What Is Your Favorite Series On Moskedapages?

Good evening, guys

I’m just a day away from home. By God’s grace, this time tomorrow, I’ll be back home in Lagos.

So this has been on my mind since – to ask you guys what your favorite series is on this blog. I’ll also like to know who your best character was or is, because from the stats in the backend, old series are being reread.

So, let’s talk. What’s your fav series and who is your fav character? And I’d also like you to tell me why you love them.

For me, I’d say my favorite character is Leonel. And this is only because he is the most challenging to write. I also love him because of his volatility and impulsive nature. With Kyenpia, in the Fish Brain series and The Immortals’ Code, he is loving, emotional, hard-hitting, dangerous, vulnerable, all at once. With Anna in His Little Black Book, he is gentler, indulging, more like a sugar daddy and yet he holds back on his true nature. With his family, all they get is his dark side. If I tell you that I have closed Leonel’s chapter, I’ll be lying. You’ll get to meet him again. But Shhh…it’s a secret.

As for my best series, I have none. I love them all, including the ones that give me difficulty like Boys With Toys. I’d say my least favorite at some point was Novocaine Knights. It took me a second read for me to love and appreciate the work done there. It’s Another Saturday was the most unplanned series I ever wrote but halfway through I fell madly in love with Jide and Honey. The Fish Brain Series is one I’ll never stop reading. The stories there give me much laughter as it did to you guys.

Well, let me stop here and let you guys express yourself. So tell me your fav story, your fav character, who you would like to see come back, what you could have changed and all your unanswered questions. I am waiting online to respond to every comment and question.

Have a fun evening.


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  1. adebayo says:

    My best series hands down is Its another Saturday…as soon as Honey’s character was introduced in the plane…I knew I couldn’t stop reading…the Jideofor bride’s blessing too..the story line was just superb.
    I really enjoy Boys with toys…4th finger…

    My fav characters are Jideofor and Genesis. Genesis cos she’s gone through some shit and is so strong..loving a man like Dominic.
    Jideofor, well because its Jideofor.

    1. Sally says:

      Jideofor, well because its Jideofor … I understand. You cannot help but love Jide
      Thank you, Adebayo

  2. Damilola says:

    I lovvvvveee Honey because she exhibits fears and insecurities in her relationship like I do…even when she knows Jide would be good to her…her past just has to surface and she almost always messes things up with her doubts.. .am getting better
    I love kynepia because deep down she is a hopeless romantic and goes the extra mile for her man….i adopted all the sweet names she called her man.
    Novacaiiiiiiiiine knights night might be my nearest bestestest because I love Sally took much. I love genesis and I love its another Saturday.

    1. Sally says:

      Thank you, Damilola. I love that Kyenpia is vulnerable with Leonel alone and still knows how to pull herself together.
      Thanks for sharing

  3. Tanti says:

    My favorite is It Another Saturday
    But my favorite character is
    Amaka in Fish Brain series.
    I hope to get the rest of the Series soon
    I Read It Another Saturday and Fourth Finger almost every day.
    You are really a great author

    1. Sally says:

      Thank you, Tanti

  4. Tanti says:

    I would love you to continue it Another Saturday KN to eternity

    1. Sally says:

      I hope you do 😉

  5. Shubi says:

    Fish Brains introduced me to you so that has to be my first love followed side by side with it’s Another Novocaine Saturday a delicious combo of Novocaine Nights and Another Saturday. You are simply the best gifted writer ever. God continue to bless you my Salywoowoo for giving us such blessing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Sally says:

      Shubiwoo! I love you! *kisses

  6. Esson says:

    favourite series is immortals code. I love captain, brutal, ruthless but also a master planner. I love pastor Ishi too. calm, holy and social.
    Boys with toys comes very close.

    1. Sally says:

      I know yours is the Immortals’ Code. You’re always here for it. And I’m surprised that you like Ishi. It takes a certain eye to appreciate the depth of his character
      Thank you, Esson

  7. Gina Cres says:

    I’m Team #It’s Another Saturday. And my fav. character(s)? Well, its actually Jide and Honey. I love this duo. They made me look forward to more episodes.

    Boys With Toys; I love. Banky and Bea… hmm, I’ve really missed them.

    The Fourth Finger… Christy.

    I had hearty laughs with the Fish Brain series.

    I enjoyed most of the series on here. They’re superb and full of fun.

