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Contributors Needed At Kamdora A lifestyle blog with over 2.4 million female visitors monthly is currently searching for freelance literary writers to contribute engaging, interesting and captivating content (stories and series) that women in Nigeria (and diaspora) can relate to and fall in love with. If you think you have the ability to make her audience time travel with your articles, then join their Tribe to get your content out there by sending an email to info@kamdora.com.

Moskedapages Gets Nominated At The Nigerian Writers' Awards

So I was jejely on my own when I got a message from a friend in a Whatsapp group that I have been nominated for the Nigerian Writers’ Awards 2017. Not once. But twice! The first is for Blogger of the Year. The second is for Fiction Writer of the Year for The Fourth Finger. I smiled. You guys know me, I don’t do these nominations and vote stuff, reasons being that I feel that my work should get noticed for what it is and not the number of votes. Well, that was how I felt until my husband told me to reset my thinking. But wait first, which one of you went to nominate me? Raise your hands in the comment box. Confess! LOL! Don’t mind me. I appreciate it. You guys have been awesome. To be nominated as blogger of the year alongside the likes of Linda Ikeji, Bellanaija,…

Dear Writer: How To Make Money Off Writing

This post has been on my mind for a long time. I keep postponing it but today I think it would be appropriate to do something about it. What I am about to share with you is something people pay hard earned cash to get at seminars and lectures. I am not going to charge you for this. Just take your time and read, bookmark and come back and read again to get motivated. First of all, I want to start by saying that if you think writing is a side job, something you do only during your free time, this will not work for you. Just kindly go on Facebook and Snapchat or elsewhere to while away time, that is after you share this post on social media to those who really need it. People always come to me to ask me to tutor them on writing and blogging…

Move Your Writing To The Next Level With Seun Odukoya's STORY WARS 1

‘Move your writing to the next level ‘ may sound like a cliché – but that’s the reason behind these classes. Else, what’s the point?  That’s the only reason you’re attending too – the knowledge that you will get something different and worthwhile out of it. That’s the only reason you should attend.  Hence, STORY WARS I.  The precursory writing mashups came as a result of a need to see writers/creatives be more than their ‘situation’. You’re only as successful as your options and this is designed to give you more options by improving and diversifying your skill set. What more could you need? For details/registration visit: https://theunderlineacademy.wordpress.com/story-wars/

Dear Writer: How To Create Unforgettable Characters For Your Story

Dear writer, use this guide to create unforgettable characters for your stories and books. It’s good to write a good story. Better still, an unforgettable one. For every writer, it is impertinent to pen down a story people want to always come back to; to have something in your pages that leaves a mark. It might be the plot of the work itself, or the message contained between the lines, or it might just be the characters. Characterization. That’s my thing. I’m crazy about building real lives for the people that dwell in my head. Reading other writers, I get bored whenever I come across a cliché character. How often do we meet the tall, dark and handsome; the slim and pretty; the suffering single mother or widow; the abusive husband; the slut who sleeps around to make ends meet; the lovey-dovey couple that go in the way of all…

Dear Writer

I have not done a totally random post in a while, so I have decided to sit before my laptop and write this because it has been piling up in my head for some time now. And after a little research, I think it’s time to unload the crappy things you and I have written. Yes, I include myself because I have written crap and might still be found writing crap (may never admit it though). Today, I will not just be dishing out the dirt, I’ll be listing clichés and every other BS that we often have used. In no particular order, I begin: 1.       Tall. Dark. Handsome Punctuated for serious emphasis. He can’t be anything less. *clears throat* For real? Can’t he be short, fair and ugly? Or fat and oily? Or tall and stupid? Or even the lovechild of Whoopi and Segun Arinze? Why must he…