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The Fourth Finger Release Date

Hi Everyone!


Hope you’re having a good day?

I have read numerous messages from Twitter, Facebook and the comment section concerning the release of The Fourth Finger. I know you guys are anxious as I am. Well, I’m here to let you know that you don’t have to wait anymore. Or rather for much longer.

The Fourth Finger will be released on the 31st of July. Save the date!

For those of you who understand how tedious it is to write a book, you’ll know that it’s a miracle that I’m churning this one out in two months. Remember it took me over a year to bring out Fish Brain Madhouse? And that’s because there’s a lot involved. I have to do edits, revisions, have someone edit and so forth. And hence, the delay.

Thanks for your patience, though. In the meantime, catch up with It’s Another Novocaine Saturday and also The Immortals’ Code. For those of you ignoring The Immortals’ Code, you’re missing something juicy. It’s not every time romance. Sometimes, murder and bad guys. lol! And besides, characters like Kyenpia, Leo, Ishi and Lanre feature in the series, so it’s lots of fun, in a very dark, gruesome way.

It’s Another Novocaine Saturday continues next week. I was busy this week. Literally had no time to write. But I’ll be back on Saturday.

God bless!



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  1. Nykky says:

    Hi Sally how do I get the Fish brain clan, madhouse and the complete package of fish brain altogether ? I wanted to download I couldn’t and I tried Okadabooks it’s saying something like cannot receive cash now or something like that. Pls get back to me thank you and enjoy weekend

  2. ebunoluwa says:

    aha!!!! madam Sally has brought it. fresh from the oven. Abeg God bless u many times jare. I have been waiting like there’s no tomorrow but finally there’s a date to look forward to. oya let me arrange my bed well and be waiting for dat date. thanks madam Sally, u are jus too bae.

  3. Scribbledheartbreak says:

    Issokay…Its always worth the wait in the end… As for the book, i can’t wait for it to be out… God bless you ma’am

  4. Olamide says:

    Finally! God bless you Sally.

  5. Temmy says:

    I can’t wait for the book, you rock sally…

  6. james says:

    Yippee!! Eagerly waiting for the 31st of July. But how about boys with toys?

  7. anita says:

    tanks sally, all save d date, pls I nid ur email add, I want to email u bout something concerning d fish brain mad house pls, tnks

  8. olamma says:

    Looking forward to 31st Sally. What about Boys with toys?

  9. t4temi says:

    God bless you too

  10. Noncapax says:

    Nice! Looking forward to it. Congratulations, Sally.

  11. Nene says:

    Well done Sally! Congrats on another book!

  12. jane says:

    can’t wait to see it, God bless you sally. Another kposa for u.

  13. I still can’t wait…already marked d date on calendar. Hi Sally, my rocket..hows the fam and work?? Kisses to ya

  14. Godbless u Sally…

  15. modupe says:

    Dear Sally, we are waiting…….ess Ma *hands raised up*, i haff a qwention, the immortal code ehn, i dont read it ooo as i think its same as what you have written years back…..#covers face, is it true ma……*drops hand and anticipate aunty sally answer……..loool

  16. Dotun says:

    Sally o sally. Queen of suspense. love you joor. i have initiated somebody in my office into the Sally cult. we are waiting jejely

  17. Marion says:

    Awww Sally thanks, the release date is on my daughters birthday ?. Can’t wait to read it. I have been waiting anxiously for it. May GOD bless u for ur effort. My regards to ur lovely family ?

  18. Toki says:

    Well done, Sally!

  19. Toyenlon says:

    Looking forward to it.

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