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  1. Sarah Ogbemudia Reply


    I just started visiting your site and I thoroughly enjoyed reading boys with toys. Is episode 19 the end of the story? Kindly let me know and great job by the way. Superb writing.

    Best Regards,
    Sarah Ogbemudia

  2. Hi Sally,
    I read your ebook FISH BRAIN CLAN back in 2013 or so. It was an interesting read I must say.
    I recently came across it again on my system and thought it would be nice to share it on a web platform. And so am seeking ur blessing to go ahead.
    All credit goes to u of cos.
    Wldnt want to get on ur naughty list.

  3. Hello Sally… Love, your enemy 4 plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  4. Hi Sal,
    How’s the new job coming? And the family? Please i want to make an enquiry on how much it will cost to publicize my recently published ebook called Fata Attraction . I recently just uploaded it on okadabooks store and my website. Can i promote it on your blog? How much would it cost?

    Looking forward to your reply

  5. So I thought I could send you a mail but…oh well. I really must commend you not just for being an awesome writer but for being a force to reckon with. You might not know it but you do influence people and I am a testimony.
    Reading your works gave me the courage to finally kick-start my literature blog (I’m on the eleventh episode of my first ever prose Fiction series), I wish you could see it but I know you are a busy bee. So instead just lay hands on me and pass on some anointing (Lol). Thank you so much Aunty Sally for sharing your imagination. I would never have set up Fragile Dogubo’s Ink if you didn’t write IANS. Love you plenty.

    Adoring Fan.

  6. Hi Sally, I Just read one of your books- To tame a virgin but couldn’t get pass episode 12. A password was requested to access the rest. Please how do I get it. Meanwhile, am a great fan of yours, have read most of your books. They are intriguing! May God continue to enlarge you. Thanks.

    • Sally Reply

      Hi Olamide, thanks for contacting me. And I appreciate you taking time to read my work. God bless you.
      To Tame a Virgin is unfortunately not available for now. But it will soon be up for sale on okadabooks. Thank you

  7. Hi Sally. I’m addicted to this site. Thanks for the entertainment. Just read No Heart Feelings but couldn’t get pass episode 12 too. Please how can I get the remaining episodes?

    • Sally Reply

      Hi Oyinda, thanks a lot for reaching out.
      No Heart Feelings is not available right now. I’m sorry dear

  8. Hi Sally. Please I’d like to purchase ‘it’s another Saturday’ the easy way. Having issues buying from Okada books. Kindly email me.

  9. when would to tame a virgin be available, am really dying to read more

  10. Hi Sally quite sometime, I’ve been away for sometime now for professional exams. I notice that I couldn’t comment because this space of leave a reply is no longer visible after reading. I don’t know if it’s just my page or it’s a general problem. I like to leave my reply after reading. How is Kayla and her brother regards to your hubby too.

  11. Hello Sally,
    I am an author. Please, do you mind referring your cover designer and editor?

  12. Hi Sally, how do i get in the name of papa, okada books is asking for an app, why do i even need the app to read your book, ejoor sally tell me. Really appreciate hearing from you.

  13. Hello Sally,
    How do I become member of your website?
    I look forward to your response.

    Thank you.

  14. Hi Sally, will like to gt ‘in the name of papa ‘ ebook, having issue wit okadabookz and Hw do I become a member come 2018. kindly email me please

  15. Hi Sally, I want to say a big thank you for these beautiful books (In the name of papa and The fourth Finger). They are the only ones on Amazon and i have typed every key words to find more of your books but to no avail so I traveled all the way from Amazon to your website to beg you to please please “In the name of Papa” Add more books to your Amazon Page. I can only trust payment on Amazon and thats why i use it. You are a wonderful writer and not just a writer, you capture your readers minds and put them right on the scene of your books. You dont just tell a story, you diagnose, plan and implement your story then you allow your readers to evaluate it, to find themselves in the picture. Thank you!

  16. The Darker Berry Reply

    Hey Sally,
    How’s it going? I came to your page after reading ‘His Little Black Page” on naked convos. I was taken… I just finished reading ‘Darker Berry.” Is 11 the end? I’m jonzing for more lol. You are an amazing writer. Your diction is on point, you weave in and out seamlessly. Also, I read “The Fourth Finger” on Okada Books. Well done o! But please, got anymore of that, Darker Berry? Thanks missy!!

    #TeamFumi (Umi and Fumi) lol.

  17. Hello Sally, is it possible to purchase the pdf copies of It’s another Saturday and in the name of Papa? If yes, how?

  18. Hi Sally,

    This is to follow up on the membership access. Kindly check your email and revert.


  19. Hi sally,
    I paid for the membership club and also got exclusive access to Biyankawitch when u starting it on the blog , but when you posted episode 19, my password could not open it. Pls is there a different password or what is happening. Thank you.

  20. Morgan Irizarry Reply


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  21. Hi hi Sally
    Just recently started reading your works and I’ve read quite a lot in less than a month.
    I bought the whole fish brain clan and his little black book off okada books. I’ve been following where to find breasts, and just finished reading available episodes of biyankavitch.
    Now Biyankavitch is my best yet. It has me hooked. I really don’t think my heart can wake till its published in a book.
    So here’s my question, can I pay to get the password? Pretty please… I can even pay however much the published book will cost 😥

    • Sally Reply

      Hello Iyanu

      Thank you for being a blessing to my ministry. ☺️

      Please contact me on instagram or Twitter via DM to get the password.


  22. Hello Sally, trust you’ve been great? i have been trying to catch up on some of your old write ups on here (something to keep busy before you resume, lol) but I discovered after some reads that majority have been locked. Turns out my subscription has also expired for the year.
    Please, how do I get access to this write-ups or is there a way i can go about renewing my subscription?

  23. Bukola Ajayi Reply

    Hi Ms Sally,

    How is family? It has been long I came to read your work. From changing work, having kids, and all that
    I just finished reading the Biyankavitch it’s when I got to chapter 19 that I saw your message, oh am so sorry for not commenting I felt bad when I saw it. But believe me have recommended your site to a Lot, pls pardon me. Have learnt a Lot reading your story, I promise to change and do the needful.
    This lockdown brought me back and i promise to always show up and comment regularly.
    It’s a great privilege knowing you😍
    Thank you for been a great writer.

    Pls for people like me that doesn’t like Instagram how can we get your work to read.
    My regards to the family.

    Love u Ma Sally

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