    1. Sally says:

      Thank you, Gina Cres

  8. Eunice says:

    Same as you Sally….don’t have a favourite series. I love Leonel too…i mean he’s not your everyday guy. ?. Then Kay,the iron lady..I wish she n Leo just end up together already❤. Amaka n James…the way he form Oga Haliru for Amaka n still be her Jamie z just sooo beautiful..That’s for Fish Brain…OMG…Hotstuff n Sugams…Jide n Honey’s love so beautiful….I love the way Jide is with his mom..they r close, she corrects him (knocks)? but does not control him or his family. That’s for Another Saturday….Then Genesis n Dominic…Mymood n Woo-woo from Novocaine Knights.?. Summary; All series from the stables of moskedapages..To tame a virgin, Novocaine knights, immortal codes (I love this one too, I love the adrenaline rush I feel each time I read it) Another Saturday, another novocaine Saturday, boys with toys (Sally ooo…when will this be out??) OMG…how on earth could I have forgotten the almighty Fourth Finger….U really heart❤ this one…my favorite character z Folarin. Ok…i love Christie too. Every series was a hit back to back jare.
    P.S: Sally I love ❤ the way you write…u don’t try to make your characters perfect? ur story isn’t chessy…u connect them with recent happenings in the country…Sally…your hands are beautiful…keep writing golden words.
    NOTE: Long comment …yea I know? but it’s been a while i made any comment here..(Confession).??

    1. Sally says:

      Long and sweet comment. Read it twice.
      Thanks dearest Eunice
      Much love!

  9. Bee says:

    My favourite series is Fish Brain and my favourite character are Kay because of her badass-ness and Amaka because of her razzness.

    Followed by Boys with Toys, I love every bit of it, like fish brain, I tend to remember bits of the story on days I need a boost. Please, you need to finish the story

    Followed by No heart Feelings, that story left me speechless every episode.

    Followed by Its Another Novocaine Saturday, due to the mix of stories.

    Followed by Novocaine Nights, I love Dom & Gen, Lex & Kasbi, Wura & My mood, …….

    But my all time favourite is To tame a Virgin.

    1. Sally says:

      Boys With Toys will continue soon
      Thanks, Bee

  10. Damilola says:

    How can I have missed immortal codes. And fourth finger and the whole fish brain series…even the poems you insert…you don’t know how many kisses i have gotten by sending some to my Butterbabe (Yes Sally I stole all the nicknames ).i also loooove how you integrate characters from different series into a new name ..brilliant . Every series worked for me and had me smiling..i remember when you put a log-in and password on your site and said you would only grant a few people and me I was new then I knew before you reach me…e go get
    I just went on bender knees on Twitter and sent a dm and begged and you have me the code…ecstatic. then I won fourth finger lol…

    1. Sally says:

      Interesting. I can’t remember the Twitter incident sha. Thanks for being with me this long

  11. Alexia says:

    Do I have a favorite series no I just love them all but Immortal codes got me …. 4th finger hmmmmm not forgetting boys with toys and I could relate with Anna from his little black book ..all in all Sally dearest you are the bomb

    1. Sally says:

      At last, someone mentions my dear Anna
      You’re the bombest, Alexia

  12. Uhmmmmmm, I love all, I copy and paste Eunice’s comment.
    Sally there is no series I don’t like, I just love all. The character I love most is Amaka, very crazy sumborri.
    I dunno jare, I love all the series coz you Sally, are my best Writer!!!! I luv u above the series n their characters though. Mwwaaaah

    1. Sally says:

      Love you!

  13. Anthony says:

    Fish brain series is still my favorite hands down, and Amaka does it for me. Her monologues and reactions to everything were priceless ???. I had hoped she’d make cameos in immortals’ code but she didn’t?.
    The current members of the Dutorisin family in IANS are another bunch of characters i’ve enjoyed following. Every one of them had personal demons they were battling in the beginning, from Dominic trying to balance his business life with his family life – his strained relationship with Lexus after losing his daughter with Vhasti – and his scheme plotting, to Genesis battling insecurities and mamisi’s influence on her, then Lexus my favorite among them. Losing her younger sister while she was ‘busy’ with their supposed guardian did a number on her. From her relationship with guys to her disregard for her parents, even having friends, she lived on the fast lane. I’ve enjoyed watching them all metamorphose as the story wore on, and get along so well especially Lex and her dad.
    As for what i would have changed in any story, probably getting Isi married to Kyenpia. Why? I don’t think she deserved eating her cake and having it the way she did at the end.
    As for my favorite featured series, that’d have to be Diana Okah’s “Unfulfilled Promises”
    Meanwhile i have only one question – WHAT IS DELE’S WIFE NAME BIKO?
    I’ll wait for my answer, merci ?
    P. S:There’s this epic series you wrote back then, complete with horses and matching armies. I can’t seem to remember the title

    1. Kemi says:

      Isi married Kyenpia? When? How did I miss that? Sally biko can I get a link to the end of that series or the book?

