Abducted #3 By Gere Ochuko

You know that feeling in your guts that something isn’t right and you don’t know how to make it right. You just watch from the sideline helplessly, that’s how I feel right now. I’ve been watching my boss and it’s pretty obvious she takes her job personal, way too personal. Her job is her life she would say. “I worked hard, did lots of horrible and insane stuff to get to where I’m and if you haven’t done anything bad cast the first stone” she’d say.


In a short time, she has earned the firm lots of bucks, she has been among the top employees in the firm. I’m privileged to be her intern, to work with her. Colleagues practically envy me though She doesn’t associate with anyone. I don’t think she’s in a relationship, it’s just work, work, and more work.


She has built thick impenetrable walls around herself, I think she is lonely. She uses her work as her companion and life, as the only thing worth living for. And to think I haven’t seen any member from her family.


Her zeal and passion for her job could only be triggered by something big and probably dark, her desire for justice is consuming her like a virus. That’s the only thing she thinks about. She breathe, eat and dream about justice. My God! She’s a workaholic and in times like this I wish my boss has a heart or a bit of sympathy beside justice.


“Move it Amy, those research won’t surface by itself you know” I heard my boss voice penetrating my thoughts… For a second I thought I was dreaming, that it was a nightmare I could wake up from. But guess what? This nightmare is real and I’m living it.


I rubbed my eyes and tried focusing on my laptop, but the urge to close my eyes and dream away from my living nightmare was stronger.


“I told you so”




“Derek? He’s no good and you’re welcome” My boss Desiree said with a cocky smile like she just served justice or whatever she calls it.


“You remember, please can I leave early? I’ve a date with Derek. I really like him, Please… But guess what? A certain someone oh! Wait that certain someone is me.” Desireé told me pretending to be serious like she was hurting but no she’s rubbing it straight in my face. Ugh! The nerve of this woman is annoying, her confidence is just as annoying and her ego ugh!!!! I hate how she’s right you know. She had told me but is rubbing it in my face really necessary? She continued with her speech… Which is boring by the way.


“As your boss, I tried leading you in the right path but no… You want to spend your intelligence, your resources on a dumb guy who has a family somewhere. And to think you would have become a mistress, the other woman-”


“Ok, ok. I get your point, you were right and I was wrong” I said almost yelling. It was really getting to me at this point, even though she’s right, I won’t give her the satisfaction of seeing me affected by it.


“You’re welcome,” Desiree said chuckling. You know that when someone murders a person, the murderer isn’t always at fault. Maybe they deserved it, maybe they asked for it, maybe they rubbed it in like….


Then realization dawn me, how did Desiree know Derek is married and has a family somewhere. No one here knows about him, if someone knew I would have been tipped or it would have been gossiped, but none of that happened so how did she know?


I was about to ask her when her phone rang and she went into her office to answer the call privately.




“It’s pretty obvious here Luke,” An angry Ryan said. “She wants revenge, and to think I was stupid to fall for her acts at dinner. Is this your idea of peace?” Ryan shot angry eyes at Ethan.


“You can’t entirely blame her, you brought this on yourself”


“Really? And that’s what you think happened Luke? You have always taken her sides so you’re pretty useless in this”


“Ryan?!” Luke yelled, surprising both brothers. “It seems you have nothing more to say, then shut it”


“This is leading us nowhere, both of you stop it,” Ethan said trying to calm a raging Ryan and Luke who were in an intense staring contest.


“I told you the truth because I want to turn a new leaf and Ethan wanted peace and I went along with it. But if she tries anything funny…I’ll make sure she gets locked up. That’s where murderers like her belong”


“Nice speech, hiding behind Ethan’s shadow and use the same old flimsy excuse of peace, new leaf…guess what it’s old try something new… like you are a saint. You are worst than the devil”


“Luke!” Ethan yelled.


“Right, how could I forget you’re in love with a murderer and as such-” Luke interrupted Ryan standing up.


“What are you? Abductor? Rapist? Junkie? Drug user? Drunk? Extortioner?”


“This isn’t helping Luke”


“When she goes away this time, you will have no one to blame but yourself” Ryan said standing up also.


“Ryan, don’t do anything to hurt my little girl, please”


“Why are you begging him? He’s a jerk, a douchebag”


“Serena killed Greg and I’ve strong evidence that will lock that psycho-” Luke didn’t wait for Ryan to complete his statement before hitting him hard on his face. Ryan growled in pain holding his jaw.


“Luke stop it, being macho right now won’t help Desiree”


“You can’t fall for his lies, she didn’t kill anyone”


Ryan touched his jaw as he squirmed in pain with each touch, he looked at Luke and Ethan before storming out.


“Ryan?” Ethan called, but he didn’t respond. Turning to Luke he said “Happy now?”


Luke shrug his shoulders then left.




Luke called Desiree and filled her in, but she didn’t seem bothered.


“He said you killed Greg and has strong evident Desiree” he told her over the phone.


“Luke, you’re being worked up over nothing. Am not a little girl anymore, I can protect myself” there was a pause from Luke’s end of the line


“Did you murder Greg?” Luke asked afraid of the answer he would get.


“Yes, I murdered Greg Harry and it was a slow painful death”


“In self-defense right?”


“No, I killed him because he deserves it, I enjoyed every moment of it” Luke could sense the smile in her reply.


“I want to see you, please come home”


“I don’t have a home, but I got a house,” Desiree said smiling.




“I have to go now, got tons of work to do,” Desiree said and hung up.


