the way Sally

    • Sally

      You’re always welcome here, Seye. I look forward to reading something from you again. My love to wifey and your big soldier

  22. Dear Sally,

    I absolutely understand the feeling behind your action. Most times I read your work it’s so emotionally time-consuming that i can put something down right away. Biyankavitch is one of your amazing work along with the Fourth finger. lots of rollercoaster of emotions, and it shows you carried your research abt each character especially the main one. Since I waited this long to start commenting back guess its only fair i wait for the release.

    May God grant you vision and insight to speedily finish your story.

    • Sally

      Amen, Mide. Thank you, always

  23. I’m glad I’m back on here at least. I’ve had to go on a sabbatical and I must confess that I miss Moskedapages. I can relate to that not so good feeling when there’s no real feedback to posts. Please keep doing what you do Sally, there’s a whole lot of us who appreciate.
    Blessings all the way

    • Sally

      Glad to see you here again, Seye. I’ve missed you.

      Thanks a lot

  24. You are doing amazing, Keep going, we dey your back!!

  25. Maye Oneyor

    Hi sally, I know I am1 of the defaulters, i will just jeje wait for the book. June 1st is fast approaching, lemme recharge my okada books in preparation

  26. Sally, it’s a shame that we as readers enjoying your sweaty and toil haven’t shown application and encouragement by not commenting. I guess your decision not to make it free to all is fully understandable. I hope when you finally publish your books you make them available on Amazon to enable some of us who do not use okada any more gain access to your books.. I always, looked forward on Sunday evenings to read your work and signed up on Instagram mainly to follow you although I still haven’t figured out how to comment on there. I hope to one day get a hang of it. I look forward to your books. In the near future. All the very best.

    • Sally

      Thanks, Akua. You’re always an angel

  27. As much as I understand why u decided to password ur post, I don’t feel its right. Ur readers continuously keep refreshing ur page for new content some times for months without anything new or interesting. It’s frustrating so much so when a new content is finally available they just read and go. I got to know about ur blog from tomilola coco, who has also gone AWOL. I prefer buying the books rather than visiting and getting disappointed. When it’s ready we go buy and read

    • Sally

      I’m not here to make you feel good, Slow. You don’t pay me a dime for visiting my blog, so you don’t get to tell me what’s wrong or right. Buy the books if you so desire or don’t at all. Your logic doesn’t make sense. Tomi also doesn’t owe you shit. She’s a hardworking writer who spends sleepless nights working, and she has younger ones to care for. I also have kids who need me more than this blog. So, do yourself a favor and find writers who won’t disappoint you because we’re done catering to people like you.

      By the way, isn’t this your first comment here? And all you’re good for is saying how frustrated and disappointed you are. Shift abeg

      • Slow no

        Of what use is ur skill as a writer without readers? If blogging ur work is so tasking why not just write books and sell them rather than waste time with readers like me. Arrogant pest

        • Sally

          Lool, Lauretta Garba, you’re the pest here. Last I checked, this was my blog. And if I lost you as a reader, I won’t die. So many people here don’t hold your brainless opinions. All this anger because you didn’t get the password to read my last post? You’re surely bitter. My dear, go and rest. Your presence is unwelcome here.

        • Sally

          FYI, your comments have been set to automatically get dumped in spam. You’ll see them but nobody else can. Don’t waste your time here

  28. Damn! Can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve been here. I think my reading took a downward spiral by my second year in Aberdeen and I have not yet recovered. My own blog has finished gathering cobwebs. But I felt this on a very deep level. I think the fact that people hardly engaged with my stories on the blog was another reason it was so “easy” to quit. Despite the num,ber of hits each weekend, I’d only see a handful of comments. It was so frustrating.
    I miss writing and of course I don’t do it for the validation but knowing there are people waiting to engage makes it easier for you to push yourself harder to create against all the odds.
    I was saying to someone the other day that you’re the only writer I know who has been so consistent through the years and it is sooo admirable! You inspire me! A whole lot. And I am constantly rooting for you. Anyone who knows me knows I have mentioned you and your writing at some point, heck I recommend your blog faster than I recommend mine. It is such a blessing to have you share your gift with the world. I hope your wellspring of inspiration never runs dry. But beyond that, I hope I can show up for you as often as you deserve. You have been a truly remarkable ally. God bless you! Sending you tons of hugs and love and light!

    • Sally

      Thank you, Oge. This means much. Glad you’re sharing your thoughts on this. God bless you

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