The Darker Berry

The Darker Berry #3

Read episodes 1 & 2 of The Darker Berry This! She was not prepared for this. Not even in her nightmares or in those moments when her mind enjoyed wandering into dark places to pick memories she would rather live without. But here she was, thrown back to her past by a single visit from the one person she least expected to see. “Amra?” her voice shook like the weak gust of wind that blew over her and the woman standing before her, clutching the hand of a little girl. The woman smiled at the mention of her name but her smile was met with a frown that lingered over her and lowered to the girl she was holding. “Zainab, say hi to your aunty, Umi.” Zainab, fair and beautiful, with thick African locks, braided into one long ponytail, looked up at Umi’s unfriendly glare and glared back in the…

The Darker Berry #3 – Postponed

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday. I want to apologize on behalf of Tomi and I over the fact that we won’t be bringing you episode 3 of The Darker Berry today, reasons being that: I traveled and came back on Wednesday and I have been since occupied with missed work. Tomi is currently working and has a deadline. She’s not even had the time to chat with me, let alone have a meet-up. We apologize for the delay but we will be here next week or earlier. Thank you for your patience. Have a lovely Sunday.

The Darker Berry #2

Here’s what happened on The Darker Berry last week; Umi and Femi met each other for the first time. Not so fast. Before you get all mushy, Umi does not like Femi. It’s not her fault really, he was a dick to her and he’s an unashamed Asewo. Umi has two besties; Quincy and Chibuzor. Chibuzor is in love with Umi and he kinda used Quincy (in a bad way) to get Umi’s longtime boo out of the way. Femi wants to get Umi in his bed. Well, because he’s a Ho and he’s tired of his current play thing. Read up on what happened last week HERE if you haven’t just yet. And, if you want to refresh your memories. Now, let’s get to what happens today. Lying before him, outside his office window was the breathtaking view of the ocean on a late afternoon. When he was…

The Darker Berry #1

Hi Fam! Thank you for the votes and love shown yesterday. It’s good to know there are people that always got your back. God bless you all! So we are here at last, Tomi and I and you guys. I have to warn though, this is 18+ and dark as promised. Hehehe. It’s to feature every Sunday, here and on Tomi’s blog, so expect the next episode on hers. Enjoy! She hated tears. They were for the weak. For those women who loved and gave their hearts to men. She was not one of them. She was Umi and she simply did not do love. But love had done her in somehow. Found that hard outer shell, cracked it open and slipped in quietly through the fissure until it located her soft core and dumped its mushy mess into her. This love came in form of a man whom…