Luke took several deep breathes, he didn’t want to believe what he just heard. “It couldn’t be, it had to be self-defense or something, but she can’t go to jail” Luke said to himself.


“Are you kidding me? Desiree killed Greg?” Miles asked no one in particular bargaining into the room. Luke raised his head and saw Miles confused, pacing around. He didn’t say anything. He just watched him. Obviously Ethan told him about Ryan’s threats.


“So she goes to jail now? From abduction to jail, from abducted to a serial killer!”


“She murdered one person dude, relax it’s not as serious as your dad told you” Luke said trying to calm him.




“I had a pretty hectic day myself and am worked up as you are. Am going to shower” Luke said leaving.


“Where does that leave me? My sister is a murderer how do I live with that?”


“You lived with her being abducted and all those other stuffs, this is small compared to it,” Luke said from behind the door.


“The family dinner couple of days ago was a joke. We’re nowhere near moving forward or having peace” Miles said sitting.




Desiree got to the house and found Annie in the kitchen washing the dishes. She stood in the doorway, watching her for a couple of minutes before speaking startling Annie.


“You sure you won’t switch to being a full-time housewife Barbie?”


“How long…how long have you being here?” Annie muttered holding her chest, completely startled.


“Enough to know that you look so peaceful doing those dishes and-”


“It’s Annie, not Barbie… And?” Annie asked.


“You’re in love with Dr. Luke Jefferson,” Desiree said smiling stepping into the kitchen, she pulled out a chair and sat down before speaking. “And he’s pretty dumb if he doesn’t see that, he’s the one losing”.


“Great imagination” Annie said chuckling.


“We know the obvious truth”


“Luke and I have nothing going on”.


“Ok…..barbie. Just so you know you’re free to have him”


“He’s not available” Annie said with a hint of sadness in her tone.


“You could clarify your stands”


“He’s not into me Desiree” Annie said clenching her teeth.


“Whoa, is it that easy to get under your skin?” Desiree said standing up and bridged the gap between them.


“Desiree, he’s in love with you and your thirst for revenge and justice has blinded you”


“If I wasn’t in the picture he would have chosen you right?”


“What do you want to achieve from all these?”


“Maybe he would have been with you but am always in the picture. I’m the flame, you’re the moth”


“You’re toying with his emotions”.


“Maybe…Maybe not” Desiree said smiling.


“You are a psychopath, you’re insane”


“I know… and you’re the only one who has figured it out, who has seen right through me.”


“You’ve been pretending? You are insane” Annie said more to herself.


“I know you won’t do anything to put me in a mental asylum”


“Don’t be too sure of yourself, it’s impossible for someone to go through what you went through and not lose one’s mind or not go insane”


“You won’t do anything because if you do, you will be hurting Luke” she took slow steps towards her.


“What are you doing?” Annie asked stepping backwards when she picked up a knife from the rack.


“Don’t be scared, I won’t hurt you”


“Desiree please drop the knife”


“You’ve a chance to end it Barbie, end Luke’s obsession, end my miserable life, ends this psycho’s life. You are right, I’m toying with his emotions”.


“I won’t do it” Annie said as her back hit the wall, she swallowed and closed her eyes. She wasn’t going to run like a coward even though she knew she was capable of killing her and won’t feel a bit of remorse. She knew somehow Desiree passed the psychological analysis for a reason which she was now unfolding before their very eyes… She knew Desiree needed help, she needs an emergency brake right now, she at the edge of the cliff, about to fall off…


“Help me” Annie heard a whisper and opened her eyes to see Desiree on the floor bleeding from a knife wound.




“That’s the kind of person you want to spend day and night with” Mrs. Jefferson said at the top of her voice, drawing the attention of those in the lobby.

Mom, calm down”

I won’t calm down Luke, I don’t know what else you need to believe that she’s insane”

It was an incident, Annie said they were cooking and they struggling with the knife when she incidentally…”

That’s what you choose to believe, what if it was you lying in there because you refuse to leave her like she had always told you?”


I don’t want to lose you because of a crazy psychopath”.

She needs help and lots of love us even from you”.

She doesn’t want any help from us and to think she was quiet and composed at dinner, she obviously had plans. Annie is right, she’s insane and need help in an asylum. She will never get over her abduction, she’s a human being and things like this don’t just go away”.

She’s your best friend’s daughter, you spent literally every day with her mother. You saw her as your daughter-”

That was before she was abducted, everything changed after it” Luke’s mom chipped in.

You have a grudge against her?”

I took her as my daughter, but that daughter died and was buried. There’s a tombstone with her name on it for proof”.

Serena came back as Desiree, you should be thankful”.

You’re completely in love with her, aren’t you? I won’t forgive you if you paid with a part of you or all of you” Mrs. Jefferson said and walked away. Luke sighed, heaving his shoulders heavily.




nnie sat opposite an unconscious Desiree, several thoughts ran through her mind. She came so close to dying in her hands, but she stabbed herself. Why would she do that? What was she trying to prove? She’s really crazy.

Hey, frenemy”.

Hi, Desiree”.

You’re welcome,” a weak Desiree said.

What for?” Annie asked standing up to examine her.

I could have killed you, but I didn’t”.


was right, she did want to kill me but didn’t. Why? I had no idea. She ignored her last statement and checked her vitals then examined her wound. She looked at Desiree who was smiling, the kind that screams: Mission Accomplish.

You had the opportunity to kill me but didn’t why?”

Barbie, I had the perfect setting, time and reason to, but I didn’t kill you”.

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