      1. He didn’t marry her. He just wished they got married

    2. Sally says:

      Anthony o! Which horses and matching armies? Hian! Please, me sef I need to know this story.
      As for Dele’s wife’s name, I seriously don’t know. Please, help me ask her

  14. James says:

    My favorite series is immortal code : I just like the story line but it’s so disheartening that you neither complete it here nor sell the book ??. My favorite character is Amaka in fish brain series because of her irrational decisions.

    1. Sally says:

      I’m sorry about The Immortals’ Code. That story has issues like Boys With Toys. Weirdly, they are both completed and weirdly, I don’t like how they go, so I hold back on publishing them. 🙁 My creativity is fucked like that sometimes

  15. Seye says:

    My first Moskeda read was To Tame A Virgin. I enjoyed it thoroughly, even my wife started reading it a while ago.
    As for my best serial here, lemme not lie, I DON’T KNOW! I’m held spellbound by whatever you churn out. I can only keep appreciating how you keep the characters alive story by story, and how you effortlessly bring them alive in another story, from a previous one.
    Lemme not write epistle biko.
    Well done Sally

    1. Sally says:

      Thank you, Seye.
      Much love

  16. Anthony says:

    Oh i forgot to ask this, how do you come up with all these pet names? Very serious question o, because everytime you use a new one i keep wondering how you manage to outdo the last one. ‘Sugams’ is my best to date though.

    1. Sally says:

      I really don’t know. I see some of them online. Others from people

  17. Kenny says:

    Leonel/Daniel is my favourite character….,that aura and personality makes u think guy cannot hurt a fly or he is cool. blunt though and nice. that guy is underestimated, unpredictable( off course he is bipolar) unassuming. my favourite series is immortal code. don’t get me wrong, I love the other series, but I’m political intrigues/thriller any time any day

    1. Sally says:

      I know, Kenny
      Like I always say The Immortals’ Code is for a chosen few
      Thank you

      1. Kenny says:

        I hope I am among the selected few

  18. Odunayo says:

    Novocaine Nights introduced me to your wonderful writing so maybe I would be partial. But seriously, I have no favorite.
    My fav characters, Amaka in the Fish Brain series. Genesis, Jideofor,and Christy. I can’t get over TFF… yeah…I love Folarin too. Lol

    1. Sally says:

      It’s okay to be partial
      I appreciate it

  19. Kemi says:

    Novocaine Knights, I love Genesis, the way she grew from a character I hated so much to the darling she is now is genius.

    Boys with toys too, I like Guru, his creativity and sensitivity is quite endearing, I hope you finish soon.

    I don’t like Kpenyia from immortals code, she is totally spoilt. Leonel is too evil for my liking . Pastor Ishi and Lanre are my favourites from that series.

    To tame a virgin is actually my least favourite series but people appear to really love it. I loved His little black book till end when I found out the boss was actually Leonel,I was a little bit disappointed and it even made me hate him the more

    I totally love how you give each character a personality so much that they engage the emotions of the readers. All your series are top class! Very well done

    1. Kemi says:

      I forgot No heart feelings, Terdooo and Jimi lovely folks. I totally loved that series. The twist at the end was the icing that topped it.

    2. Sally says:

      LOLing at your hate for Leonel. You have mentioned this earlier before. He is dark, though, and yes, Kyenpia’s selfish.

  20. CHINNY says:

    Me I love everything thing o. But Amaka get me hands down. She is my favorite Sally character. I love how razz she is and how loving she gets.
    But for series, I don’t have a favorite, anything written by Sal works for me over and over again. Fish brain o, IANS, IAS, Novocain Knights, Fourth Finger, To tame a Virgin, Boys with Toys, Immortal Code…They all touch my P-Spot. Thanks Sal, keep them coming.

    1. Sally says:

      *clears throat
      Nne, what is P-spot biko?

