Excerpt From The Black Witch

Enjoy this short excerpt from The Black Witch. Use it to whet your appetite first.

The last time my head hurt this badly, a car had run into mine on an isolated highway, leading to a nasty crash that gave me a gaping head injury. I had wanted to reach into my skull and rip out everything in it that was associated with the pain. It took me months to recover, and even now, I still had bouts of headaches on the occasion.

Right now, my head was pounding from a shitty combination of blinding white lights and severe torture from Baka and his men. I wanted the pain to stop. I also wanted comfort food, a full massage, and a man between my legs. But that would be after I sent these sons of Belial home in boxes. Clearly, this was going to be another long night.

Two nights ago, I woke up in some house, presumably owned by Baka. Last I remembered, I was at the #EndBARS protest. Images of protesters running for their lives as live bullets were fired at them wouldn’t leave my head. The stench of blood, gunpowder, and death. The screams of terror. The stampede and mayhem. I still couldn’t believe that night had happened, that the government sent the military and police to kill its citizens for peacefully protesting, that people died demanding for the end to oppression. This country had always been shit anyways.

It was ironic I was one of the lucky ones to make it alive from that night, only to find I’d been captured by the son of a thousand demons.

I was handcuffed, after I had been stripped of my clothes and left in my bra and boy shorts. Disoriented for a few seconds, I couldn’t make out my surroundings, but in a short while, my sight cleared, and the first thing I saw was the form of a woman in the nude. She lay a few feet away from me, in front of a door, with her hands cuffed behind her. She looked bruised up and somewhat dead.

My eyes scanned the room. The setting was posh but impersonal. There were no photo frames or anything that gave out the personality of the inhabitants of the house.

I turned my attention back on the woman on the floor. It took me more than a couple of seconds to realize it was Kisi.


She lifted her head off the floor and turned it towards me. Her beautiful face was swollen.

“Kisi, what happened?”

She looked away from me to the man standing behind me. I had known he was there, but he was the least of my concerns.

I tried to rise to my knees, but the bastard rested his foot on me, keeping me down. Just then, the door behind Kisi opened and Baka stepped out from a room. I could hear music and the voices of men laughing.

He shut the door and smiled at me. “She’s awake.” He motioned to his boy behind me to pull me up while he did the same with Kisi but forcing her to go on her knees.

“You’ve gotten me now,” I said. “Happy?”

He smirked.

“Let her go.”

“I hope you’re not going to do the ‘it’s not her you want, it’s me’ speech?”

“Let her go, Bakare.”

“No. By the way, in a few minutes, you’ll be on your way to a much nicer house. Before then, though, I thought you needed to see this.”

He grabbed her hair and tugged it backwards. Then, he got out a dagger from his back pocket.

“No!” I shouted. And without warning, I jutted my head backwards, slamming it into the face of the guy holding me, making him release his grip on me. He groaned as I made towards Baka like an enraged bull. But I could only move a couple of paces as stronger hands came for me from both sides. They lifted me off the floor and dragged me back.

“I thought I told you guys she was dangerous?” Baka said casually, returning his attention to Kisi who was now bawling.

“Don’t do it,” I pleaded. “Please, don’t. I’ll get you Ndeye. Just…”

“I want you to know that Kisi’s blood is on your head.”

And in one swift movement, he sliced her throat. I screamed out, anger filling me like the rush of water from a broken dam.


He shrugged, looking at Kisi’s body now on the floor. He dropped the dagger on her.

The door behind him opened a second time and his friends emerged. I knew all of them by their names and by everything that concerned them, including the things they did when they thought no one was watching.

One after the other, they shook hands with Baka and sidestepped Kisi as they walked away, as if she were a dirt bag in their way. The one who cared enough to ask questions was Baka’s best friend and business partner in crime. He bent and moved her hair off her face.

“Na Kisi be dis? Haba, Baka. This is bad na. I no tell you say make you leave dis babe? Na mistake na.”

Baka wasn’t listening to him; he was typing away on his phone.

“Later, man.”

Baka nodded as he left. Soon Baka looked up at me. “I’ll see you in a bit.”

Some fucker pricked me with a needle again, and I was out in seconds.


  1. Sylvia Eguzoro

    I can’t wait mehn! I loved the #EndBars part too.

    Ps – I’m totally feeling the new picture, Sally. You look so dapper. ♥️

  2. Can’t wait for the 24th to dawn. Thank you Sally. This is a perfect Christmas gift.

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