  21. cleo says:

    Between Boys with Toys and Its Another Saturday. I can t choose. But i am inkling towards its another Saturday.
    My favorite character is Jideofor. Well i dont know why. He is very interesting. Maybe that is why

    1. Sally says:

      Yeah, Jide has a lot of fans. I’m not surprised.

  22. MissBosola says:

    My best series are the 4th Finger and It’s Another Saturday, I can’t leave one for the other. I like Jideofor’s character. He seems mature and interesting may be that’s why I like him.

  23. Peter says:

    Its Another Saturday was the first piece of your work that I have written and I always loved it. I’m still deciding on which of your work Is my best. Loved every single book you’ve written. Favourite character Is Guru. The fact that He can detach himself from the world Is relatable to me. But don’t get me wrong. I love all the characters expect for few of them. Love your work aunty Sally. Thank you again. Please continue Boys-with-toys

  24. Classiq says:

    For me, the best are Its Another Saturday and Boys with Toys. Anything story from Sally works for me because i know i won’t be disappointed, you are really blessed Sally. My favourite characters are Jide and Honey, I love everything about their relationship. The onuoha family too, reminds me of a family i know. Welldone Sally.

  25. Funmilayo says:

    Hello Sally..

    I’d have to try so hard to choose my best because each and every story I have ever read here has been captivating..

    The first work of yours I ever read was “To tame a virgin”..I can’t remember where I read it but I traced it down to “moskedapages” and I have been hooked ever since..

    Okay,let me list my favorites in descending order..

    First for me has to be the “Fish brain series” best character,Amaka. (i love her craze die..)

    2nd…Novocaine character.. Genesis

    3rd .It’s Another character.. Honey..

    4th..the Fourth finger (I am glad i bought thus book as pdf..i cant count how many times i have read it)best character..surprisingly Salma..

    5th…Boys with Toys.. best character.. Banky (pls Sally,just complete the book already..)

    My overall best character is Genesis..I dont know why I get excited when I get to read abt her..

    All in all,Sally, you are a good writer and sometimes I find myself wishing I were in your mind so I dont have to go through the suspense in your stories..

    I love you…. n safe trip

  26. Tosin says:

    No heart feelings for sure. Then novocaine Knights next.

  27. Joy says:

    My fav series has to be To Tame A Virgin…This series introduced me to you and I could relate to the story line. Next is Novocaine Knights and I just know I’m still beefing you cos I was rooting for #Domfe but you did not let them be 🙂 And my next fav is TFF

    For fav characters, I have loved all your lead characters I won’t lie except for Genesis. But my very best is Anthonia Braithwhite, I love love that chick cos I see me in her. Then my next fav is my crush the don’t himself, I wish I could find a Dominic in real life and lastly I love Jide.

    1. Joy says:

      Auto correct won’t let me win 🙁 I mean the Don himself (referring to Dominic)… Oh and i forgot to mention that i also love Christie, she is my 2nd fav in TFF and also Dre for his guts.

  28. Modupe says:

    So one sunday like that in 2012, cant recall what pastor was preaching, it was sha boring and i got on twitter and i saw a retweet and i clicked on the link, thats how i read “to tame a virgin” and thats how my online love with Sally started…spellbound. Then “jimi and Maria” of No heart feelings….. i love them both, but i understand how you have to make a valian of Maria, no heart feelings oooo Sally…
    Then for “immortal code”, in all truth, the bloodshed and all was scary for me, took me the second read to appreciate the work you did there , albeit twisted for me.
    Dont i just love “amaka” of fish brain clan…that babe is some case, beautiful character
    Novocaine Knights, i love Dominic, and Lexus is a great character too.. i have this feeling that there is more to her than Sally is showing for now.
    Then the fourth finger, this was when the boo realised i was high on moskedapages, my best character there is Folarin….give it to my larin any day any time, perfect example of what a man can be, strenght, zeal, comeback, family , focus, forgiveness, and family first again….his character is a reminder of someone in my life.

    It took me a while(end of the series) to read “its another saturday and boys with toys” and when i did, i took one day to read both…Its easy to fall in love with Jide, but my best character is Pa Onuura himself, , dont even ask me why.

    See sally, its hard for me to pick a best ooo.. But then i have to pick “the fourth finger and no heart feelings

    But i know your best is yet to come, so lets see if the yet to come rivals my best at the moment

  29. gbemmy says:

    even on my bed in d hospital,I just have to comment. I love every of your series Sally. fishbrain series:#kisses, Amaka craziness with OGA haliru. Lionel/David/what’s dat his 3rd personality, want to see more of him.kypenia is spoilt. Novocain knight:#kisses, mymood(love dat nickname) Genesis & her husband love their connection.
    its another Saturday series;#kisses Honey and Jideofor, aaaaah. love them to pieces. fourth finger,ah #kisses……just love every thing on your blog Sally.
    request from me pls: tell us about pastor Ishi’s life with Steph, I guess Dele’s wife isn’t important abi y is she no name…she be waka pass

    you are good sally, journey mercies back home

    1. Anthony says:

      Get well soon Gbemmy.

  30. Jideofor, Leonel, Kimberly Bankole, Silly Amaka, Lanre are some of my best characters so far on Moskeda pages.
    I don’t have any favourite series but I would want to see Immortals Code run till the end of time.

  31. Busola says:

    My favorite character will always be Amaka, Oga Haliru’s baby. She always cracks me up. Whenever I realize her episode is next, I sit tight and anticipate comedy. I can read that Fish Brain Series from today till forever. I love that Clan. I love Maxy most…
    My favorite series should be Fish brain as well but I love every story of yours. I started following your blog since To Tame A Virgin days. God bless the day you sent me that link on twitter that was the day my life changed. Boredom became old news.

    That twist you pulled in No Heart Feelings nko? I never esperedit. My mouth was agape for a long time. I cant forget the look my brother gave when I screamed because of that twist.

    Then, Novocaine knights nko? I liked Wura and Mymood’s story. Then, I realized somehow I had fallen in love with Lexus and Kasiobi. Dominic and Genesis nko?

    Then you brought IAS, #TeamJiney all the way. The fourth Finger nko?. I am still waiting for Boys with Toys. I love all your stories.

    I love you Sally. Whenever I mention Sally, my brother stops to me give me the eye. That She-doesnt-remember-you eye. I talk about you as if you are my bestie. I thank God for the day for the day you were born and the day you decided to write and I thank God for your hubby who saw potential in you and your stories and nudged you. I hope to meet him and thank him immensely. Your cousin laughed at your story then I doubt she can get enough of it now.

    I think I am getting emotional. God bless you Hunnie. You are my favorite Writer.

    I think my epistle has driven home my point. If I forget to say this often just know I say it in my mind, Thank you Sally for always writing.

  32. wumi says:

    my then fiancee (now husband) introduced me to you and to tame a virgin was the first story i read here. i love, love fourth finger and my favorite characters were Andre (blunt, strong yet tender), Toni (tough, tender, goal-getter) and Folarin (devoted, even when he had reasons not to be. i see a bit of my husband in him- family first). i love Amaka( in fish brain), celia in its another saturday(madam planner)
    i cant conclude without Wura in novocaine night- vulnerable, hustler and changed.
    Sally, you make us fall in love with you through your characters.

  33. ola says:

    Fourth finger and I love Christie d most
    Keeping her home against all odds

  34. ayo says:

    I pick To Tame A Virgin cos dat was d first story i read from u and I instantly fell in love with u,I got to know about it through a friend and d funny thing is she’s not consistent here as i am but honestly Sally all your works are great even to the just concluded The Fourth Finger, they r all dope! That’s y i always say you’re so sweet like a chocolate(#smiles#, hope oga will not think I’m a guy trying to snatch u away o cos I’m so feminine). To my favorite character, I choose Folarin, simply cos of his sweet calm, sincerely, a man like that is veeeeeery haaaaard to find, yealz.

  35. Ifeanyi Onochie says:

    Wow! It would be so unfair to have to choose a favourite from all the great stuff you’ve written. But, if I had to choose, I’d say it’s To Tame a Virgin; I think that was the first story I read and it was so exciting to find an online publication that was so well-written, down-to-earth and fun to read.

    My favourite character would be Amaka from the Fish Brain series. She was just a wonderful character with so much to give and so many sides to her; she was so feminine and so hilarious. I’ll never forget her.

  36. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    Choosing my best from all the wondrous series on board here is ojorocious.. but if i am to choose i’ll go for “NO HEART FEELINGS” I read that series severally and still do when bored..
    My best character will definitely be Leonel- That dude is just on a league of his own in Chutzpah, thoughts and all..
    That being said i think every series posted here from time was a Hitz….
    Madam Sally you rock?…

  37. Chai! Commenting after 100 people. See ehn, you just give another meaning to literature but this woman you know there is something special about boys with toys. I mean see Khalid the elder runs guy with his wife’s childhood friend as mistress, guru the perfect one with hiv aids, banky with his unending love for Beatrice, and madu with his love for anything evil. I mean the way they just keep me guessing what’s next, why they did what is something else. Please bring it back. Really really miss BWT. Keep being you, and unending blessings to your family. And journey mercies.

  38. mz_eluanza says:

    Ahhh auntie Sally this is one of d hardest questions v been asked in my life…every series was a hit back to back with amazing characters…
    My best series is IAS with Jide and Honey I Cudnt help wanting to fall in love.
    My favorite character is Amaka is clueless with wrong priorities… I love her caring nature towards family and friends, hilarious too…she got me cracking and I saw a reflection of !myself in amaka with flaws too.

  39. ABIBAT says:

    My favorite series is d Fish brain series and my best characters are Leonel and Kay,I was always looking forward to their part because of their complicated relationship.

  40. Fsf says:

    I love the Fourth Finger and my best character is Toni,Mehn i would love to adopt her as my alter ego.And i so love Its another saturday.Honey does it for me.
    Sally It’s Another Satjrday,just like the fourth finger needs to be watched on the big screen.Consider it ooooo.Nigerian books are not adapted to TV.
    In all,I love Sally Kenneth Dadzie she gives us a dose of reality in Fiction.God is blessing you ma’am

  41. Jumes says:

    Hmmm. Sally, where do i start from???
    My best series ‘are’ fishbrain series and it’s another Saturday.
    In fishbrain, i just can’t get over Amaka, she’s my best character because she’s so witty,funny,annoying,naive,hysterical etc. She’s just too much in one package…I love Leonel too and i feel i enjoyed his character most in In pursuit of Kyenpia.
    In It’s another Saturday, i just love Jide and Honey… They give me the picture of how I want my relationship to look like. I see two imperfect people that i can relate with not the unrealistic views I’ve been seeing over time. They make love seem very effortless to me… I really love them… Sally i will read anything you write because youre the bestest… I like your other stories but fishbrain and Ias holds a special place in my heart, i read them over and over, me and my friend talk about your characters like they are real life people…. Sally I’m thanking God for you in my life???

  42. T4temi says:

    My fav series is no heart series….. My favorite charcter is alhaja nnenna…. She is a the kind of mum i want.

  43. Dayo says:

    My best series is another saturday, and i looooooooove, Jide and Honey sooooooo much.

  44. Horlarjay says:

    It’s my 1st tym commenting.To tame a virgin was d 1st i ad 2 read wen i came across ur site. Wen i 1st saw IAS,i was lyk wich kain story b ds 1?But it was gbam,i flt spellbound 2 it,i cnt say much abt fish brain series bcos i avnt read it…i avnt finished readn d 4th finger nd i cnt connect 2 d darker berry. But in al,i so much love al ur series.It,s nt a boring but lively site. Well done Mrs Sally. God bless you.

  45. Amina says:

    My favourite series? Definitely the Fish Brain Series. The dynamism of all the characters. They represent all the temperament. My favourite character is of course Amaka because she’s that smart lady with a good heart and impulsive spirit(which gets her in trouble ofcourse. Then I love love love Immortal Code, first there’s Leonel then Desire. I will love to see Leonel, Amaka, Desire, Dada Holmes and all characters of both series back. I cannot lie. Every series you have ever written is back to back sensible and super interesting. You are Superb!

  46. Carah says:

    Every single work of yours. I mean what’s thr not to love, is it thr characters, the suspense, the twist, d beginning to end or what? But my two fav series is it’s another saturday and Novocaine knight.

  47. Sophia says:

    Its another Saturday and its another Novacaine Saturday and Fourth finger .

  48. Sophia says:

    I forgot to add Novacaine Knights ojare

  49. Adeshina omotayo* says:

    My own is Novocaine Nights, and its bcos of mahmud, genesis,mehn I like both of them,I even like it wen yur writings is long about Dem, especially wuraola, including baby of d house lexy,and my favourite dj kazi so much love novocaine nights ma

  50. Gift says:

    My best series,,this us actually a hard one Sally cos ure a wonderful writer,always on point,,to tame a virgin actually brought me here,,someone shared it on facebook clicked on it and I never wanna let go,fish brain,yea,,fourth finger,,Novocaine nights,it’s another saturday,loved immortal codes o, don’t know why I didn’t read it this second time,,love all your stories dear.

  51. Kemi says:

    Hmmm, I think the question is which is our favourite of all the series, and this is so hard to choose. I am comforted by the fact that it is not only me that cannot choose as I can see everyone mentioning at least 2 series. So I will just begin to list.
    My first series and what introduced me to Moskedapages is the Fish brain series,afterwards I came and read all the series that were written below that, To tame a Virgin, No Heart feelings. For now I think my favourite is It’s another Novocaine Saturday has it is a blend of 2 series I love. So it is safe for me to choose it. I love it because it portrays each family,their uniqueness in loving one another, Friendship that has grown through different phases and still stands the test of time. Each Couple has their unique story and way of loving. ( Abi Sally will just kuku bring the other clan from Fish brain series into the mix?)
    I love Jide and Honey, Ekene and Mary, Genesis and Dominic, Wura and Mymood, Papa and Mama Onuora( I love that woman for a MIL) Kasiobi and Lexus( even my phone automatically brings up and Lexus after I type Kasiobi?).
    I sort of love Leonel’s obsession with Kyenpia, the way he loves and chases after her,I love Boobsy and Oga Haliru?
    By the way, I have not forgotten The Fourth Finger o, I love it for the forgiveness it speaks of,it seems impossible but I have seen it happen and I love Andre and Tonia, Christie and Folarin.
    Sally, mbok it is difficult to choose o.
    By the way, as per some guest writers,my favorite is Audrey Timms’ Unfulfilled Promises and Seun Odukoya (I can’t remember the title now) I went ahead to get those books o and the complete version was a very good read.
    Sally u af try, the one I still can say has not gotten me so hooked is Boys with Toys maybe cos of the break in between but i love Beatrice and Bankole.
    Sorry for the Epistle I wrote? . ??????

    1. Rikitava says:

      I never got to read the end of “unfulfilled promise” I sent mail tire ????

  52. Debby says:

    Your series are just too gud. Each displays awesome and unique characters. My best though is Novcaine Knight, Genesis&Dominic, Mymood & Woowoo are my best in that series

  53. oke says:

    first of all sally thanks for writting so beautifully, God bless you. now my favourite character is our very own butter babe aka Leo his character is very real no fairy tale nonsense I love fairy tales but I also looove reality more and Leo is the typical rich boy who is flirty, sexy, great business man, loves his woman but still exhibits his craziness a real guy. what more can I say sally, I think he is your best character.I also fell in love with Amaka a typical ibo girl who loves money but still loves her man do thank you sally .

  54. Toyenlon says:

    I love all the series I’ve ever read on this blog. From the first one which was ‘to tame a virgin’, down to ‘no heart feelings’, fish brain series, novocaine series and every other series…they are all intriguing and captivating. Also, all characters have their uniqueness and you always bring them out well. You are a great , God bless your inspiration.

  55. bi says:

    Hhhmmm Sally, for me all your series does it for me but my first love here was Immortal code, then Fish Brain series (Amaka & Kypenia) Lionel though they were interwoven, also love Novocain Knights, It’s another Saturday (Jiney, Ekene & his bae. Not to forget His little black book Mary and her oga drama. Tanks so much Sally.

  56. Funmilola Adekola says:

    Seye stole my line! I love To Tame A Virgin. It’s my first story, I like the way you twist guys gists, you get me anyday any time. My character combo is Amanda and Fiyin. They tickle me a lot. I don’t have a best of your stories, you are my kind of writer, you soooooo get me.

  57. Calliboom says:

    Les I forget i really appreciate Christy role in the fourth finger, she’s really a strong after what she passed through in life, she survived… i like her type people who strive to weather through the storm in life no matter what come their way, and i like Amaka role too, it’s a woman with a good heart and a loving and caring heart to take of her husband’s child as if it’s her own, I really love Amaka I need her back in ur story….

  58. Haleemah says:

    Hmmmm… this is trillion Naira question sha ?. I honestly don’t think I have a favourite series amongst your stories. Most of them (not all sha ?) are awe-mazing to read. So I won’t be unjust to myself and pick one.
    As for the favourite character(s), I have 2. Folarin in TFF ???. His rock solid nature, his general demeanour, just great. Then Amaka: babe is so crazy ?. I just wish I had the boldness to do some of the silly things she does.
    And Sally, remain blessed ???

  59. lola says:

    I will go for the fourth finger. Too many lessons to be learnt.

  60. lilian says:

    For me I started with the fourth finger and the mature manner in which the book was written left me going gaga for more, then I found IAS and then novocaine knights also the fish brain series (which I must confess I aptly named). The discovery of you sally has really been one of the highlights of my year and I say a big thanks for identifying your passion and running with it.
    Sha back to the question, my favorite series is I cant choose but for my fav character it’s Mary from IAS followed by boobsy.

  61. Duro says:

    Immortal code……unfinished n unsurpassed lol. 2nd fave would be fishbrain. Kypenia best loved character

  62. Rikitava says:

    My best series is *TO TAME A VIRGIN* I can never forget aw I felt reading that. I stumbled on your page on twitter must be 2013…! I was hooked, I fell in love. Of course there has been many other great stories since then *the fish brain series* *No heart feelings* novaccaine knights* your characters are like my friends….found a way to get my colleagues hooked and Monday morning became (what’s up with Sally mornings) thank you Sally…God bless you. Your stories are sometimes the highlights of my week. ???

  63. Akan says:

    I have read To Take A Virgin at least 6 times since my first read. Fourth Finger is amazing and my favourite character there is Folarin simply because he can look inward and see where he made mistakes and still try to make things work regardless of the betrayal. Amazing work all through, thank you so much

  64. AOS says:

    This is really hard oh Sally…..but anytime, any day come rain, sun anything I love Boys With Toys (my crush Guru anytime) for his calmness despite the storm around him. I love his character but I want to see that bad guy in him.
    Immortal Code (Desire, Leonel, Lanre, Captain) bad asses, dangerous, emotional, they gat brains mehn, can code things well and they are loving too….I love danger, so I will pick them any day.
    Fish Brain (Amaka, Kay-posh) for the razz and posh life.
    Novocaine Knight (Wura, Mymood, Lex, Kas, Gen &Dom) grass to grace kind of love, they make you want to love.
    It’s Another Saturday (Honey, Jide, Kene, Mary and the ofofo group aka the wives) they make you fall inlove with love, one must love fa no matter what plus those wives can gossip for Africa gosh and crack one up.
    The Fourth Finger (Tonia, Folarin but me waiting for part 2 bcoz of the way it ended oh) despite your bad ass we still gat feelings and emotions attached, forgiving, love, strength and understanding.
    No Heart Feelings (Jimi &Maria) love and strength.
    To Tame A Virgin was my first, gosh I was so engrossed with it and fell in love with you oh.

    Gosh, I can go on, on and on….my bad ass writer. You keep boasting my brain anytime any day. For me oh, you are the best….xoxo.

  65. Seun Seun says:

    My best series has to be fish brain and best character is amaka . Now I am hoping and praying that fish brain becomes a soap opera . Even if it doesn’t,Pls Sally continue the story. Fish brain 2nd,3rd and 4th generation. God bless you

  66. Marion says:

    Hi sally hmm where do I start from , cause all ur series are a hit back to back ( let me borrow that phrase) girl u rock u are really blessed dear. So I love IAS cause of honey and jide they make me dream of happily ever after , I so love Leo that I had to buy the whole fish brain series, as in if Leo was someone I know in real life I would definitely be in love with him. Then there comes Dominic he is another character I love them u can’t begin to imagine how I see him in my head like my fantasy sugar daddy , now let’s come to the fourth finger i like folarin and I so love his forgiving nature the list is endless if I most say all ur series are good so I would say more ink to ur pen . Please bring more of the fish brain clan abeg I need me some Leo. Thanks so have a great day.

  67. princess says:

    My favorite series are “no heart feelings” I’m totally in love with Marie because of her imperfections and strong will, although I’d prefer she ends with Jimi another is “its another Saturday” how can I stop loving Jideofor the untouchable?, I love Honey too the impulsive, Mary the good girl with the circle of friends with gay their backs, I really like “the fourth finger” where I fell totally for Folarin the devoted, Andre the blunt (he’s like me actually, I wish I can meet him in reality ?) and Leticia that keeps it real even if she wont reason well on her terms! Sally you’re just a good writer that’s brings out peoples imperfections to view and keep it real with your stories even when u claim they fictions! Lol! I love u hon, more grease to your elbow!

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